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U4 what is the best movie theater?

To learn to discuss preferences and make comparison 学习讨论用形容词讨论外观并 作比较 To learn to understand and use superlatives with –(i)est, the most To learn to understand and use irregular comparisons good, better, the best, bad, worse, the worst 理解并运



Section A

Words and expressions

The highest building in the world?

The largest country in the world?

the smallest animal in the world?

The longest river in the world?

The smallest country in the world?
? The Vatican City State

The best university in the world?

Birth: 1954,04,07 Height: 1.73m Weight: 63kg

Birth: 1961,09,27 Height: 1.74m Weight: 64kg

taller shorter heavier thinner older younger more athletic …

Who is the oldest and who is the youngest?

Birth: 1954,04,07 Height: 1.73m Weight: 63kg

Birth: 1961,09,27 Height: 1.74m Weight: 64kg

Birth: 1980,08,29 Height: 1.745m Weight: 68kg


Chen Long is the shortest and Xie Tingfeng is the tallest. Chen Long is the thinnest and Xie Tingfeng is the heaviest. I think … is the most athletic / handsome.

Hair: Chen Long has the longest hair and Liu Dehua has the shortest Character:


It’s cheap.


It’s cheaper.

It’s the cheapest.

Which cinema is the closest to home?
Garden Cinema

Pacific Cinema Zi Ji Cinema

the closest

The weather is bad.

The weather is worse.

The weather is the worst.

popular more popular the most popular

Do you like to watch movies? Let’s go to the movie theater!

friendly service

comfortable seats

big screens

popular in a fun part of town cheap

new movies

close to home

How do you choose what movie theater to go to? Which is the most important?

comfortable big screens seats

new movies

close to home

in a fun part of town


cheap tickets

friendly service

Which cinema has the biggest screen?

Xinjianshe Cinema has a big screen. xingmei Cinema has a bigger screen.

Imax Cinema has the biggest screen.

Which cinema has the friendliest service?

xingmei Cinema has friendly service.
Imax Cinema has friendlier service.

xinjianshe Cinema has the friendliest service.

Which cinema is the cheapest?

Imax Cinema

is cheap.

xingmei Cinema is cheaper.

xinjianshe Cinema is the cheapest.

Which cinema is the most popular?

xingmei Cinema

is popular.

xinjianshe Cinema

is more popular. Imax Cinema is the most popular.

You are the most important one for your country!
my education , my future.flv

A: cheap short quick thick light cool warm quiet wild calm

the -- est


heavy easy tidy dry busy happy

y -- i-- est



C: large
late nice

-- st


big hot thin wet fat


biggest hottest thinnest wettest fattest

delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful careful outgoing

the most --

adj .


good well bad ill many much far

better worse

best worst

more most farther farthest




1. good 2. comfortable 3. big 4. happy 5. cheap 6. many 7. difficult 8. little

better bigger happier cheaper more more difficult less

best biggest happiest cheapest most most difficult least

more comfortable most comfortable

1. bad (比较级)______ worse 2. do (过去式)_____ did

3. best (原级) _______ good/well4. expensive(反义词)__ cheap

biggest 5. big (最高级)_______

6. report (名词)_______ reporter

friendly beaches 7. friend (形容词)_______ 8. beach(复数)__
9. quiet (反义词)busy _______ 10. store (同义词)___ shop

1a How do you choose what movie theater to go to? Write the things in the box under “Important” or “Not Important”.
comfortable seats big screens friendly service Important new movies cheap close to home popular in a fun part of town Not Important

A: What’s the best movie theatre in Kunming? B: It’s _____________________ A: Why do you think so? B: Because it is/has________________ has the friendliest / best service has the best quality movies is the cheapest/ the most expensive has the most comfortable seats is the most popular


Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters. Write in the names of the theaters.

It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular. It’s the closest to home.

Movie Theater

It’s the cheapest.
It has the friendliest service. It has the most comfortable seats.

the closest to Qingnian Theatre is _______________ (离……最近) the bus station. the biggest cinema It’s________________ (最大的影院) in the city. the most comfortable seats It has __________________________ (最舒适的座位). the friendliest service It also has _____________________ (最友好的服务). the funniest part of the city It is in __________________________ (城市最繁华的地段)

English knowledge

1. The door closes quietly. 这门关起来不发出什么声音。 关闭;盖上;合上 2. The post office closes at 6. 邮局六点关门。 (商店等)关门,打烊 3. At eleven the conference closed. 十一时大会结束。 结束 以上句子中close是不及物动词。


句,选择两到三个close的不同含义 进行造句。

? think about … ? ? the most popular …… have the best quality in town, .. have really bad service, do a survey of …, the best in our town ? play the most interesting music have the biggest screens and the most comfortable seat,



? have the friendliest service,

用所给词的正确形式填空。 1. The Yellow River is the second________ longest (long) river in China. 2. Do you have_____ (many) books more than Tom? 3. He drank_____ (little) juice than yo

u. less 4. Tom is the______ (tall) of the two boys. taller 5. I think English is__________________ the most interesting (interesting) of all the subjects.

6. The radio says it’ll be even______ (cold) colder tomorrow. 7. Who is the____ (good) in physics in your best class? 8. All the movie theaters are good, but the Big Screen Complex has __________________ (comfortable) the most comfortable seats. 9. I don’t want to go to Jack’s clothes store. worst It has the_____ (bad) clothes in creative most town. 10. What do you think is the____________

Test for class
? U3 self-check 知识清单Ⅲ 基础闯关Ⅰ 语法句型Ⅰ Ⅱ

Homework Unit 4 section A 知识清单 Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ 基础闯关 Ⅱ Ⅲ

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