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1. ------________are your eyes?---------- They are blue.

A. What colour B. What C. Where D. What animal

2. ------Is your hair long _______short?-------It's long.

A. and B.but C.or D. so

3. ------______you ______many good friends?-------Yes, I

have many good friends.

A. Are; has B. Are; have C. Do; has D. Do; have

4. ------What's the matter? --------I have _____toothache.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

5. It _____big ears and little _____.

A. have; foot B. have; feet C. has; foot D. has; feet

6. It's time ______now.

A. for have lunch B. to go to home C. for school D. to go school

7. My friends like donuts ________.

A. very B. a lot C. much D. many

8.------______pants are they?------They're my pants.

A. Whose B. Where C. What colour D. How much

9. ------How many _____do you have?------Only one.

A. bottle of pops B. bottles of pops C. bottles of pop D. bottle of pop

0.Ann does _____homework _____the evening.

A. my; in B. her; in C. her; at D. his; at

11. ------How do you feel?------I _____tired and thirsty.

A. be B. are C. is D. am

12.------Would you like a cup of tea?-------_______. I'd like a glass of water.

A. Yes, please. B. No, thanks C. Sure, here you are. D. No, I don't like it.

13. ------_______is this book?-------Three yuan.

A. How many B. How much C. What D. How

14.------_____, mom.-------Sweet dreams, Jenny.

A. Good morning B. Good evening C. Good night D. Good afternoon

15. ------Do you have any sandwiches?------______, we _____have any.

A. Yes; don't B. No; have C. Sorry; don't D. Sorry; aren't

16. ------______is the girl?-------She is 1.5 meters tall.

A. How many B. How much C. How D. How tall

17. ------His shorts _____too big.------Yes, I think so.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

18. ------Can I help you? --------I'd like _____eraser.

A. a B. some C. an D. two

19. Bob, ______is Jenny. She is my friend.

A. he B. she C. this D. it

20. I'm hot today. I'm wearing ______.

A. short B. a short C. a shorts D. a pair of shorts


I'm boy. My name Li Lei. I'm a student. My teacher Miss Gao. I have a sister. name is Li Hong. We are the same school.

We have two good named Jenny and Danny. They from Canada. They in China now. They blond hair and blue eyes. They China. We are all happy.

21.A. a B. an C. this D. the

22.A. am B. are C. is D. be

23.A. am B. is C. are D. be

24.A. Her B. His C. Your D. My

25.A. on B. at C. in D. of

26.A. friend B. friends C. boy D. girl

27.A. go B. goes C. come D. comes

28.A. live B. lives C. be D. is

29.A. has B. have C. there is D. there are

30.A. likes B. to like C. like D. liking

三 阅读理解。 (每小题2分,计40分)


I have seven cases-----three big cases and four small cases. I have many markers and pens. I put two markers in each (每个) small case, and three in each big case, I put four pens in each big case and a pen in each small case. The number of the pens is just my age(正好是我的年龄). Can you guess my age?

31. I have ______ markers.

A. twelve B. sixteen C. seventeen D. eighteen

32. I have ______pens.

A. fourteen B. sixteen C. seventeen D. twenty

33. Each small case has _______ in it.

A. one pen and two markers B. two markers and four pens

C. four markers and two pens D. four pens and two markers

34. Each big case has _______ in it.

A. one pen and two markers B. three markers and four pens

C. two markers and two pens D. four pens and two markers

35. I’m ______ years old.

A. twelve B. sixteen C. eighteen D. twenty


“Look! What is it, Peter?” Dad says.

“A goldfish(金鱼)! That’s great.” I like a goldfish. I want to have one. This fish is red. It has a big head and two big black eyes on the head. It has no legs or arms, but it has fins(鳍). It is in a big round bowl. The bowl is full(满的) of water. It swims in the water. “What’s its name?” I ask my dad. “Its name is Jeffrey.” “ What does it eat? Does it like delicious food?” “It likes fish food. It doesn’t like the delicious food you like.” “Does it feel sad in the water? May I take it out?” “No. It lives in the water. It will die(死) without(没有) water.”

The fish is my friend now. I like it. I watch it.

36. What does Peter like?

A. Delicious food. B. A goldfish C. A bowl D. Water

37. What colour is the fish?

A. Black B. Red C. White D. Yellow

38. The head of fish is _______.

A. black B. little C. big D. long

39. What’s the name of the fish?

A. Jeffrey B. Peter C. Fish D. Jenny

40. Where does the fish live?

A. Out of the water B. Out of the bowl C. In a pool(池塘) D. In the water


I’m a little lion(狮子). My name is Nancy. I have a big mouth. I have two little ears and four long legs. I’m yellow. My favourite food is meat. I like to eat little animals(动物). But I live in the zoo now. I don’t like the zoo. I get up in the cage(笼子)in the morning. I have breakfast, lunch and supper in the cage. I go to bed in the cage in the evening, too. People watch me every day. Some boys hit me with stones(石头). I don’t like them. They are not my friends. I can’t go out. I feel sad. I want to go back to my friends in the forest. I want to live with them.

41.Nancy is a A. lion B. boy C. friend D. cat

42. What colour does Nancy like?

A. Green. B. Black. C. Blue. D. Orange.

43. What’s her favourite food?

A. Fish. B. Meat. C. Chicken. D. Fruit.

44. Where does she live?

A. In the school. B. In the zoo. C. In the forest(森林) D. In the library.

45. What does she want to do?

A. To have fish for supper. B. To live in the zoo.

C. To watch people. D. To live with her friends in the forest.


Peter is a tall boy. He is 1.8 meters tall. He lives in Canada. On Sunday morning he likes to go to see his friends. Her name is Alan. She is a girl. She has a good garden(花园). There are many trees and roses in the garden. They are apple trees, orange trees and other fruit trees. There are lots of fruits on the trees. There are many birds(鸟)in the garden, too. They are happy. The birds sing in the trees. Peter and Alan listen(听)to the birds and sing songs with them. They draw pictures(图画)of birds.

It’s lunch-time. They are hungry. They go to a restaurant. Peter would like some dumplings. Alan wants to have a bowl of noodles. They order them for lunch.

A. has a girl friend B. is a short boy

C. lives in China D. goes to see Alan in the afternoon

in the garden.

A. vegetables B. cats and dogs

C. fruit trees and flowers D. children(孩子们)

48. sing in the trees.

A. Peter and Alan B. Birds C. Fruit D. Roses


A. don’t like sing B. don’t like birds

C. like birds D. like new clothes

A. in school B. in Alan’s home(家) C. in Peter’s home D. in a restaurant

四 词汇(每小题1分,计5分)

76. I cut my _______(左边的) hand. It hurts.

77. Look! The girl 笑).

78. I have milk and eggs for __________(早餐).

79. Here are _________(15个) apples.

80. Here are some new _________(椅子) in the classroom.


A. 连词成句(每小题1分,计5分)

81. twelve, are, there, glasses (.)

82. many, do, have, you, bowls, how (?)

83. good, are, we, friends (.)

84. you, like, cakes, some, would, lunch, for (?)

85. his, is , this, hand (.)

B. 书面表达。(计10分)


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