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一、 冠词(a/an,the)(14’)








8. Yao Ming is NBA player. A. an B. a C. / It’s blue. It’s blue pencil. A. /,/ B. a,/ C. a,A This is book, book is F A.a, An B. a,The C. a, A is your ruler? ——Green . A. What B. How C. What color An orange is . A. an orange B. orange C.the orange That’s English girl . A . a B. an C. / The jacket is green , the quilt ,too. A. green B. yellow C. red 用冠词(a/an,the)填空,在不需要的地方用 / 表示。

(1)——What’s this in English? ——It’s quilt .

(2)——What color is this car? ——It’s brown(棕色的)

(3)I have pencil is black .

(4) It’s orange flower.

(5)Spell “color”, please .

9. There is “s” in the world “bus”. A . an B. a C. /


1.Dave (所有格) Mike father(所有格)

2. The (girl)name is Alicia .

3. That’s (Mike) book .

4. That is my . A. girl’s friend B.girl friend C.a girl friend

5.Thank you . A.how much B.much C.very much

6.那本书是尼克的。 is .

7 This is my watch. That is . A . Jim’s B. Jim C.her

father is a worker. A . Linda and Nick B . Linda and Nick’s C. Linda’s and Nick’s


it is photo hero boy dictionary book watch bag key tomato orange party man sheep fish tooth child 1. Those (be not) my pencils.

2.Look! 3. Are (this) your brothers?

4. Those are her and that’s her sister.

5. are my two sisters. A . That B. these C.those

6. these my parents. A . is B.are C. am

7. This is . A . his pictures B. my oranges C. her eraser.

8.——Is she a student?

—— . A . No, she is B. Yes,she is C. Yes,she isn’t

9.My father and my mother my good friends,too. A . is B. are C.am

A . they are B. these are C. this is

11. Those are my . A . photoes B. wachs C. pens

12.Where are your A . hats B. cat C. CD

13.The CDs in the drawer and the notebook under the desk.

A . is, is B. are, is C.are, are

14. These are . A .orange,orange B. orange,oranges C. oranges,orange

15. There is a set of (key) here.

四、句型转换 (33’)

1. I’m Jenny.(变为一般疑问句) Jenny?

2. My name is Mary.(改为同义句) Mary.

3. It’ in English.(对划线部分提问) in English?

4. Is this your English book?(作肯定回答) , .

5. This is my pen.(变为一般疑问句) pen?

6. Spell computer,please.(同义句) you spell computer.

7. That is photo.(变为复数形式) .

8. It is a bus.(同上) 9. This is my sister.(变为一般疑问句) sister?

10. That is my grandfather.(改为否定句) That my grandfather.

11. They are erasers.(改为单数句) 12. Are these your parents?(作肯定回答) , .

13. I know the boy.(改为否定句) I the boy.

14. Those are my sisters.(改为否定句) Those my sisters.


1.——Thank you very much.

—— A . Thanks a lot B. You are welcome C. OK

2.——Your bag is very nice .

—— . A . Thank you B. Yes,it is C. No, no

3. This is ruler and that is ruler . A . my,hers B. my,her C. I,she

4. Three and four seven . A . am B. are C. is

Li Lei . English is very good . A . He,His B. He’s ,His C. His, He

a ring in English . A . This’s B. It’s C. Its

7. Is this eraser? A . her B. you C. I

8. Is that your pencil A . in,,and B. on,but C. to,for

9.——Spell“yellow”,please .

—— . A . Yes, I do B. Y-E-L-L-O-W C. No,I don’t

10.——What’s your room(房间?

——201. A . telephone B. name C. number

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