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2011-2012学年七年级英语下学期 Unit 1 My name’s Gina Section A Period 2课件 人教新目标版

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Unit One My name’s Gina.

Section A Period Two

Words preview first first name last last name boy girl 第一的 名字 最后的; 上一个的 姓氏 男孩 女孩

Do you know your first name (given name) and last name (family name)?

Look and say
What’s his name? His Chinese name’s Sun Wukong ______________________________. ______________________________. His English name’s Monkey King

last name

first name

English name first name last name family name 姓

Chinese name

last name
family name 姓

first name given name

given name

3a Read the list of names. Write F for

first name and L for last name. 1. Tony F L L 6. Jack F

2. Green
3. Miller

7. Smith L
8. Brown L 9. Zhang L

4. Mingming F

5. Gina F

10. Mary F

3b Choose a first name and a last name from

3a. Ask your classmates for their new first names and last names. Make a list. BOYS First name Jack Last name Smith GIRLS First name Last name

1. 形容词性物主代词my your his her its 形容词性物主代词起形容词作用,在句 中只能作定语, 也就是说它后面必须跟一 个名词。即:形容词性物主代词+名词。 This is my bike. 这是我的自行车。 Her name’s Mary. 她的名字是玛丽。

2. 动词be的现在时态
动词 be 就是am, is, are的动词原形。如何 使用哪种形式取决于主语。本课我们学 习 am和is与主语的搭配: ① am 与主语 I 搭配使用,如: I am (I’m) Liu Ying. 。

② is可以与第三人称单数主语(he, she, it) 或单数名词、动名词及不可数名词一 起使用。如: His name’s Tony.

It is (It’s) 3344278.


are 用于第二人称you 和复数

How are you?
These are his books.

4 Name Game Practice introducing yourself and others. How many names can you remember? His name is … Her name is … … My name’s …

Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks. 根据提示完成对话。

Han Mei

Li Lei

: Hi, my name’s Li Lei. What’s____ name? your Nice : I’m Han Mei. ____ to meet you. ___ : Nice to_____ you, Han Mei. Do you know my father(父亲)? his : What’s____ name? : ___ name___ Li Malin. His is : Look! _____ is his name? What : Sun Wukong. : Oh, great. Wukong is his____ name and first last Sun is his____ name.

写出下列短语. (1)我的时钟 (2)你的问题 (3)他的名字 4)她的回答 根据句意及首字母补全单词。 (1)_________ is your name ? (2)Nice to m ________you. (3)His a _________is good. (4)L______! His clock is beautiful(漂亮的)

Translate and write them down.
1. 他的名字叫托尼,我的名字叫琳达。 His name is Tony. My name is Linda. 2. 我叫杰克 .史密斯,我的姓是史密斯, 我的名字是杰克。

My name is Jack Smith. My last name is Smith, my first name is Jack.

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