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1、-Have you found the information about the famous people ______ you can use for

the report?

-Not yet. I’ll search some on the Internet.

A. who B. what C. whom D. which

2、I like the teacher__________classes are very interesting and creative.

A.which B.who C.what D.whose

3、I really want to know _______.

A.what is wrong with my brother B.how will he go to Beijing tomorrow C.if had he bought that car D.where did he go yesterday

4、My mother always asks me_________on the Internet, though most mothers can.

A. how she can use QQ B. how can she use QQ

C. when can she use QQ D. when she can use QQ

5、--Would you please tell me ________?

--OK, her name is Cici.

A. what was her name B. What her name was

C.what is her name D. What her name is

6、mainland of China.

A.who come,is B.whom is, is C.which come, is D.that are,are

7do you guess will be the first 10 top students in English in your school next term?

A.who B.whom C.which D.what

8、hard work was repaid with the development of the factory.

A.where B.whose C.in which D.that

9、 A football fan(球迷) is _____ has a strong interest in football.

A. a thing that B. something that C. a person who D. what

10、 The house, _____ was destroyed in the terrible fire, has been repaired.

A. the roof of which B. which roof C . its roof D. the roof

11、 They talked for about an hour of things and persons _____ they remembered in the school.

A. which B. that C. who D. whom

12、 He often helps the students _____ he thinks are not quick at their studies.

A. whom B. who C. when D. because

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