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Starter unit 1 Good morning !

1.good morning/afternoon/evening!早上好/下午好/晚上好!

2.How are you ?I am fine ,thanks.How are you?I am fine/OK/well!

Fine,thanks.And you?I am fine/OK/well,too.

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Starter unit 2 what is this in English ?

1.what is this in English? 这个用英语怎么说?

It is an orange.这是个橘子。

How do you spell it ?如何拼写?



What is that in English?那个用英语怎么说?

It is a jacket.那是件夹克衫。

Spell it ,please!请拼写出来!


Thank you .谢谢你。

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orange橘子 jacket夹克衫 key钥匙 quilt被子

Starter unit 3what color is it?

1.what is this ?这是什么?

It is a key.这是把钥匙。

Spell it ,please !请拼写!


what color is it?它是什么颜色的?

It is red.它是红色的。

What is that?那是什么

It is a quilt.那是一床被子。

How do you spell it?怎样拼写?


what color is it?那是什么颜色的?

It is black and white.它是黑白相间的。


X,Y,Z------------------------now you see, I can see my ABCs.

3.Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu

4.Be动词:am is are

5.冠词:a an the

Unit one my name is Gina.

1.What is your name ?你叫什么?

My name is Bob Green.我的名字是Bob Green What is your first name?你的名是什么?

My first name is Bob.我的名是鲍勃。

What is your last name ?你姓什么?

My last name is Green.我姓格林。

What is your phone number?你的电话号码是多少? It is 5867008.是5867008.

2.what is her name?她叫什么?

Her name is Fan Bingbing.她叫范冰冰。

What is her first name ?她的名是什么?

Her first name is Bingbing.她的名是冰冰。

What is her last name?她姓什么?

Her last name is Fan.她姓范。

What is her phone number?她的电话号码是多少? It is 6215436.是6215436.

3.what is his name?他叫什么?

His name is Yao Ming.他叫姚明。

What is his first name?她的名是什么?

His first name is Ming.他的名是明。

What is his last name?他姓什么?

His last name is Yao.他姓姚。

What is his telephone number?他的电话号码是多少? It is 7658321.是7658321.

4.Are you Bob?你是鲍勃吗?

Yes, I am.是的,我是。

Are you Kate?你是凯特吗?

No ,I am not.I am Alice.不,我不是。我是爱丽丝。 Is he jack?他是杰克吗?

Yes,he is.是的,他是。

Is he Bob?他是鲍勃吗?

No,he is not.不,他不是。

Is she Linda?她是琳达吗?

Yes ,she is.是的,她是。

Is she Cindy?她是辛蒂吗?

No,she is not.she is Grace.不,她不是。她是格蕾丝。

5.Nice to meet you.很高兴认识你!

Nice to meet you ,too.我也很高兴认识你! How do you do ?你好!

How do you do?你好!

6.hello,I am Alice Smith.你好,我是艾丽斯。史密斯! my first name is Alice,我叫艾丽斯,

my last name is Smith.我姓史密斯。

My telephone number is 5631428.我的电话号码是5631428.

I am a Chinese boy, 我是一个中国男孩

I am in Lvshui Middle School.我在绿水中学

I am a middle school student.我是一个中学生

My friend is Jack Brown.杰克。布朗是我的朋友

His first name is Jack,他叫杰克his last name is Brown.他姓布朗

His telephone number is 15881567850. 他的电话是15881567850

He is an English boy,他是一个英国男孩

he is in Lvshui Middle School,too.他也在绿水中学

Unit two this is my sister.

1.That is my family.那是我的家庭

This is my sister Jane.这是我的姐姐 简

That is my brother Jack.这是我的哥哥 杰克

This is his father.这是他的爸爸

That is her mother.这是她的妈妈

Those are my parents.那是我的父母

These are my grandparents.这是我的祖父母

He is my cousin.他是我的堂兄

She is my cousin,too.她是我的表妹

She is my aunt.他是我的阿姨

He is my uncle.他是我的叔叔

I am my father’s son.我是我爸爸的儿子

My sister is my parents’ daughter.我的姐姐是我父母的女儿

2.who is he ?她是谁?

He is my father.他是我爸爸

Who are they ?他们是谁?

They are my parents.他们是我的父母。

<<My family>> 我的家

I have a happy family. 我有一个幸福的家。

There are four people in my family, 我家有四个人,

they are my grandma,my father, my mother and I. 他们是我的奶奶,爸爸和妈妈。 My grandma is seventy years old, 奶奶今年70岁了,

she is old and thin, she like watchimg TV. 她很老了,也很瘦,她喜欢看电视。 My father is forty years old,爸爸今年40岁了,

he is a engineer, he is tall and strong, 他是一个工程师,他个子高高的,很强壮, he like read and run. 他喜欢看书和跑步。

My mother is thirty-eight years old, she is beautiful, 妈妈今年38岁了,我妈妈很漂亮, she like music and read. 他喜欢音乐和读书。

They love me very much. 他们都很爱我。

I love my family very much. 我爱我的家。

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