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班级________ 姓名________ 得分________ 命题人:杜维龙


1.foot(复数)_____2.new(反义词)_________3.I(宾格)_____4.two(同音词)__________ 5.this(复数)_____6.Let`s(完全形式)_____7.box(复数)_____8.left (反义词)_________

( ) 16. -----What's the matter?

-----My head________________

A.hurt B.hurts C.cut D.cuts ( ) 17.I have two_________

A.pairs of shorts B. pair of shorts C. pairs of short D.pair of shoe ( ) 18.Look!She is ______on the bed.

9.stomach(复数)____________10.cool(反义词)____________ 二.单项选择(共10分,每小题0.5分)

( )1.------_____would you like ,please?—A hamburger. A.What B.Are C.Do D.Where ( ) 2. Please stand _______ your feet . A.at B. on C. to D. in ( )3. Let’s __________,Wu Dong.

A.go school B.to go to school C.go to school D.to go school ( )4._______friends do you have?

A.How much B.How C.What D.How many ( )5.---______is he?----He is ten.

A.How far B.How many C.How tall D.How old ( )6.It is __________ orange.

A.a B.an C.the D./ ( )7. Would you like some milk,Jack? -----______.

A.NO B.OK. C.No,thanks D.Yes,ok. ( )8.How much _______one donut?

A. for B.on C. to D .of ( )9.______you ready to order?

A. Do B.May C. will D.Are ( )10.What`s the matter_____you?

A. In B. with C. on D.at ( )11.I want _______supper in a restaurant .

A.have B.has C.to have D. having ( )12.They are ________ same.

A. the B. a C.an D.her ( )13. They draw ________ markers.

A.in B.with C.to D.from ( )14. He _______some cakes.

A.is B.has C.would D.looks ( )15. ----______is the hot dog ?

-----One yuan .

A.How B. How much C. How tall D.How many

A.sits B.sitting C.sit D.siting ( )19.She ___________on the computer now.

A.play B.is play C.is playing D.plays ( ) 20.Jenny's shoes ______below her bed.

A.am B.is C.be D.are 三用所给词的适当形式填空(共10分,每小题1分) 1.My mother _________(be )a student. 2.We ___________(live )in China . 3.I love ______(I) family.

4.Jenny ________(爱)_________(她)family. 5.My grandmother _________(have) no son.

6.I'm _______(渴),I want to drink some water. 7.There are some _________(桃子)on the desk. 8.He ________(go) to school on foot. 9.She is short, but I'm _________

10.Dose LiMing _______(have)short hair? 四句型转换(5分)

1.I feel happy.( 画线部分提问) ____________________

2. They are blue.( 画线部分提问) _____ ______ are they?

3. I`d like some dumplings.( 画线部分提问) What _________you _________?

4. Li Ming is 1.6 metres tall.( 画线部分提问) ______ ______ is Li Ming?

5.I,two,may,please,books ,have(连词成句) __________________________________ 五.短语互译。(共15分)

1.起床_______2.三根短发_________3.上学__________4.吃午饭 _____________5.在加拿大_________ 6.two bottles of pop__________7.在下午_________8.多少__________9.eight strawberries_____________10. do one's homework______________11.What's the matter?________________12.我的朋友们___________13.look different_____________ 14.three pairs of old shoes_______________15.别客气________ 六.选用方框的疑问词(组)填空 (5分)

what colour , how many , how , what , whose, where 1.-----______sweaters do you have? -----I have three.

2.-----______is the matter? -----I have a headache . 3.------______are my shoes? ------There they are.

4.-------______pants are these? ------They`re Jenny`s.

5.------______tall is the tree? ------It`s eight metres tall. 七.形影相随(找出相应的答语)5分

( )1.Where is your teacher? A:No,thanks. ( )2.Do you like skirt? B:I feel happy. ( )3.Would you like some tea? C:There she is. ( )4.How are you? D:Yes,I do.

( )5.How do you feel today? E:I`m fine ,thank you. 八.阅读理解(25分) (A)

I'm Han Dong .I have two good friends at school.Their names are Kate and Ann.Kate is eleven and Ann is twelve. They 're the same number ------Number 2. But they Are't in the same row.Kate is in Row 1.Ann is in Row2. Kate is an English girl, but her father has an Amerian car .We are good student.

根据短文内容,判断正(T)、误(F)。(共5分) ( )1.Han Dong is a student. ( )2.Kate is Number 2,in Row 1.

( )3.Kate's father has an English car. ( )4.Kate and Ann are Amerians.

( )5.The three girls are in the same school.


I am Li Ming. I have a new friend .Her name is Jenny. She is 1.65 metres tall. She is in the same school with me in Canada.On Sunday, she likes to go to the restaurant with her mum and dad .She likes Chinese food .Her favourite food is dumplings. She likes

noodles,too.She has a small library .Many books are in her library.Many trees are around the library. They are apple trees,orange trees and peach trees . Some birds are in the trees.They play and sing in the trees.They like the trees. ( )1.Jenny and I are________.

A.school boys B.school girls C.teachers D.friends ( )2.Jenny`s favourite food is________.

A.noodles B.oranges C.apples D.dumplings ( )3.________are in her library.

A.Many trees B.Many apples C.Many books D.Many birds

( )4.Many_______trees are around the library.

A.apple B.orange C.peach D.fruit ( )5.Where am I?

A.In Beijing B.In China C.In the library D.In Canada (C)

Look at this picture. Do you know the boy and girl in the picture? The girl is from Canada .She is eleven. Her name is Lynn. Her favourite colour is yellow .Her eyes are black and white. Her hair is blond. The boy is LiLei. He is twelve. LiLei and Lynn are friends. LiLei is very tall. He has two long legs and two big feet. They live in BeiJing, China. They are very happy.

( )6.The girl is from_________.

A.China B.Canada C.Beijing D.our school ( )7.The girl is _________.

A.Danny B. Lynn C.LiLei D.Jenny ( )8.Her favourite colour is _________. A.yellow B.white C.black D.blond ( )9.Now the boy and the girl are___________.

A.in Canada B.in China C.in the picture D.in the library ( )10.How old is LiLei?

A.Eleven B.Twelve C.Thirteen D.Fourteen 九.书面表达(5分) 以“my family”为题写一篇小作文,要求:1、根据所学只是简单描述自己家庭情况; 2、单词不得少于30词。

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