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外研社八年级Module 1 Unit 2

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Teaching aims
1.Grasp the key words and key structure:
vocabulary, ask for, improve, basic, advise, conversation, quickly, natural, suggest, place

2. Reading skill:
To follow the advice about how to learn English.

3. Affection:
we should hold the positive attitude on learning English.

Unit 2

You should smile at her!

Words and expressions
/v??'k?bj?l?rI/ 词汇;词汇量 n.

/Im'pru?v/ /'beIsIk/ /taIm/ /?d'vaIz /

改进;改善 v. 基础的 adj. 次;回 v. 向……提出意见

vocabulary ask for improve basic time v. advise

Words and expressions
羞怯的;腼腆的 adv. shy /?a?/ /?k?nv?'se??n/ 谈话,交谈 n. conversation /'kw?kl?/ 迅速地 adv. quickly /'n?t??r?l/ 合理的 adj. natural /s?'d?est/ 建议,提议 v. suggest /ple?s/ 放置 v. place

1 Work in pairs. Talk about problems you have with…
★ understanding English ★ speaking English ★ learning vocabulary

2 Read the passage and find out what problems the students have.
Questions and answers Send your questions to Diana, the Language Doctor. Many students ask for advice about how to improve their English. Here are three basic questions. The first question is about understanding English films and songs. Li Hao from Hubei wrote,“ I like watching English films and listening to English Songs, but I can only understand a little. What can I do?”

Watching films and listening to songs are great ways to learn English! Watch and listen several times, and guess the meaning of new words. Each time you will learn something new. I also advise you to talk about the films or songs with your friends. The second question is about speaking. Wang Fan from Jilin wrote,” our school has a teacher from us. I am shy and I am afraid to speak to her. What should I do?” You can say, “Hello! How are you?” “ Do you like China?” These are good ways to start a conversation.

And before you begin, you should smile at her! Remember
this: Do not be shy. Just try. The third question is about vocabulary. Zhang Lei from Anhui wrote, “ I write down new words, but I forget them quickly. How can I remember them? Do not worry. It is natural to forget new words! I suggest you write four or five words a day on pieces of

paper and place them in your room. Read the words when
you see them, and try to use them.

Match the persons with the questions.
I’m shy and can’t speak to the foreign teacher.

Li Hao
Wang Fan Zhang Lei

I forget new words quickly.
I enjoy watching English films, but it is difficult to understand.

3 Complete the table.
Advice from Diana
Li Hao

watch and listen several times guess the meaning of the new words talk about the films and songs with friends

start a conversation with greetings or a question Wang smile and don’t be shy;just try

Zhang Lei

Don’t worry. write four or five new words every day. read the words and try to use them.

一、英汉词组互译 1. smile at sb 2. send …to sb 3

. start a conversation 4. the meaning of 5. something new 6. advise sb to do sth 7. ask for 8. be afraid to do sth 9. don’t be shy 10.on pieces of paper

对…微笑 把…发给 开始谈话 …的意思 新的东西 建议某人做某事 请求 害怕做某事 别害羞 在一张张纸上

4 Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box.
advise basic conversation improve meaning shy suggest

Diana, the Language Doctor, gives some (1) basic advice about learning English. She (2) advises you talk about films and songs, and guess the (3) meaning of the new words. The second piece of advice is this: Start your (4) conversation with greetings or a question. She (5) suggests that you smile before you speak and do not feel (6) shy . Finally, (7)______ your vocabulary with four or five new words improve every day.

Language points
1. try 1) try to do sth 尽力做某事 e.g. Let’s try to find some information about the city of Qingdao. 2) try doing sth 试着做某事 e.g. The naughty boy tried climbing up the tall tree. 3) try + n. 尝试某事物 4) try one’s best 尽某人最大能力 5) have a try 试一试

2. Many students ask for advice about how to improve their English. 1) ask for advice 表示“寻求建议” = ask for suggestions 2) improve (one’s) English 提高(某人的)英语水平 3. I also advise you to talk about the films or songs with your friends. advise sb. to do sth. “建议某人去做某事” e.g. Tom advised Laura to leave for Europe. I advised him to improve his English as soon as possible.

Advise 和advice 用法总结
1 advise vt. advise sth. / doing sth. 建议某事/ 做某事 advise sb. how to do sth. 建议某人如何做某事 advise sb. to do sth. 建议某人做某事 advise (sb) (that) + (should)do sth /

(should) be done

2 advice n 不可数名词

ask (sb) for advice 征询某人的意见
give sb some advice = give some advice to sb 给某人提出建议、意见 offer sb some advice = offer some advice to sb follow one's advice = take one’s advice 接受某人的建议

3 advice 的其它特点和搭配 some advice a piece of advice give / offer some advice on doing sth / on how to do sth My advice is that 主语 + (should)

do sth / (should) be done
give sb some advice that 主语 + (should)

do sth / (should) be done (同位语从句)

4. You should smile at her. Smile:微笑 脸上带着微笑,她很开心地离开了那个晚会。 With a smile on her face, she left the party _____ happily. v. 微笑 请对你的朋友们微笑一下。 Please ________ to your friends. smile 侍应生笑着对我说:“这边请!” The waiter ________ to me and said, “This smiled way, please.”

Give somebody some advice How about doing sth.? = What about doing sth.? ?听听英语广播,怎么样? How about listening What about listening the radio? ________________ to ?每天都读英语,怎么样? How about reading English every day? What ab

out reading ________________

eat / more fruit How about eating more fruit? go to bed / at 9:00 pm How about going to bed at 9:00 pm? take / more exercise How about taking more exercise? drink / more water How about drinking more water?

Give somebody some advice Why don’t you do sth.? = Why not do sth.? ?为什么不把它写下来呢? Why don’t you write ___________________ it down?

Why not write = ___________________ it down? ?为什么不把正确的拼写和语法写在错误旁边呢? Why not write Why don’t you write ___________________ down the correct spelling and grammar next to the mistakes?

eat / more fruit Why don’t you eat more fruit? go to bed / at 9:00 pm
Why don’t you go to bed at 9:00 pm? take / more exercise Why don’t you take more exercise? drink / more water Why don’t you drink more water?

Give somebody some advice …should do sth. / … shouldn’t do sth. ?你应该在课堂上讲英语。 should speak You ___________ English in class.

should write You ___________ down your mistake in your notebook.

Give somebody some advice It is a good / great idea to do sth. It isn’t a good / great idea to do sth. ?每天检查自己的词汇笔记是一个好主意。 It____________________ your vocabulary is a good idea to check notebook every day. ?互相用英语发邮件是一个好主意。 It is a good idea to send emails to each other. ____________________

speak English more in class It’s a good idea to speak English more in class. listen to China Radio International

It’s a good idea to listen to China Radio International.

read aloud in the morning It’s a good idea to read aloud in the morning. write new words in groups It’s a good idea to write new words in groups. read English newspapers It’s a good idea to read English newspapers.

Give somebody some advice Try to do sth. / Try not to do sth. ?尝试不要逐个词翻译。 Try not to translate ____________________ every word. ?试一下每天记八到十个单词。 Try to remember ______________ eight or ten words a day.

?每个人都应该有个笔友。 Everyone _______________ a pen friend. should have ?为什么不给我一点你的建议呢? Why not give / Why don’t you give me your idea? ________________________ ?为什么不听英语歌呢? Why not listen / Why don’t you listen to _____________________________ English songs? ?一起踢足球,怎么样? What about playing / How about playing ____________________________________ football together?

?你应该记下正确的拼写。 You __________ down the correct spelling. should write ?去英语沙龙是个好主意。 It ________________ to the English Salon. is a good idea to go ?每天看英语报纸是一个好主意。 It ____________________ English newspaper is a good idea to read an every day. ?说出这些水果的英语名称,怎么样?

What about saying / How about saying ____________________________________ the English names for the fruit?

5 Check (√) what you are good at or not good at in English.
What I am good at What I am not good at

Speaking Reading Writing

√ √
√ √

6 Write a letter to Diana asking for advice. Use the letter below to help you.
Dear Diana, I understand English in the classroom, but it is sometimes hard to understand American and British people. Can you help me? Thanks, Lingling List all the things you are good at in learning English. Try to use what you are good at to help you learn what you are not good at.

7 Work in pairs. Read your partner’s letter.
Write your advice.
Dear Lingling, You should watch films and TV programmers in English…

假如你叫李明,你的笔友张磊写信给你,告诉你他在 用英语进行交流和英语写作方面遇到了困难,希望得到 你的帮助。 要求:1. 80词左右 2. 信的开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数 3. 信中不得出现真实的姓名和校名。

参考关联词: first of all…,next…,then…,finally… What’s more, however, as you/we know, as a result, on the other hand, for example, above all,

Dear Zhang Lei,

Starting: I’m very glad to write to you. Body:
How to communicate with others in English. How to improve your writing.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Yours , Liming

二、根据汉语意思完成句子 1. 你为什么不写下这些正确的单词? Why _____ you _____________ the _________ don’t write down correct words? 2. 尽量交朋友并且带领他们参观你的城市。 Try ________________ and ______ them to make friends show __________ your city. around 3. 大家应该每天练习说英语。 practice speaking Everyone should _____________________ English every day.

三、单项选择 B 1. You are going to be late. _____ start off right now? A. Why don't C. What about B. Why not D. How about

2. It's fine today. Why not _____. C A. to go fishing C. go fishing B. going fishing D. go to fish

3. “What fine weather! Why don't we go boating on the lake?” “_____.” B A. That's all right B. Good idea C. Thank you D. It doesn't matter 4. We are free this afternoon. How about _____ shopping? C A. go B. will go C. going D. to go

There is a saying…
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Practice makes perfect. 孰能生巧。 Rome was not built in a day. 罗马不是一日建成的。 No pains, no gains. 不劳则无获。 Where there is a will, there is a way. 有志者事竟成。

Share with your friends your good ways to learn English, and change your ideas as much as possible.

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