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一、听对话回答问题,将正确选项填在题前括号内。(每段对话读两遍)(10分) ( )1. What's the girl's mother's job?

A. B.

( )2. Where is the dog? A. B.

( )3. What does the man like doing at the weekend? A. B.

( )4. What is Millie doing? A. B.

( )5. What's Sandy's chart? A. B.

( )6. What time does the girl do morning exercises? A. At 7:00 a.m. B. Every day. ( )7. Who is the member of the Swimming Club? A. Millie. B. Amy. ( )8. Which class is Lucy in? A. Class 3. B. Class 4. ( )9.

What does Millie like?

C. C. C. C.

C. C. At 7:00 P.m. C. The man. C. Class 2.

A. Music. B. Dancing. C. Swimming.

( )10. Who is the girl's best friend?

A. Jack. B. Wendy. C. Annie.


( )11. When is Andy's birthday?

A. Tuesday. B. Wednesday. C. Monday .

( )12. What does Andy like eating?

A. Fish. B. Chocolate. C. Apples.

( )13. How old is Andy this year?

A. Thirteen. B. Fourteen. C. We don't know.

( )14. Where is the shop?

A.Behind their house. B. Near their school. C. Beside the park.

( )15. What do they buy for Andy at last?

A.Some chocolate. B. Some stickers. C. A basketball.


( )16. Where is David from?

A.England. B. America. C. Japan.

( )17. What does David look like?

A. Tall. B. Short. C. Polite.

( )18. What's David's age?

A. 12. B. 13. C. 14.

( )19. What is David good at?

A. Physics. B. History. C. Maths.

( )20. Where are they going this weekend?

A. A park. B. A farm. C. A zoo.



( b ) 1. —Is Amy from America?

—No. Amy is an girl, but she's in now.

A. America; England B. English; America

C. American; English D. England; America

( d ) 2. ——They're fine, thank you.

A. How are you? B. Who are you?

C. What are they? D. How are your mother and father?

( b ) 3. —What colour is that teddy bear? —Oh, A. it's an orange B. it's an orange teddy bear

C. it's orange D. it's a teddy bear

( b ) 4. Millie writes e-mail to Daniel. She wants to know how to look her e-dog.

A. a; for B. an; at C. /; like D. an; after

( c ) 5. —Is this your bicycle, David? —No, it's not A. his B. yours C. mine D. hers

( a ) 6. When you meet your teacher at 8:30 a.m., you say “

A. Good morning. B. Good afternoon. C. Good evening. D. Good night.

( a ) 7. is my hobby.

A. Listening to pop music B. Being a doctor

C. Living on that floor D. Doing homework

( b ) 8. Jim often has lunch at school. he eats at home.

A. But B. Sometimes C. And D. Usually

( b ) 9. After class, I like playing computer games and chatting my friends the


A. to; by B. with; on C. for; I D. about; through ( c )10. Daniel and I in Class1, Grade 7. are classmates.

A. am; They B. am; We C. are; We D. are; They

( d )11. Jane ,with her friends, often about sports after school.

A. talks B. are talking C. is talking D. talk

( a )12. —Would you like to give me juice? —Sorry. There isn't in the bottle.

A. some; some B. any; any C. some; any D. any; some ( A. UN B. USA C. PRC D. HK

( c)14. —Who is she? —.

A. It's Kate's desk. B. He's my father.

C. She is Aunt Mary. D. She is Mary Aunt

( b)15. In China, people walk of the street(街道).

A. on the left B. on the right C. in the middle D. A or B



1. Sandy and Millie are (都) the members of the school football team.

2. We can't find the way. Let's ask those 警察)over there.

3. It's Lucy's (女衬衫) . It's very new.

4. Listen! They are (聊天) with each other in the room.

5. Please give my best (希望,祝愿) to your parents.


is the third day of a week.

after supper.

floor, there are four classrooms.

in a football team.

Day. My daughter likes that day best.


11. Our classroom is very big .What about 12. Look at the sign. (not put ) your bike here.

13. There are some (library) in our school.

14. Our classroom is on the 15. There are some (read) rooms in our school.


1. Tom does his homework every day.(改为否定句)

Tom his homework every day.

2. She is from England.(同义句)

She England.

3. I watch TV at seven in the evening.(用Sandy代替句子主语)

TV at seven in the evening. .(对划线部分提问)

they enjoy at the weekend? 对划线部分提问)

does she ?

6. Miss Lu is our English teacher. (同义句)

Miss Lu English.

7. Her birthday is on March 8th.(同义句)

She on March 8th.

8. It's time for games now .

It's time games now.

9. He likes apples best.

fruit(水果) is apples.

四、从方框中选择合适的句子补全对话,并将字母代号填在横线上。(有两项多余选项) (5分)

( B:Yes, of course.

A:You are a teacher ,right?

( )B:Yes.

A:Teachers are always busy. What do you often do when you are free?

( )B: A:Do you often do sports at weekends ?

( )B:Yes,

A:Would you like to go to play it with me this afternoon? ( )B:Let's meet at the school gate.


Mr Charles Buffington is an Englishman.He lives in London,but he many different His first is Charles,and his family name is Buffington.Buffington is the name a very old city.Mr Charles Buffington teaches and to different countries(国家).He English,and he can speak other languages(语言).He can speak Chinese and French

When he goes to Australia,Japan,America,France Canada,many people want to him because he is so clever.

( ) 1.A.comes B.walks C.visits D.runs

( ) 2.A.restaurants B.places C.hospitals D.rooms

( ) 3.A.name B.trip C.age D.team

( ) 4.A.to B.of C.for D.in

( ) 5.A.go B.goes C.to go D.going

( ) 6.A.tells B.talks C.speaks D.says

( ) 7.A.some B.any C.much D.a lot

( ) 8.A.OK B.well C.nice D.great

( ) 9.A.and B.or C.then D.but

( )10. A.talk with B.talk about C.talk D.talk for

六、阅读理解。(共1 5小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


Mr and Mrs Martin live in New York.Mr Martin is a doctor and his office is in New York.Mrs Martin teaches music at a school in New York.

They have two sons.Their sons' names are Ted and Roy.

Ted is twenty years old.He is now in Taiwan.He is studying Chinese.He went to Taiwan last month and he is going to stay there for two years.

Roy is thirteen years old.He goes to high school.He likes sports very much,He likes swimming best.He can swim faster than his father.He wants to be the best swimmer in his school.

( )1.What is Mr Martin?

A.He is an American. B.He is a teacher.

C.He is a doctor. D.He lives in New York.

( )2.How many people are there in his family?

A.Three. B.Four. C.Five. D.Six.

( )3.What does Ted study?

A.Chinese. B.English. C.Music. D.Sports.

( )4.How long will Ted stay in Taiwan?

A.Twenty years. B.Two years.

C.Seven years. D.Thirteen years.

( )5.What does Roy want to be?

A.He wants to be a doctor.

B.He wants to teach music at a school.

C.He wants to go to Taiwan to study.

D.He wants to be the best swimmer in his school.


A.Mondays. B.Thursdays. C.Wednesdays. D.Saturdays.

( )7.What can you go and see in the evening?

A.Free movies. B.Kung Fu demonstration.

C.Street game show. D.Comic book show.

( )8.How many days can you go to the street game show every week?

A.Two. B.Three. C.Four. D.Five.

( )9. What time does the comic book show start?

A.7:00a.m. B.8:00a.m. C.9:00a.m. D.10:00a.m.

( )10.Amy's parents go to the comic book show. How much should they pay for it?

A.$2.00. B.$3.00. C.$4.00. D.$5.00.


I study in Hongqing Middle School. are 24 classes, 100 teachers and 800 students in it. There are two buildings in our school. (2)Our classrooms and teachers offices are in the buildings. 在我们学校有一个阅览室和一座图书馆。请阅读短文,按要求完成下面练习。



13. 请将文中(3)句的中文翻译成英文。

14.How many people are there in the school?




1. 姓名: 高娜,出生于中国北京, 25岁 2. 外貌: 黑头发, 大眼睛, 戴一副眼镜

3. 爱好: 喜欢听音乐和体育运动。 4. 工作认真,学生都喜欢她

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