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? Look at the following pictures of Yu Mei and tell us the changes of Yu Mei

She used to be short. Now she is tall.

She used to be long hair. Now she has short hair.

She used to play football.

Now she likes playing tennis.

She used to be alone. Now she has many friends.

?Now use the sentences you described Yu Mei to compose a short passage about Yu Mei.

Reading death n. 死;死亡 afford v.买得起;负担得起 (常与can 或be able to连用) cause v. 造成;使发生 patient adj. 有耐性的;忍耐的 in the end 最后;终于 decision n.决定;决心 make a decision 下决定;下决心

head teacher 班主任 to one’s surprise 令某人惊 奇的(是)… even though 即使;纵然;尽管 no longer 不再;已不 take pride in 对…感到自豪 attention n. 注意;专心;留心 pay attention to 对…注意;留心

Reading Learning Strategy: USING CONTEXT

Always use the information around the word or phrase you don’t understand. You can learn new language in this way, or understand what is necessary to complete a task.

Section 3 After you Read

Missing language

Place in reading ?How was heabletochange? 5 ?and didn’t give up trying to help him 2 ?That’s when I decided 4 to change ? after his father’s death 1 a few years ago ?Even the teacher agreed 3 that Martin was wasting his time

Martin Murray is a fifteen-year-old boy. He used to be a“problem child”, But a recent conversation with his motherchanged his life.He didn’t use to give his mother many problems. However,(1)____________________ after his father’s death _____________,Martin’s life became a few years ago much more difficult.His mother couldn’t afford to pay fo herchild’s education. To do this, she had to work,and so was not often at home.

Section 2 While You Read a lot of trouble

He used to cause

His mother looked after him as well as she could.Unfortunately Martin still caused problems for himself and his family. He was not interested in studying, and he often got into trouble with the police. Luckily, his mother was very patient, (2) _________________________. and didn’t give up trying to help him

In the end, she made a difficult decision: to send him to a boy’s boarding school. Martin hated it and used to cause a lot of trouble. One day, he told his teacher he wanted to leave the school. (3)__________ Even the _______________________ teacher agreed that Martin was wasting his time _______________________.

The head teacher said it was necessary to talk with his mother. Martin called his mother, but to his surprise, this phone call changed his life. “It was exactly what I needed,” he said. “My mother helped me to understand how much she had given me.

She also told me that even though my father was no longer with us, he was watching me, and would always take pride in everything That’s when I good I do. (4)______________ decided to change ________________

_________. I realize that since my father died, I have been afraid of being alone, and have tried to make my mother pay more attention to me.”

Now Martin has really changed. He has been working hard, and he is now a top student in his class. (5) ______ How was he able to change? ___________________________ His mother’s love helped him to feel good about himself, and as Martin himself says, “It’s very important for parents to be there for their children.”

3b Read the statements below. Circle “TRUE”, “FALSE”, or “DON’T KNOW” according to the reading.

1.Martin is TRUE FALSE still a bad boy.
2. There wasn’t enough money for the family. 3. Martin finally understand what his problem was.



4. Martin’s father didn’t use to help him.


5. What his mother said TRUE FALSE didn’t change DON’T KNOW Martin’s mind.

Language points of section 3

?1 give up 放弃 ? give +代词宾格+up ? give up+ V-ing ?2, enough +n. ? adj./adv.+ enough

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