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七年级英语上册 unit1 My name is Gina period 4 课件新目标

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Period 4

What’s your

first name ? last name ? telephone number ? What’s his / her first name ? last name ? telephone number ?

My first name is … last name is … telephone number is … His/Her first name is … last name is … telephone number is …

13957227844 13636689544 13858536056 96838585831 54852513758 013119124284 63400137599

Memory Challenge and Cooperation
Rules :

1.The first student of each group gets a piece of paper and tries to remember the sentence on it in half a minute . 2.Then he passes the sentence to the next student orally. So it goes on like this. 3.The last student comes to the blackboard and writes down the number. 4.If the number is right ,this group is the winner.

The model sentence : 1.Bob’s phone number is 427-9864. 2.Bill’s ID card number is 8023291

The right sentences
1.Jenny’s phone number is 873-4652. 2.Gina’s phone number is 213-7648. 3.Alan’s phone number is 742-4902. 4.Jim’s phone number is 912-3087. 5.Tom’s telephone number is 738-6053. 6.Tony’s phone number is 670-3829. 7.Linda’s phone number is 380-9423. 8.Jack’s phone number is 721-0943.

Hand Brown Smith Miller

Family name:___________ Student number:______ Tel :_____________ First name ____________

Make a report
You may begin like this: His\Her family name is …. His\Her phone number is …. His student number is … Who is he\she?

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