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Unit 3

Teenagers should be allowed
to choose their own clothes.

根据短文内容,回答下面问题。 1. Are teenagers’ hobbies always good for the their schoolwork? No. Sometimes the hobbies can get ______________________________ in the way of schoolwork. _____________________________ 2. What might parents worry about? ______________________________ They might worry about their ________________ child’s success at school. 3. Where does Liu Yu come from? _______________________ He comes from Shandong.

4. Why don’t Liu Yu’s parents allow him to practice running every day? _______________________________ Because they want him to spend ____________________ time on his homework. 5. What does Liu Yu think he should be allowed to do? ______________________________ He thinks he should be allowed to ________________________ make decisions for himself.

Circle out following words and phrases.
Should I allowed to … get in the way of have nothing against the importance of (be) serious about spend time on (be) always doing have a chance of

Fill in the blanks.

1. Parents might _____________ their worry about child’s ________ at school. success 2. Teenagers often think they should be practice their hobbies allowed to________________________
as much as they want. 3. He is _____ his school running team. in

4. Liu Yu, has always wanted to be _____________ __________. a professional athlete 5. ___________________________ is Being a professional runner the only thing I have ever wanted to do. 6. Only then ______ I have a chance will

of ___________ _____________. achieving my dream

Change following sentences into passive voice.

1. My parents allow me to see film on Saturday.
I am allowed to see film on Saturday. 2. A loud voice woke us up early this morning. We were waken up by a loud voice early. 3. They are going to build new houses near the park. New houses are going to be built near the park.

1.She agree that teenagers are allowed to choose their own clothes. agree agrees are should be 2. Sixteen-year-olds should aren’t allowed to drive. aren’t not be


( )1. — ____ you ever ____ to Beijing? —Yes, I went there last year. A. Have; been B. Have; gone C. Will; go D. Are; going
ever意为“曾经”,常用在现在完成时的句子中 作状语。have been to ... 意为“去过某地(人已 回来)”;have gone to ... 意为“去了某地(人还 未回来)”。所以本题答案选A。

( )2. He's too young to look after ____ . A. herself B. himself C. myself D. yourself 当宾语和主语为同一人时,宾语常用反 身代词。本题的主语是he,它的反身代 词是himself,所以本题答案是 B。

( )3. ____ , we found the boy won the prize. A. In surprise B. To our surprise C. To one's surprise D. To his surprise
in surprise意为“惊奇地”; to one‘s surprise 意为“令某人惊奇的 是……”,句中的one’s应与主语

相一致。 本题主语为we,所以答案选B。

( )4. He shouted at the children ___all the noises. A. stopping making B. stopping to make C. to stop making D. to stop to make

题中所缺的部分应用动词不定式短语作 目的状语,故排除A、B两项。 stop to do sth. 表示“停下来去做某件事情”; 而stop doing sth. 表示“停止正在做的 事”。结合题意,本题答案为C。

( )5. You ____ to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do. A. needn't to come B. don't need come C. don't need coming D. don't need to come

need既可以作行为动词,也可以作情态动词。 作行为动词时,后面跟带to的动词不定式, 否定形式要借助于助动词do / does / did;而 作情态动词时,后面跟动词原形一起构成句 子谓语,其否定形式为needn't。从选项的结 构判断,只有D项是正确的。


1.Make a schedule for yourself and show it to your parents. 2.Find some information on a famous person and write an article about how they became successful.

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