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(90分钟 满分100分)

听力部分(20分略) 笔试部分(80分)


( )21、He's too busy. He hardly watches TV.

A. often B. ever C. never D. usually ( )22、—________do you exercise? —I exercise once a day.

A. How often B. How long C. How old D. How much

( )23、Eating more food helps you keep .

A. health; health B. health; healthy C. healthy; health D. healthy; healthy ( )24、 my past, I can’t tell you anything.

A. As for B. As to C. About for D. About to ( )25、Hot tea with honey is good ______ you.

A. for B. at C. to D. of ( )26、I’m going fishing after I finish ________ my homework.

A.to do B.to doing C.doing D.do ( )27、____she is tired, _______ Han Mei doesn’t stop working.

A. Although, but B./ ,/ C. But, although D. Although,/ ( )28、If you eat _______ yin,you may feel much too bad.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too ( )29、Are there _______ between you and your sister?

A. something different B. different something C. anything different D. different anything ( )30. My brother is much ________ than Bill.

A. funny B. thinner C. best D. strong

( )31. Please help the children ________ the books.

A. carried B. carry C. carries D. carry ( )32. Lucy and I are in ________ class.

A. same B. different C. the same D. difference ( )33. I ________ and had a rest.

A. ate some bread B. drink milk C. eat some bread D. dronk some milk ( )34. – Have you ever been to Paris, one of ________ cities in Europe?

-- No. But one day I might go there on vacation.

A. the pleasant B. the most excited C. more wonderful D. the liveliest ( )35. – How does Bill drive now, Sue?

-- He drives ________ me.

A. much more careful than B. as careful as C. even more carefully than D. as more carefully as


A man was sitting in the doctor’s office. He was telling the doctor about his 36 .“I like football, doctor,” he said. “Please help me . My life has 37 been a good one since(自从) I became 38 in football and it is getting worse and worse. I can’t even 39 well at night. When I close my 40 ,I’m out there in the football field 41 after a flying ball. When I wake up, I’m more 42 than I was when I went to bed. What am I going to do?” The doctor sat back and said, “First of all, you 43 to do your best not to dream(梦)about football. Before you are falling asleep, try to 44 about something else. Try to think that you are at a party and someone is going to give you several million dollars.” “Are you crazy(发疯的)?”the man shouted. “I’ll 45 the ball!”

( )36.A、problem B、family C、sport D、journey ( )37.A、always B、already C、never D、often ( )38. A、interested B、careful C、deep D、sleep ( )39. A、work B、play C、do D、sleep ( )40. A、doors B、windows C、books D、eyes ( )41. A、looking B、playing C、running D、waiting ( )42. A、worried B、tired C、surprised D、pleased ( )43. A、want B、hope C、have D、decide ( )44. A、hear B、write C、talk D、think ( )45. A、miss B. play C. catch D. pass


No leaves are exactly the same in the world. Nobody in the world is the same 46_______ you. You are unique(独一无二的). Everybody is 47________ from others. That is good, 48_________ it makes the world an interesting place.

Some people are taller than you, but others are 49_______ than you. Maybe your hair is the same color as your friend’s, but it 50________ be longer than hers. I am sure you have 51_______ friends who are smarter than you. And you also have some friends around you who are not 52_______ at some things. 53________ does your best friend like to do? Do you both 54______ to finish your homework at school? Do you in many other ways you are different. So say loudly to the world, “I am unique!

46._________ 47. _________ 48. _________ 49. _________ 50. _________ 51. _________ 52. _________ 53. _________ 54. _________ 55. _________



My name is Sally White. I am a school girl. My school is far from my home. Every day

it is a lot of time to get there. The road is not flat(平整), so I cannot go to school by bike. I often get there by bus or on foot. It takes me thirty minutes to get there by bus and an hour on foot. I must get up early every morning. I have no time for breakfast at home. I often have something for breakfast on the way or on the bus. I don’ t want

to be late for school, so sometimes I run to school. ( )71.Where is Sally? A.In China. B.In Japan. C.In America. D.I don’t know. ( )72.Her home is ________.

A.new B.big C.far D.near ( )73.It takes her ________ to get to school on foot. A.ten minutes B.thirty minutes C.an hour D.an hour and a half ( )74.Where does Sally have breakfast? A.At home. B.On the way to school. C.In her school. D.In a restaurant. ( )75.Is she late for school?

A.Yes, she is. B.No, she isn’t. C.Yes, she does. D.No, she doesn’t.


Before Christmas Mr. White broke(弄断) his right leg and had to stay in hospital. When he was there, he always asked his doctor when he could go home. He didn’t like to spend Christmas in hospital. Though the doctor did his best, Mr. White didn’t get better. So on Christmas Day he was still in hospital. He spent a bad day in bed thinking that he missed(错过) a lot of fun on Christmas.

The next day the doctor told him that he could be well enough to leave hospital in time for the New Year. Mr. White was very happy. Soon Mr. White left hospital and on New Year’s Eve(前夕) he went to a party. He had a good time there. But he drank too much. On his way home that night, he had a fall(掉落) and broke his left leg. ( )76. Mr. White spent Christmas Day in hospital because _______. A. he like to B. he broke his right leg C. his wife told him to D. he had to

( )77. How did he feel on Christmas Day? ___________. A. Happy B. Sad C. Better D. Pleased ( )78. He had a good time on _________.

A. Christmas Day B. Christmas Eve

C. New Year’s Day D. New Year’s Eve

( )79. Mr. White would have to spend New Year’s Day___________.

A. at home B. at party C. outside hospital D. in hospital ( )80. Why did he drink too much? Because ____________. A. he was too happy B. he had a fall C. his too leg got well D. he was in hospital


根据短文内容,选择最佳答案。 ( )81. If we want to be healthy, we must________. A. eat more B. sleep more

C. play more D. go to bed early and get up early ( )82. Children of young age should have ______ hours' sleep every day.

A. ten B. nine C. eleven D. twelve ( )83. If children don't have enough sleep, they will not_______.

A. work well B. be clever and healthy C. eat well D. A and B ( )84. The body also needs________.

A. sports B. running C. exercise D. playing ( )85. Does exercise help us to think better? ________.

A. Yes, it does. B. No, it doesn't. C. No, it does. D. Yes, it doesn’t. D

The world itself is becoming much smaller by using modem traffic and modern communication means (通讯设备). Life today is much easier than it was hundreds of years ago, but it has brought new problems. One of the biggest is pollution (污染). To pollute means to make things dirty. Pollution comes in many ways. We see it, smell it, drink it and even hear it.

Man has been polluting the earth. The more people, the more pollution. Many years ago, the problem was not so serious because there were not so many people. When the land was used up(用完) or the river was dirty in one place, Man moved to another place. But this is no longer true. Man is now slowly polluting the whole world.

Air pollution is still the most serious. It's bad for all living things in the world, but it is not the only one kind of pollution. Water pollution kills our fish and pollutes our drinking water. Noise pollution makes us angry more easily.

Many countries are making rules (法规) to fight pollution. They stop people from burning coal (煤) in houses and factories in the city, and from putting dirty smoke into the air.

Pollution by SO2 is now the most dangerous kind of air pollution. It is caused (引起) by heavy traffic. It is sure that if there are fewer people driving, there will be less air pollution.

The earth is our home. We must take care of it. That means keeping the land, water and air clean. And we must take care of the rise in population at the same time.

1. Our world is becoming much smaller ___.

A. because the earth is being polluted day and night. B. thanks to science development

C. because of the rise in population

D. because the earth is blown away by the wind every year 2. Thousands of years ago, life was ____ it is today. A. much easier than B. as easy as C. as hard as D. much harder than

3. Pollution comes in many ways. We can even hear it. Here "it" means ____. A. water pollution B. air pollution C. noise pollution D. rubbish (垃圾)

4. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution because ____. A. it's bad for all living things in the world B. it makes much noise

C. it makes our rivers and lakes dirty D. it makes us angry more easily

5. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Many countries are making rules to fight pollution.

B. The pollution of the earth grows as fast as the world's population does.

C. If people could go to work by bus or bike instead of car or motorbike it would be helpful in fighting against the problem of SO2.

D. The problem of pollution is not so serious because there are not so many people living on the earth.


91______ Money and success alone do not bring lasting(长久的) happiness. Happiness depends on ourselves. In other words, we make our own happiness. Here are a few suggestions to help you be happier.

92_______ Too often , we spend so much time thinking about the future—for example, getting into college or getting a good job—that we fail to enjoy the present. You should enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as reading a good book, listening to your favourite music, or spending time with close friends. 93.______

Another secret to leading a happy life is to be active, and have hobbies where you forget your problems. Many people experience this dancing, or playing a sport, such as skating or soccer. 94._______

Finally, many people find happiness in helping others. According to studies, people feel good when they volunteer their time to help others. 95.______ You can help a friend with his or her lessons, go shopping to buy food for your family members, or simply help out around the house by washing the dishes.

A. The second secret of health is to do more exercise.

B. If you want to feel happier, do something nice for someone. C. People who have brothers and sisters are happier than others.

D. The first secret of happiness is to enjoy the simple things in life. E. Most people want to be happy, but few know how to find happiness.

F. People who have several close friends live happier and healthier lives. G. You can forget about your problems, and only think about the activity.



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