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九年级英语Unit4 reading 练习


1.How do we d__________ with our problems?

2.U__________ we deal with our problems, we can easily become unhappy.

3. Worrying a__________ our problems can affect how we do at school.

4.We could deal with the problems b__________ learning to forget.

5.Most of us have probably been a__________ with our friends.

6.Maybe you felt they were u__________ because they said something you didn’ t like.

7.Time g__________ by, and good friendships may be lost.

8.Sometimes they have d__________ and decide not to talk to each other.

9.However, this usually does not l__________ for long.

10.This is an important l__________ for us.

11.We can r__________ problems as challenges.

12. Let’s f__________ the challenges instead.

13.We can solve the problem w__________ the help of our teacher.

14.Stephen Hawking regards his many physical problems as u__________.

二.. 用所给词的适当形式填空:

1. We can __________(easy) deal with the problem.

2.__________(worry) about our problems can affect how we do at school.

3.We can sovle it by__________(learn) to forget.

4.Time __________(go) by, we have’t seen each other for years.

5.Our friendship may be __________(lose) if you are always angry

. 6.Sometimes I have a __________(disagree) with my good friend.

7.We decided __________(talk) to each other again.

8.They might __________(feel) unhappy if you say so.

9.They will think they have too much work __________(do).

10.We must learn how __________(change) these problems into challenges.

11.Education is an important part of our __________(develop).

12.It’s our duty __________(keep) our calssroom clean.

13.We should try our best __________( study) well.

14.Also we can solve the problem by thingking of something __________(bad).

15.Stephen Hawking has become very famous and __________(success).


1. How do we deal _____ our problems? A. in B. of C. with D. on

2. _____ we run to school, well be late for class.

A. Unless B. Or C. Though D. If

3. Don’t _____ about your son, he

is an adult now. A. worried B. worry C. worrying D. be worry

4. Can you tell me how _____ a milk shake?

A. make B. making C. makes D. to make

5. People _____ angry for years about a small problem.

A. is B. stay C. keeps D. keeping

6. Time _____ by, and good friendships may be lost.

A. goes by B. went C. go by D. going by

7. When we are angry, however, we are usually the _____ affected.

A. one B. ones C. person D. first

8. We sometimes don’t talk to each other, but not _____.

A. last for long B. for last long

C. long for last D. be long for

9. We often regard out teacher _____ our friend.

A. to B. with C. of D. as

10. They think they have_____ homework every day.

A. much too B. many too C. too much D. too many

11. I’d like to go to the park _____ next week with my best friend.

A. sometime B. sometimes

C. some time D. some times

12. Our teacher is very strict _____ us.

A. to B. of C. with D. in

13. It’s our duty _____ the environment clean.

A. to keeping B. to keep C. keep D. keeping

14. Try your best _____ hard, youll be better.

A. study B. learn C. learning D. to study

15. By comparing yourself_____ other people, youll find your problems not terrible.

A. to B. in C. of D. under

四.任务一: Read the statements about the passage; write “T” for true or“F” for false.

1. Only the poor have problems.

2. Worrying about our problems will affect how we do at school.

3. we can’t solve a problem by learning to forget.

4.Many students often complain about school because they think the rules are too strict.

5. Education is an unimportant part of our development.

6. It is our duty to try our best to deal with each challenge in our education with the help of our classmates.

任务二: Read the passage .Answer these questions:

1. How do we deal with our problems?

2. Para 1: Does everyone have their problems?

3. Para2: When are people probably angry with their friends, parents or teachers?

4. Para3: What happens to children when they have disagreements?

5. Para4: What’s our duty as young adults?

6. Para5: Who is Stephen Hawking?

How does Stephen Hawking deal with his problems?

任务三: Read and fill in the blanks:


_________ ________ our problems can _______ how we do at school.


Sometimes they have ___________ and ________ ____ _____ ____ to each other.


。We must learn _______ ______ ______ problems into challenges


___________ is an _______ ________ ____our development.


______ a young adults, it is our ______ to ______ ______ _____ to deal with each challenge in

our education _______ _______ ______of our teachers.


__________ we ______ ________ our problems, we can easily become unhappy.

7.随着时间的消逝,可能会失去美好的友谊。_________ ________ ______, and good friendships may _____ _________.



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