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What are you doing for vacation?

Section A


New words and phrases
? babysit---babysitting ? camp-----camping plan-------planning
hike-------hiking ride-------riding fish-------fishing sightsee-sightseeing Tibet Hong Kong Hawaii San Francisco

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

babysit one’s sister go camping your plans plan to do sth go hiking go bike riding go fishing go sightseeing

National Day is coming Talk about your plans of National Day holiday

What are you doing for vacation? I’m babysitting my brother.

playing tennis

going swimming

going to Tibet going to Hong Kong

going to the Great Wall going to the beach

going skateboarding

going fishing

going bike riding

going camping

going hiking in the mountain

going sightseeing

relaxing at home

visiting museums

What is he/she doing for vacation? He/She is playing computer games.

playing the piano

visiting her grandma

spending time with friends

What are they doing for vacation? They are going sightseeing.

relaxing at home

going bike riding

2a and 2b: Listen and fill in the chart
Hector Susan Molly

Visiting cousins

On Friday

going to sports camp on the 11th going to the beach this weekend

Talk about your vacation plans in pairs like this:

A:What are you doing for vacation , Li Chen? B:I’m going camping. A:That sounds nice . Who are you going with? B:I’m going with my parents. A:When are you going? B:I’m going on Friday.

Pairwork Dave Zhu Yan Mary Mike

Cousin’s house
San Francisco

a week

Sports camp

Five days
11th ----22nd

A: What is … doing for vacation? B: He’s/She’s going to…. A: How long is he /she staying ? B: He’s/She’s staying for ….

Homework: write down your plan .
What Where When How How long Who

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