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一 语法



1定语从句的谓语动词根据先行词而定。 2定语从句的介词不能省略 。


1 Language practice

2 P-76—1 insert—插入 并且指出哪个不是定语从句.

3 P 77---2

4 Workbook P144---1,2,3,4

5 导航 P57—3,4


1 Use the words in Activity 1 to fill in the blanks after you listen to the dialogue. Betty: Well, I like cartoon a the world, like Superman.

Daming: Is Superman popular in England, Tony ?

Tony: Yes , he is , but we also cartoons, like Tom and Jerry. I like

Jerry because he’s both and cute.


Betyy: Yes , there’s usually someone in trouble and the hero arrives in

a … and saves the person.

Daming: Are the cartoons funny or ?

Tony: There are some serious cartoons about stories, maybe with just . But Ilike the ones which make me __________

2 .词组

这不是什么可笑的事情 It’s no laughing matter.

在那边 over there

和某人说几句话 have a word withsb

有大麻烦 in deep trouble

看到闪光灯 see the flash

把它给我 give it to him

Oh,dear 奥,天呀

be like 像----

have lots of jokes 有很多笑话

make you laugh 让你发笑

That’s good news. 那是好消息

go over 朝那边走去

speak to sb 和某人谈话

That’s a smart idea. 真是个聪明的主意

词汇作业:P78—8 Workbook P145—6

Unit 2

二 use the words in the box to complete the sentences about the cartoon characters.

1 Nemo(尼莫2 The Monkey King(美猴王)is a monkey who leads a group of monkeys against

the rule in heaven . He makes a _______in each room in_________ .

3 Shrek(史瑞克) is a huge green_________.

4 Snoopy(史努比) is Charlie Brown(查理.布朗)’s_________ dog who lives in his own _______dream world.

5 Belgian (比利时的)cartoonist Herge(爱尔热) invented the character of Tintin(丁丁). There are several_________ in China which have held birthday parties for Tintin in manycites.


赢得----的心 win the hearts of

一些人们喜爱的卡通 some cartoon favourites

反对----的统治 against the rule of

天宫 I in heaven

飞进一个桃园 fly into a peach garden

想吃多少桃子就吃多少桃子 eat as many peaches as he likes 搞得乱七八糟 make a mess

成为常用语 become a common expression

月球表面 the surface of the moon

从---开始 ever since

在某人自己的梦幻世界中 in one’s own private dream world

有生活经历的成年人 adults who have experienced life

a cute orange-and-white fish 一条可爱的黄白相间的小鱼

a huge green monster 一个庞大的绿色怪兽

Havoc in heaven 大闹天宫

tell the story of 讲---的故事

a group of monkeys 一群猴子

all the jokes played by the monkey 孙悟空搞的恶作剧

return to 返回

a reporter with red hair and a small white dog 一个长着红头白狗的记者

travel to the jungles 到过丛林

the backstreets of Shanghai 上海的小街

the whole series 全套丛书

keep collection of 保存着----的收藏

these black-and-white Tintin books 这些黑白画册

the late Charles Schultz 已故的查理斯舒尔茨

not all 并不是所有的---


P77—4 \ P78—9 \ Workbook P145—5,8

Unit 3


. Batman is older than Spiderman . The first Batman


appeared in books since 1940.

Spiderman was a little more recently. Spiderman first appeared in

comic(娱乐性的) books in 1962. In 1977, he appeared in daily newspapers. The

Spiderman cartoon has been in over 500 different newspapers around the world.

Like Batman ,Spiderman was also made into a television programme and was

them have been into films helped to

popularize(使普及) them , especially among children. Many

try to imitate them .When they can’t fly, Batman .like Batman, they might try to

walk on walls or even try to climb up them. But the main thing they should try to

learn from Batman or Spiderman is to do good things for people , to help those


作业:workbbok P146—11









be like

have lots of jokes

make you laugh

That’s good news.

go over

speak to sb

That’s a smart idea.

Unit 2




天宫 I









a cute orange-and-white fish

a huge green monster Havoc in heaven tell the story of a group of monkeys all the jokes played by the monkey return to a reporter with red hair and a small white dog travel to the jungles the backstreets of Shanghai the whole series keep collection of these black-and-white Tintin books the late Charles Schultz not all

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