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新目标人教版2013版七年级上册Unit 5 section B(1a--1d)

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Unit5 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section B 1a-1d


He /She has a tennis ball.

He / She doesn’t have a tennis ball.

一般疑问句: Does he / she have a tennis ball? 肯定回答: Yes, he /she does. 否定回答: No, he / she doesn’t. 画线提问:



he /she


1. 我有一个篮球。 I have a basketball. 2. 我们有一个排球。 We have a volleyball. 3. 他们有一个网球拍。They have a tennis racket. 4. 你有一个足球。 You have a football / soccer ball. 5. 他有一个乒乓球。He has a ping-pong ball.

6. 她有一个棒球。 She has a baseball.
7. 它有一个网球。 It has a tennis ball.

has 肯定句 ,“有” : 用于第三人称单数 他,她,它。

1. 我没有一个篮球。I don’t have a basketball. 2. 我们没有一个排球。 We don’t have a volleyball. 3. 他们没有一个网球拍。

They don’t have a tennis racket.
4. 你/ 你们没有一个足球。

You don’t have a football / soccer ball. 5. 他没有一个乒乓拍。 He doesn’t have a ping-pong bat. 6. 她没有一个棒球。 She doesn’t have a baseball. 7. 它没有一个网球。 doesn’t have a tennis ball. It
否定句,“ 没有” 时, 第三人称单数用 doesn’t have, 其他都用don’t have

Do 1. ---______ you have a soccer ball ? --- Yes , ___________. I do 2. ---______ you have computers ? Do we don’t --- No , ___________. Do 3. --- ______ they have a new TV ? they do --- Yes, __________ . Does 4. --- ______ Dave have a tennis ? he doesn’t --- No, ___________. 5. --- ______ your sister have a volleyball ? Does --- No, she doesn’t ___________. 6. ---_______ your father have a mobile phone ? Does --- Yes, _________. he does 7. --- _______ your brothers have a basketball? Do ---- No, they don’t __________. Does 8. --- _______ your mother have a ring ? she does --- Yes, __________.

Does she have …?





× √


有趣的,令人感 /'?ntr?st??/ 兴趣的


有趣的, 令人愉快的

Ah, it’s relaxing.

relaxing 轻松的

9687462329783+782357682×778698563433 = ?






play volleyball

play soccer

play basketball

Let’s play ping-pong . Let’s play tennis . Let’s play baseball .

A: Let’s play basketball. B: I don’t have a basketball. A: Well, let’s play ping-pong.
B: That sounds good.

A: Let’s(让咱们) play volleyball.

B: I don’t have a volleyball.
A: Well, let’s play soccer. B: That sounds good/interesting/fun…

A: Let’s … B: That sounds

good/interesting/difficult/ boring/fun/relaxing/....

play computer games

play soccer ball
play basketball

play volleyball

play tennis watch TV

play baseball

Look and say
A: __________ping-pong. Let’s play B: That sounds__________. interesting

A:___________ basketball. Let’s play B: That______ ________. sounds boring


A: Let’s play __________baseball.

B: __________________. That sounds difficult
困难的 A: Let’s play computer games _______________________. B: __________________. That sounds fun


1a Match the words with the pictures.

e a c 1. interesting __ 3. fun __ 5. relaxing __ d 2. boring __
4. difficult __ b


Listen and check(

) the words that you hear in

1a. 听录音,从活动 1a 中勾出(

a. interesting ____ b. boring ____ c. fun ____ d. difficult _____ e. relaxing ____

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about these
activities? Write a word from 1a in each blank.
再听一遍录音。 保罗如何看待这些活动? 用活动 1a 中 的单词填空。

play computer games

____________ interesting

play volleyball
watch TV

____________ difficult
____________ boring

play basketball

____________ fun

1c .Listen again and fill in the blanks.(再听一遍 录音,并填空.)
computer games A: Let’s play _______________! B: That sounds(1) __________, but I don’t have a interesting computer _______. A: Well, do you have a volleyball? B: Yes. play volleyball A: Then let’s _______________. difficult B: Oh, volleyball is so(2)_________..... watch TV A: Ok, let’s ________________. boring B: That sounds(3)_________. Hmmm… Let’s play soccer! Do you have a soccer ball? No, I don’t. A: ____________ B: Oh. Well, do you have a basketball? Yes, I do. A: _________. Let’s play basketball. B: That sounds(4)___________. fun



The math class is _______. I like (喜欢) it. A. difficult B. relaxingC. interestingD. boring. 2.—Let's play basketball. —No,_____________. A. it's boringB. it's interestingC. it's goodD. it's fun 3.That's an ___________ question. A. interestingB. boring C. difficult D. relaxing 4. Do you play _______? A. basketballs B. a basketball C. basketball D. the basketball 5. That sounds ___________. A. well B. good C. badly D. fine


1. Let's ___________ (play) soccer. 2. That ___________ (sound) boring.

3. He ______ (have) a book.
4. You __( not play) sports every day. 5. She __( not, watch) TV in the evening.

She __ (study) English every day.



1. baseball (复数) 2. bat (复数) 3. do (第三人称单数) 4. have (第三人称单数) 5. do not (缩写形式) 6. does not (缩写形式) 7. 打篮球

baseballs ________
________ bats

does ________ has ________ don’t _________ doesn’t _________

play basketball ______________

8. 打排球

9. 打网球
10. 踢足球

play volleyball _____________ play tennis _____________ play soccer _____________

Let’s play baseball. 11. 让我们打棒球去。 _________________ Let’s ask. 12. 让我们问一下。 ___________

13. 那听起来很好。

That sounds good. ________________

一、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. — Let’s go to the park. relaxing — Good idea. I think

it’s ________ (relax). 2. My cousin _____ (have) a new dictionary. has volleyballs 3. Look! There are five __________ (volleyball) under the table. to play 4. It’s easy ________ (play) ping-pong. 5. Jack ____________ (not have) a ping-pong doesn’t have bat.

6. Let’s go and ask _______ (they) about it. them 7. We play basketball with _____ (we) friends our at school. 8. — How about playing computer games? — That ________ (sound) fun. sounds 9. Would you like to play ______ (sport) with sports me? 10. My cousin and I ___ (be) in the same are school.

二、单项选择 1. — We all like Miss Wang. — I agree with you. Her English classes C are _____. A. interest B. interests C. interesting 2. — Can you draw pictures? B — No, I can’t. It’s very _____ for me. A. great B. easy C. difficult

C 3. You ____ a new coat, but your brother ___. A. have; don’t have one B. don’t have; does C. have; does 4. There will be a football game this weekend. Do you want to ______ it? A A. watch B. see C. look 5. Jay Chou will give a singing performance ________ TV tonight. B A. in the B. on the C. on

三、句型转换 1. Lucy plays tennis with her mother. (一般疑问句) _____ Lucy ____ tennis with her mother? Does play 2. Linda has three volleyballs. (一般疑问句) _______ Linda _______ three volleyballs? Does have 3. Does your sister love soccer? (作否定回答) _______, ______ ________. No she doesn’t

4. Soccer is difficult for me. (变为同义句) Soccer _______ _______ for me. isn’t easy 5. Mary has a tennis bat. (对划线部分提问)

Who has _______ ______ a tennis bat?

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