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Foreign Language Department

Unit 10 I’m going to be a basketball player.

Section B

I. Analysis of the material II. Analysis of the students III.Teaching method IV.Teaching aids V. Teaching procedure VI.Blackboard design

I. Analysis of the material
Function and Status Teaching aims

Knowledge aim:
Key words: resolution, instrument, lots of, next year Master the way how to talk about future intentions

Ability aim:
Nurture the skills of listening reading and writing Further improve spoken English Develop their sense of language (most important)

Moral aim:
Form a good base of life-long study habit Learn to co-operate and communicate with the others Love the nature and enjoy the life


Analysis of the students

Immature Active Naughty Competitive Elastic

Adding Star Policy
Group2 Group3 ……

The group which acquires the most
stars is the winner.

Deficit Needs


Self-actualization Esteem Needs Belonging Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs elementary high in rank


Teaching method
Domestic teaching method


Three Dimensional Approach


Foreign teaching method Audio-lingual Method


Teaching method
Task-based Teaching Method


Task-based Reading Approach


Autonomous Learning Teaching Method

Cooperative Group Learning

IV. Teaching aids
Slides Pictures Flash Music Notebooks


Teaching procedure

Warming up

Music Presentation Summary Assignment

A. Warming up

B. Lead-in
Match the pictures with the New Year’s resolutions. Number the pictures .(1-4)

1 get good grades 3 eat healthier food

2 learn to play the piano 4 get a part-time job

C. Presentation

Listening activities
Speaking activities Reading activities Writing activities

Listening activities

Listening is the most common communicative activity in daily life: we can expect twice as much as we speak, four times more than we read, and five times more than we write. ____cited in Morley

Listening activities

Whilelistening: assign the listening task take down the notes Post-listening:

check the answers

Going to practice really hard

Going to study hard and do her homework everyday

Speaking activities

Group work
Make a list of other resolutions you want to make. Discuss with your group members. Each group is asked to make a presentation. Encourage the students to convey their opinions freely.

Reading activities

Task-based Reading Approach
assign the reading task

While-task: cooperative group learning

answer their questions
Useful reading skill: extensive reading

Writing activities

How to write a magazine article?
No power to speak without survey.

Do a survey first, then make a list of their friends’ New Year’s resolutions. Write a topic sentence. State their resolutions’ individually.

Peer-assessment of report
Items Item description A B C

Grammar Langue is correctly used in terms of tense, sentence structure, a

nd so on
Style Langue is formal in terms of choices of words and sentence of structures


Data is clearly presented and well discussed
Students arguments are clearly stated B—Not bad! C—Come on!



Key points
how to talk about future intentions


Difficult points
I’m going to be I want to be

F. Assignment
Search the web-pages and find famous people’s story to read. Write an English blog “My resolutions next year”.
My E-mail: tallwade @ 163.com

Related websites: www. mrrji. com

www. gushihui. com

Reward and Encouragement
Reward the group winners with notebooks, and encourage all the students at the same time. Show my expectation and trust them to do better next time.
No one is unwilling to be praised or encouraged.

Unit10 I’m going to be a basketball player. resolution instrument lots of next year What are you going to do next year? I’m going to get good grades. Sounds interesting. I want to get lots of exercise.

VI. Blackboard design

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