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Unit 7

Where would you like to visit?

Can you dream? What’s your dream?
My dream is to walk on the moon.

1.A “hope” is something we wish to happen in the future, and is attainable if certain things happen, or are done. 2. A “dream” is something more out of the ordinary, and often seems more unattainable. 3. The distinction between the two can be quite subtle.






Go through the reading once slowly,underline points you want to remember.


Read only the parts you underlined. Do you get a clear picture? If not ,read it again slowly,and underline more key points.

Read the article and then make up some more questions. Then answer these questions.

1.Why do some students want to start work as soon as possible? 2.What is important to students about the work they do? 3.What example is given of an impossible dream?

Because they want to help look after their 尽快 families. They want to be important to sb enjoy the work they do. To be able to 哪个例子是不可能 fly 实现的梦想


Discuss the following questions in small groups with reference to the reading.

1.Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream? 2.Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be different from others? 3.Can dream come true?

Reading (P58)

1. Here are some of the findings of a survey about hopes and dreams, in which thousands of students across China took part . 这里有一些全中国参与 这项活动的数千万名学生 的愿望和梦想的调查结果。

(1) in which …为非限定 性定语从句。 in 与从句中 的took part 构成短语 “参 加”, in 不能省略。 This is an old house, in which my grandparents lived for nearly 30 years. 这是一所老房子, 我的祖父 母在这里已住了将近30年了。

(2) thousands of 表模 糊的数字,后接可数名 词复数,此类用法还有 hundreds of, millions of, billions of 等。 Thousands of years have passed.

2. It seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible, so that they can help provide better lives for their parents.

一些学生好象想尽快的参加 工作, 以便他们能帮助父母过上 更好的生活。 (1) seem “似乎”,与形式主语连 用时,后接that从句,that可以省 略。

It seems that he is ill. 他好象病了。 其后可以接形容词做表语。 He seems happy today. 他今天似乎很高兴。 其后也可以接动词不定式。 He seems to be very angry. 他似乎很生气。

(2) so that以便,为了引导 目的状语从句,从句中常 用will, would, can, could, may, might, be able to, want等词。 He worked hard so that everything would be ready in time. 他努力工作,为的是及 时做好各项准备。

3. Many students said they would like to be volunteers at the 2008 Olympics, maybe working as translators or tour guides. 许多学生说他们想要 做2008年奥运会的自

愿者, 也许做翻译或导游工作。

maybe也许, 可能, 通常 放在句首, 也可以放在句 尾, 和单词“may”的汉语 意思相同, 但是用法不同。 May是情态动词, 后接动 词原形be, 意为“也许是, 可能是”。 e. g. Maybe he is in the office. = He may be in the office.

4. And quite a few said they dream of going to the moon one day. 有相当多的人说他们梦想 着有一天能到月球上去。 quite a few “相当多的” 后接可数名词复数。 Frank has quite a few friends there.

5. It is very important to dream, so hold on to your dreams; one day they may just come true.有梦想是非

常重要的, 因此要坚持你的梦 想; 有一天他们就有可能会 变成现实。hold on此处为 “坚持,把握,保持” 的意 思。

How long can they hold on? You must hold on to your

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