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一. 英译汉(10分)

1. have a good time 2. take photos 3. on weekends 4. after school

5. have lunch 6. play chess 7. go swimming 8. another good days

9. feel excited 10. at the same time

二. 用所给词的适当形式填空。(30分)

2. I can (hear) with my ears.

3. I am going to (go) to Shanghai.

4. It’s kind of hot because it’s 5. Everyone (be) having a good time.

6. I feel 7. Thank you for 8. How is the weather in Shanghai?---It’s 10. I taught (me).

(read) nespaper.

12. Li Ming often helps his (clean) the room after 1


(do) his work.

三. 选择最恰当的一项。(30分)

is the weather? ---It’s rainy.

A. What B.How C.When D.Why

2. I would like to you.

A. speak B.speaking C.to speak D.speaks

A. with B.for C.to D.in

4. Let’s a movie.

A. see B.to see C.saw D.seeing

5. There a book and two books in my bag.

A. are B.is C.has D.have

6. Can you a sentence?

A. made B.making C.make D.to make

7. Ms. Bell and Alicia A. meet B.meets C.met D.will meet

A. to have B.have C.had D.has

. 2

A. are B.is C.do D.does

10. It’s too outsaide. You must put on your coat.

A. hot B.cool C.cold D.warm

11. How is it going?---It’s not bad.

A. go B.goes C.going D.to go

A. interested; excited B.interesting; excited

C. interested; exciting D. interesting; exciting

13. Jim wants to talk English well.

A. to; to B.to; about C.about; to D.about; about


A. /; the B.the; about C.the; / D./; /

me later?

A. called B.call C.to call D.calling

四. 阅读理解。(10分)

One Sunday morning Mr Brown and his child, Bill, are in big shop. Mr Brown wants to buy a new blouse for Mrs Brown. Bill likes oranges, so his father buys some oranges for him. Bill also wants to some picture-books and colour pencils. There are many things and many people in the shop. They are men and women, old and young. They all want to buy something there.


( A.Mr Brown B. Bill C. his father D. Some old people

( ) 2. Mr Brown is going to buy a new blouse for .

A.his mother B. Bill C. himself D. Bill’s mother

( ) 3. Bill likes A.all the things B.a new blouse C. oranges D.the shop

( ) 4. The little boy wants to buy A.some picture-books B.some colour pencils

C. clothes and shoes D. A and B

( ) 5. People in the shop are .

A.old and young B.boys and girls

C. men and women D. A and C


are different from, lots of beaches, at the same time

can’t wait to, December to Feburary

1. I live in Sydeny, Australia. We have ( ).

2. Seasons in Australia ( ) seasons in many other counties.

3. He is very hungry. He ( ) eat dinner.

4. Summer in Austrlia go from ( ).

5. I can’t read a book and watch TV ( ).



1. There are many flowers in the park.(改为一般疑问句)



are you ?

4. It’对划线部分进行提问)

the weather today?

5. we had fun in this weekend.(改为同义句)

We in this weekend.


根据下列要求写一篇作文。“My School Life”

get up at 6:30 am, have 4 classes every moning, have lunch at 12:00, have 2 classes in the afternoon, finish at 5:30pm, have a lot of homework, have dinner at 7:30 pm, go to sleep at 9:30 pm


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