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一、找出与划线部分意思相同或相近的词或词组(5分) ( )1. — How are you? — — I’m Ok.

A. How do you do B. How old are you

C. How are you D. Where are you from

( ) 2. — How do you spell it? — M— A— P. map. — Thank you — A. Thank you B. You’re right C. You are welcome D. That’s right ( ) A. picture B. potato C. book D. cap (

A. different B. like C. at D. for ( ) 5. — How are you? — I’ A. fine B. well C. good D. A and B 二、你能从Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏中各自的小伙伴吗?(10分) Ⅰ ( ) 6. Is that a bus? ( ) 7. Who’s that? ( )8. How do you do? ( )9. Is your car red? ( )10. What color is it? ( )11. Where is Kangkang from? ( )12. Welcome to Beijing. ( )13. Are you Miss Wang? ( )14. Whose pants are these? ( )15. What does Steve look like?

A. They are his. B. It’s green. C. That’s Sam. D. No, it isn’t. It’s a car. E. How do you do? F. Thank you.

G. He is short and he has blond hair. H. Yes, I am. I. He is from China. J. No, it is black .

三、你能选出最佳答案吗?(30分 ( ) 16. — _____ you Kate?

— Yes, I _____ . And this ______ Sally.

A. Are ; am ; is B. Am ; is ; is C. Is ; are ; am D. Is ; are ; is ( ) 17. — Nice to see you.

— _____ .

A. I’m fine , thanks. B. How do you do ?

C. Nice to see you, too D. Nice to meet you

( ) 18. — _____ he? — He is Jim.

A. What’s B. Where’s C. Who’s D. Whose ( ) 19. I’m Jim Green. I’m from America. Green is my _____.

A. full name B. family name C. given name D. first name ( ) 20. This is my teacher, Miss Li. _____ telephone number is 2471567. A. She B. Her C. Hers D. Your ( ) 21. — Is Han Mei from Beijing? — ______ .

A. Yes, she’s B. Yes , she is C. No, he isn’t D. Yes ,he’s

( ) 22. — Where ______ they from? — The USA.

A. is B. am C. are D. be ( )23. — Where is Linda from?



相信自己,To be NO.1



— ______ is from America.

A. He B. She C. They D. Her ( )24. — _______ ?

— I’m thirteen.

A. How are you B. How old are you

C. How do you do D. How do you spell it

( )25. Tom is a boy . He’s in _______ .

A. grade Seven , class Two B. Grade Seven, Class Two

C. Class Two, Grade Seven D. class two, grade seven

( )26. — is it an orange?

— ______ , It’s ______ egg.

A. Yes ; an B. No ; an C. No ; a D. Yes ; a ( ) 27. — What are these?

— _______ are books.

A. It B. Those C. They D. These ( )28. — Are these toys?

— ______ They are cakes.

A. Yes . they are B. No, they aren’t C. Yes , it is D. No , they are ( )29. — _______ — They are erasers.

A. What are these? B. Are they erasers? C. What’s this ? D. What’s that? ( ) 30. — ______ — Yes , P- E- N, pen.

A. How do you spell“pen”? B. Can you spell“pen”?

C. Is this a pen ? D. What’s this in English?

( ) 31. —What’s this in English?

— It’s ______ apple.

A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 ( ) 32. — Who’s that? — ______ is Michael.

A. He B. That C. This D. She ( ) 33. — I’m in Class 3 .

— I’m in Class 3 , too. We’re in _______ class.

A. same B. different C. the same D. a same ( ) 34. This is a big car , but that is a small _______ .

A. cars B. it C. bus D. one ( ) 35. LiLei and Li Jun ______ big noses.

A. has B. have C. are D. is ( ) 36. This cat is small . It ______ small _______.

A. Have ; eyes B. has ; ear C. has , eye D. has ; eyes ( ) 37. —Who is your favorite star?

—Zhou Xing chi . He’s ______ .

A. China B. Chinese C. English D. American ( ) 38. — Do you have an eraser?

— No, I ______ one.

A. have B. doesn’t have C. don’t have D. doesn’t has ( ) 39. We are in ______ school .but we are in ______ grades. A. different ; the same B. the same ; different

C. different ; same D. same ; different ( ) 40. The boy ______ three ______ .

A. has ; knives B. has ; knife C. have knives D. have knife ( ) 41. — What color is your pen? — ______ .

A. It’s nice B. It’s brown C. It’s big D. It’s an orange ( ) 42. — please give this book to Jane.

— ______ , I ______ her.

A. OK ; I don’t know B. Sorry ; I don’t know

C. Sorry ; I know D. Excuse me , I don’t know.

( )43. — ______ ,

— He is short.

A. How is he? B. What does he Like?

C. What does he look like? D. What does she look like? ( ) 44. — Are these clothes _______ ? — No , they’re _______ ?



相信自己,To be NO.1



A. your ; Peter’s B. yours ; Peter’s C. yours ; Peters D. yours ;Peter ( )45. — Is this ______ cap? — Yes , I think it’s ______ .

A. his ; him B. him ; him C. his ; his D. him , his 四、完形填空。(10分)


is David . I’a student . I’name is Dale. He is 13 . He’’s mom. She is our English are you from? Tell me, Please .

( ) 46. A. what B. When C. How D. where ( )47. A. book B. teacher C. student D. name ( )48. A. am B. is C. are D. 不填 ( )49. A. at B. in C. to D. from

( )50. A. name B. book C. number D. class ( )51. A. 不填 B. be C. am D. is ( )52. A. My B. Your C. His D. Her

( )53. A. America B. Canada C. Japan D. China ( )54. A. It B. They C. This D. That

( )55. A. Who B. How C. Where D. When 五、阅读理解(25分)



I’m a girl . I’m twelve years old. I’m a student. I come from Canada . I have a round face , big eyes , a small nose and a small mouth , I have a good friend. His name is Liu Jun. He is Chinese. He is twelve , too. He has a long face , small eyes, a big nose and a small mouth . We are in the same grade, but in different classes . ( )56. I’m eleven years old .

( )57. I have a Chinese friend.

( )58.My eyes are big and my face is round. ( )59.He has a big nose and a big mouth.

( )60.We are in the same class, but in different grades. B

Jack is my friend. He is from Canada. He is 12. He is tall. He has a round face, two big blue eyes and a wide mouth. His hair is short and blond. Yellow and white are his favorite colors. He is often in a yellow T-shirt, white pants and yellow shoes. He looks very cool. He likes football(足球). David Beckham is his favorite football star(明星). He thinks Beckham is very cool. He likes cats, too. Look! Whose cats are those? Yes, they’re Jack’s.

根据材料内容选择正确答案。(10分) ( ) 61. Jack is from _________.

A. China B. Jack C. America D. Canada ( ) 62. What does Jack look like?

A. He has a long face B. He has two big ears C. He has a wide mouth D. He has short brown hair ( ) 63. What color does Jack like?

A. Blue and white B. Blue and red C. Yellow and white D. Yellow and red ( )64. __________ is his favorite star.

A. Yao Ming B. Sun Yang C. Michael Jordan D. David Beckham ( ) 65. 下面的陈述哪一项是正确的?

A. Jack is thirteen. B. Jack looks cool. C. Jack doesn’t like cats. D. Jack doesn’t have friends.


Hello, my name is Wang Hao. I’m twelve years old. I’m in Xingxing Middle School(中学). I’m in Class Three, Grade Seven. My English name is Tim. Miss Han is my English teacher. She is from Beijing, China. She is a good teacher.



相信自己,To be NO.1



Jane and Mark are my good friends. Jane is from England, and Mark is from America. We are in the same school. Jane is thirteen years old. She is in Class Eight, Grade Seven. Her QQ number is 304268678, and 4553-9067 is her telephone number. Her father, Jack, is in China now. He is an English teacher at Beijing No. 6 Middle School. Mark is twelve years old. He is in Class One, Grade Seven. His father isn’t in China now.

根据材料内容选择正确答案。(10分) ( )66. Wang Hao’s English name is ________. A. Jane B. Mark C. Tim D. Jack ( ) 67. Jane comes from ________.

A. China B. Canada C. England D. America ( ) 68. 4553-9067 is ________.

A. Mark’s QQ number B. Jane’s telephone number C. Mark’s telephone number D. Jane’s QQ number ( )69. Mark is in _________, Grade Seven.

A. Class One B. Class Three C. Class Seven D. Class Eight ( ) 70. 下面的陈述哪一项是正确的? A. Tim’s English teacher is from Beijing, China. B. Tim and Mark are in the same class C. Jane and Tim are 13 years old D. Mark’s father is in China now 六.写作.(20分)

第一节 词的适当形式填空。(5分)

71. Her ____________(ear) are small and her hair is short. 72. Our English teacher ____________ (have) a car. 73. Da Ming and I __________ (be) from China. 74. — Is this coat _____________ ? (you) — Yes, it’s mine.

75. — Whose pants are these? — They’re _____________.(Lily)

第二节 将句子中汉语部分译成英语。(5分) 76. He is in ____________(年级) Seven. 77. They are twelve ______________.(公共汽车) 78. — What does she look like?

— She has big eyes and _____________(长的) hair. 79. I _______________(来自) England.

80. Lucy and Lily ___________________.(看起来一样)

第三节 书面表达。(10分)


Hello, everyone!




( )1.Thanks your help.

A、at B、for C、of ( )2. are his brothers.

A、That B、It C、These ( )3.That is ruler.

A、a her B、she C

、her ( )4.This is eraser.

A、an B、a C、the ( )5.What’s this English?

A、for B、in C、of




相信自己,To be NO.1


( )6.-Is this your mother?

- . This is my aunt.

A、No, it is B、No, it isn’t C、Yes, it is ( )7.My father’s mother is my .

A、aunt B、sister C、grandmother ( )8.Jim is his name.

A、first B、last C、family ( )9.How do you spell it?

A、It’s a ruler B、A ruler C、R―U―L―E―R ( )10.―Is that a backpack? ― .

A、Yes, it’s B、No, it is C、No, it isn’t ( )11.Tom and Jack are good .

A、friend B、friends C、brother ( )12.―Are these your friends? ―Yes, .

A、they are B、these are C、they’re ( )13.His name is Tony Hand. His name is Hand. A、family B、first C、number ( )14.―Is this her computer? ― .

A、No, it’s his computer B、No, it’s a TV C、Yes, it’s my computer

( )15.Those oranges on the desk. A、are B、is C、am 二、完型填空(10分)

I have a happy family. Look! Here is a 16 of my family. The boy in bed is 17. I am 18 English boy. My 19 is Peter. I am eleven years old. This is my sister. Her name is Kate. 20 is nine years old now. Kate and I are students now. We are 21 the same school. 22 are my father and mother. My father is a teacher. How old is my father? He is forty. My mother is 23 nice. She cooks(做饭) for us every 24. We all 25 her so much. We are a happy family.

( ) 16. A. room B. ruler C. paper D. photo ( ) 17. A. him B. me C. boy D. my friend ( ) 18. A. an B. the C. this D. a

( ) 19. A. class B. school C. name D. number ( ) 20. A. They B. It C. He D. She ( ) 21. A. in B. on C. of D. to ( ) 22. A. This B. These C. It D. She ( ) 23. A. such B. very C. much D. please ( ) 24. A. day B. year C. hour D. minute

( ) 25. A. meet B. take C. love D. call 三、阅读理解( 30分) A


( )26.Lucy lost her .

A、book B、ruler C、dictionary ( )27.Lucy’s phone number is . A、four eight two seven three six nine

B、four eight seven two three seven nine C、four eight two three seven six nine

( )28. found a set of keys. A、Lucy B、Tony C、Nick ( )29.Lucy is .

A、twelve B、eleven C、thirteen ( )30.Tony’s telephone number is . A、687-5143 B、768-1543 C、867-5143 B Mr. Brown isn’t an old man. But he has a big family. There are six people in his family. They are his parents, his wife, his son and daughter.

Mr. Brown’s father is from Canada. His mother is from America. They don’t work now. They are at home every day. Mr. Brown works in a TV factory (工厂) and his wife is an English teacher. Their children-Kate and Mike are students. Mike’s grandpa and grandma are under the tree. They are very happy. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)(10分)

( )31.Mr. Brown is old and has a big family. ( )32.Mr. Brown has two children.

( )33.Mr. Brown’s parents come from the same(相同) country(国家). ( )34.Mr. Brown’s wife is a worker. ( )35.Mr. Brown’s daughter is Kate. C

Look! I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s




相信自己,To be NO.1


in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It is not my pencil.

Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number. 根据短文内容, 回答下列问题(10分) 36、What color is the pencil case?

__________________________________________________________________ 37、Who has (有) a pencil?

__________________________________________________________________ 38、What is in the lost and found case?

__________________________________________________________________ 39、Is that girl Lucy?

___________________________________________________________________ 40、What’s Tim’s telephone number?

___________________________________________________________________ 四、从右边选出最佳答案填入左边各句题前括号内。(10分)

( ) 1. Good afternoon. A. Yes, R-U-L-E-R. ( ) 2. How are you? B. Yes, he is.

( ) 3. What’s this in English? C. No, it isn’t. ( ) 4. Can you spell ruler? D. Red. ( ) 5. What color are the apples? E. I’m OK.

( ) 6. What’s her name? F. Good afternoon. ( ) 7. Is this your pencil? G. Green. ( ) 8. Is he your brother? H. Yes, I am ( ) 9. Are you Gina? I. Jenny Smith.

( ) 10. What’s your last name? J. It’s an alarm clock. 五、按要求写出下列单词(共10分)

⒈I am (缩略形式) __________⒉ are not (缩略形式) __________ ⒊ My name is(缩略形式___________ ⒋ this (对应词) ___________ ⒌ yes (反义词) ___________ ⒍ girl(对应词) ___________ ⒎ phone (同义词) ___________⒏ two (同音词) ___________ ⒐ they ’ re (完全形式) ___________⒑your(人称代词主格) ________ 六、根据首字母提示或所给中文写出单词(共10分)

1. Sammi is from England . She ’ s E ____________ . 2. This is ____________ (他的) backpack. 3. Is this your __________________ (字典)? 4.This is a set of __________(钥匙)

5. Your ____________ (手表) is on the desk. 6. P____________call Alan at 3691359.

7. _____________ (怎么样) do you spell that?

8. Excuse me, is this your ID_____________(身份证)?

9. Is _____________ (那个) your backpack?

⒑ How old is the boy ? He ’ s ____________(8岁).

A: Excuse 1 , Tony. Is this your 2 ? B: Yes, thank 3 . And that’s my pencil. A: Tony, what’s this? B: It is 4 eraser.. A: What 5 is it? B: It’s white.

1. 2 . 3 . 4. 5 . 八、完成句子,每空一词 (20分 每空一分) 1.它是什么颜色?它是白色。

________ ________ ______ it ? It’s _______. 2.这是什么?这是电子游戏。

________ this? It’s _______ ________ ________. 3.钥匙在失物招领箱里吗?

Is _______ ______ in the ________and ________ case? 4. 请在早上打电话给大卫,电话号码是5516131?

_______ _______ David _______ 5516131 in the_______. 5.这是我的表妹, 这些是我的祖父母。

This ______my ______. And ______ are my ______. 九、句型转换。每空一词。(10分)

1. That is a backpack. (对划线部分提问) _________ that in English?

2. Her pencil is green. (对划线部分提问 _________ _________ is her pencil?

3. This is her ruler. ( 改为一般疑问句) 4. Is that a ring? (作否定回答) her ruler ? ____, _____ __________. 5. His phone number is 5156879(划线提问) ________ _______ his phone number? 十、写作(10分) 根据所学内容,以“My Family” 为题向你的同学介绍你的家庭,你的家庭成员中应有:爷爷、奶奶、爸爸、妈妈、一个叔叔、一个姑姑、两个表弟、一个表妹。(50字左右)。


第二部分 基础知识运用




相信自己,To be NO.1


五 选择正确答案。(每题一分,共30分) ( )21.— Hello,Jim. — ________.

A.Yes B.Thank you C.Hello,Kate D.Yes,Kate ( )22.What’s this ? It’s a hat.

A.in the English B.in English C.for English D.at English ( )23.— Can you see the ______? — Sorry, I can’t see them.

A. tree B. Chinese books C. English book D. apple ( )24.— What’s her family name? — ___________.

A. Jenny B. Linda C. Eric D. Brown ( )25.The jacket is ___________.

A. a black B. black C. an black D. the black ( )26.— _____ is this pen? — It is white.

A. What’s B. What name C. What’s color D. What color ( )27.— ______, please. — K-E-Y.

A. What’s this B. Spell it C. Can you spell it D. What is it ( )28.— What’s this? — It is .

A. an ID card B. a orange C. ruler D. an UFO ( )29.— How ______ Jack? — He is fine.

A. are B. is C. am D. / ( )30.— Hi, I ____ Tony. _____ you Helen?

— Yes, I am.

A. am, Am B. am, Is C. am, Are D. is, Are ( )31.— How are you? — Fine, thank you.______?

A. Too B. How do you do C. And you D. How old are you ( )32.The map is _____________________.

A. white, green, blue B. white and green and blue C. white, green and blue ( )33.I am ________ , I am an English boy.

A.Tony Brown B.Brown Tony C.Gina Green D.Green Gina

( )34._______ name is Mark and ________ name is Liza.

A.His,she’s B.Her,her C.His,her D.Her,his ( )35.— Sit down,please.

— ________.

A.Yes B.No C.Fine D.Thank you ( )36. 英文中的五个元音字母分别是_________.

A. Aa,Ii,Uu,Vv,Ww B.Aa,Ee,Ii,Oo,Uu C.Aa,Ee,Ii,Oo,Yy D.Aa,Ii,Oo,Uu,Rr

( )37.–Is this your sister? -Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it’s C. she’s D. she is ( )38. This _____ my brother. ______ is my friend.

A. is, She B .isn’t, He C. isn’t, She D. are, He ( )39. Kate and I ______ sisters.

A. is B. am C. are D. am not ( )40. –Is he your brother? -No, _________.

A, she isn’t B. he isn’t C. she is D. he is ( )41. Please help ______ .

A. my B. its C. her D. your ( )42. Your backpack is nice. -_____________-.

A. Thanks B. Where C. OK D. Thanks you

( )43. It’s _______ orange. It’s _______ yellow orange.

A. a, an B. an, a C. a, the D. a red, a red ( )44. Hello, My name’s _________.

A. Li Jingteng B li Jingteng C. Li jingteng D. Li Jing Teng ( )45.–What’s his phone number? -_______ 257-6890.

A. Its B. That’s C. It’s D. His ( )46. My name is

A. Alan miller B. Alan Miller C. alan Miller D. Tom smith ( )47. name is Gina and name is Tony

A. His, his B. His, her C. Its ,her D. Her, his ( )48. My name is Jim Brown, Jim is my name, and Brown is my _____ name . A. last, first B. last, last C. first, last D.first,first ( )49. Eight and two is .

A. six B. ten C. sixteen D.nine ( )50. 一Sit down,P1ease. 一_________.

A.I’m fine B.OK C.Yes D.Thank you 六.完形填空(每题2分,一共30分)





相信自己,To be NO.1


This is Alice White . She is from Canada . She is twelve 51 old . She is 52 Class Eight , Grade Seven . She has big eyes and long hair . 53 mother is 54 English teacher . She has a sister . She is a student , 55 . They are in the same school but in different classes.

( )51 A.years B .month C .year ( )52.A. in B . from C . at ( ) 53.A. He B. His C . Her

( ) 54.A. an B . a C . the ( ) 55.A. to B . and C. too


This boy is Peter Smith. His 56 name is Peter. His 57 name is Smith. This is 58 school. His school __59__ number is 20048567. His teacher is Miss White. Miss White is _60__ good teacher. Li Min is a Chinese boy. 61 is his good __62___at school. Look! _63__ a pencil sharpener. 64 that her pencil sharpener ? Let’s__65____ Li Min at 495-6548.

( ) 56.A.first B. family C. last ( ) 57. A. first B. good C. last ( ) 58. A. you B. that C. his ( ) 59. A. computer B. name C. ID card ( ) 60. A. a B. the C. an

( ) 61. A. He B. It C. She ( ) 62. A. father B. friend C. boy

( ) 63. A. What’s B. This’ s C. That’s ( ) 64. A. Are B. Is C. Am ( ) 65. A. call B. ask C. get 四.阅读理解(每题2分,共 20 分 ) (A)根据表格内容,选择正确答案。

( )66. Brown is family name.

A. Jack’s B. Eric’s C. Alice’s D. Linda’s

( )67. What’s Alice’s telephone number?

A. 299-2321. B. 551-1567. C. 660-5117. D. 443-1998.

( )68. is Linda’s family name.

A. Brown B. Smith C. Hand D. Green ( )69. telephone number is 551-1567.

A. Jack’s B. Eric’s C. Alice’s D. Linda’s ( )70. 下面哪项陈述是错误的?

A. Smith is Eric’s family name. B. 299-2321 is Jack’s phone number. C. Linda’s telephone number is 299-2322. D. Alice is a girl.

(B) 根据短文选择正确答案。

I’m Tom. This is a pencil case. It’s orange. It’s my pencil case. What’s in the pencil case? A ruler is in the pencil case. It is my ruler. The ruler is blue and red. That is a pencil. It is black and white. It isn’t my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy. It is her pencil. That boy is Tim. I found(发现) his green pen in the pencil case. I call Tim at 7890003. It is his telephone number. ( ) 71. What color is the pencil case?

A. It’s orange. B. It’s blue and red. C. It’s green. ( )72. I am Tom. That is not my_________.

A. pencil B. pencil case C. ruler ( )73. ________ has (有) a pencil.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )74. _______ found the pen in the pencil case.

A. Tom B. Lucy C. Tim

( )75. Is Tim’s (蒂姆的)telephone number 7890003?

A. Yes. B. No. C. OK.


A: 1 !What’s 2 name ?

B: 3 name is Li Lei . A: 4 are you ?

B: I’m 5 , 6 .What’s your name , 7 ? A: Mr Green .

B. Can you 8 it ,please ? A: 9 ,G-R-E-E-N, Green . B: How old 10 you ?




相信自己,To be NO.1


A: Ah ,it’s a secret (秘密). ( )5 There are 4 people in Tom`s family.

二.用所给单词的适当形式填空,每空一词。(5分) B)阅读对话内容,完成下列各题。(5分)

1. Here are some (orange) for you. A. My name is Kate Green.

2. His name is Jim Brown. Jim is his __________(one) name. B. Hello! I’m Jim Moore. What’s your name?

3. What’s ___________(it) name? It’s Jimmy. It’s _______(I) cat. C. Nice to meet you, Kate.

D. It’s 558-8065.

4. She’s an ____________(England) girl. E.. Nice to meet you, too.


1. What colors are the________(图片)? F What’s your phone number, Kate?

2. Is this your _________(叔叔)? 1. 给这些句子排排队。(1分)

3. Can you help me, (请)? 2.根据对话内容,填出Kate的身份卡。(4分)

4. — Who can (拼写)_________ this word? — I can. 5. It is my ______(被子).

四.补全对话(每空一词,注意字母的大小写,10分) Full Name_______________ A: Hello! What’s your name? First name_________________ B: My full name is Jack Green. Last name________________

A: _____1_ Lucy Smith. _____2 are you?

B: I’m fine, thanks. And you? Telephone number_____________________ A: I’m fine too. Is this 3 family 4 ?

B: Yes,it is.And this 5 my sister, Lily. These are my 6 (表哥),Tony and

Mike. 六.写作(10分)

A:Oh, really? _____7__ they students? 用英语介绍自己及家人的情况。

B:Yes,they are good students. A: ____8___ me, what’s this in English on the desk? 注意书写工整美观,语言不少于六句话。 B: It’s a dictionary.

A: ___9___ it, please?

B: D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y.

A: 10 very much.

B:It’s my pleasure.


A阅读短文,根据内容判断正误。(正确的用“A”,错误的用“B”)(5分)This is a map of 五、单项选择(共30小题;每小题1分,满分30分) Tom`s family.This man is Mr Smith.He is Tom`s father.This woman is Mrs Smith.She ( )1.根据字母表,下面_____组中的字母的前后顺序是正确的。 is Tom`s mother.Who are this boy and this girl? The boy is Tom,Mr Smith`s son. The A.yuv B.orh C.eks D.dea girl is Kate,Mr Smith`s daughter.Kate is Tom`s sister.Tom and Kate are brother and ( )2下面_____组中字母均是辅音字母。 sister. A.a c h B. r s t C.u v w D. o f e

( )1 This is a map of Tom`s family. ( )3.下列大写字母中都是两笔写成的是_____ 组。

( )2 Mrs Smith is Tom`s father. A QPB B.ORT C.XTZ D.SWY

( )3 Tom is Kate`s sister. ( )4.下列说法中,哪个句子是不正确的?


( )4 Kate is Tom`s sister. B.英语中句首单词的第一个字母要大写。



相信自己,To be NO.1

只要你把这些试卷都做了,弄懂了的话、11月的月考,绝对在90分以上! 9

C.英语中句号的书写要用实点。 D.单词I 只有在句首时大写。

( )5.我们用_____表示长度单位米,用_____表示毫米。

A.m, cm B. cm, m C. mm, cm D.m, mm.

( )6.你与对方初次见面并听到对方说: “Nice to meet you.”时,你应说:

A. Hello! How are you? B. Nice to meet you, too C. How do you do?

( )7.当你不认识某物时,应该用英语向别人问:

A.What’s this? B.What this is? C.This is what? ( )8 .你想知道别人的电话号码,应问:

A.What's your name?

B.My telephone number is 332-0549. C.What's your telephone number? D.It's 332-0549

( )9.This is____ mother,and _____name is Mary.

A.her,she B.my,her C.your,his D.his,his ( )10. _____jacket is green and _____jaket is white.

A.My,yours B.My,you C.My,her D.I,you ( )11.What color is it? . ______

A.A red B.Red C.The red D.An red ( )12.---What's this in English? ---______ .

A.This is a eraser B.This is an eraser C.It's eraser D.It's an eraser ( )13.This is______ pencil.

A.a my B.my a C.my D.an ( )14.What's your name? ________

A.My name Alice. B.I'm Alice.

C.I Alice. D.I name's Alice. ( )15.---Come in,please. ---________

A.Thank. B.Thanks. C.Thanks you. D.Thank your. ( )16.________.Nice to meet you.

A.How are you? B.I'm Eric. C.Me,too. D.What's this? ( )17.______ !This is my pen.

A.Look B.Look at C.Ask D.Answer ( )18.I'm fine,_______ ?

A.thanks B.thank you C.and you D.thanks you ( )19.---What two and six? 一--______eight.

A. are; They are B. is; It's C. is; Its D. are; It's ( )20.---Hello! I'm Mary. ----____________. A. Hi, Mary! I'm Bob

B. Hi, Mary! What's your name? C. Hi, Mary! Fine, thank you. D. What's this?

( )21.--_____you Kate Green?

---No, my name____ Mary Green.

A. Is; am B. Are, is C. Are, am ( )22.______ is English.____name is Alice.

A. She; She B. She; Her C. Her; She D. Her; Her

( )23. In the USA, the______is behind(在?的后面)the_______ A. first name; last name B. last name; family name C. family name;last name D. family name; first name ( )24.----My name's Gina! ----Hi,Gina!_________

A. Nice to meet you B. Thank you C. I'm sorry D. I'm fine ( )25. This is ____ ID card. It's not ______card

A. a; your B. an; you C. a; you D. an; your B.从题后方框中选择怡当的句子完成对话,只填番号.

A: Hello! I'm Kim Brown. I'm your English teacher. 26 B: My name is Li Ming,Miss Kim.

A:Oh, no. Brown is my family name. 27 B,Sorry,Miss Brown. Nice to meet you! A: 28

B: My telephone number is 929-31. 29 . A: It's 278-79.Oh,what's this? B: 30 A :It's nice.


Mary Smith 1 a girl. 2 is a student. 3 is 4 family name and Mary is her 5 name. Her 6 number is 806-8027 and her ID card number 7 8283928655. Her mother 8 a worker(工人). She and 9 mother 10 in China(中国) now(现在). ( )1. A. am B. are C. is D. aren't ( )2. A. she B. She C. He D. I

( )3.A. Mary B. Smith C. Mary Smith D. Smith Mary ( )4. A. her B, she C. she's D. his ( )5. A. family B. last C. middle D. first ( )6. A. phone B. ID C. bus D. card ( )7. A. is B. am C. are D. am not ( )8. A. are B. is C. am D. aren't ( )9. A. her B. Her C. his D. His




相信自己,To be NO.1


( )10. A. be B. am C. is D. are ( )10. _______is in the photo.

B篇 A. Li Lei B. Jim Green’ Look at the lost and found case. 1 that ? It’s 2 eraser. I think(认为) it’s C. His father D. Liu Yongjun his 3 . And I lost a 4 of 5 . I write a notice :If (如果) 6 find (发现)the

keys, please 7 me 8 555-6741. 9 name is Maggie White. 10 you! 八、根据首字母完成句子。( 5分)

( )1. A.What B.It’s C.What’s 1.Nice to m________ you.

( )2. A.the B.a C.an 2.This is a q___________ (被子).

( )3. A.case B.eraser C.keys 3.Can you a___________ the question?

( )4. A.gold B.set C.nice 4.What's h_________ name? Grace.

( )5. A.eraser B.cases C.keys 5.Please l_________ (看)at the boy.

( )6. A.I B.you C.he 6. “10”is a n__________ (数字).

( )7. A.call B.meet C.found 7.What's the E__________ for “beizi”?

( )8. A.in B.on C.at 8.It's z___________(零) .

( )9. A. My B.His C.Her 9.It's e____________ (八).

( )10. A.See B.Thank C.Meet 10.This is an o___________(橘子) .

七、阅读理解(共10小题.每小题2分,满分20分) 九、指出下列缩略语的含义:(共5分)

A篇:读下面这段短文,判断句子的正误。注意:正确填A,错误填B 1.UFO________________________ 2.UN______________________________

His first name is Jim. His last name is Green. His phone number is three-seven-six, 3.NBA____________________________ 4.HB_______________________________ five-five-o-three. Her first name is Mary. Her last name is Smith. Her phone number 5.BBC_____________________________

is two-eight-one, o-five-nine-four.

( )1. His first name is Green.

( )2. Her last name is Smith. B卷(50分)

( )3. His last name is Green.

( )4. Her phone number is 2810594. 一、根据汉语提示完成句子(10分,每空0.5分)

( )5. His phone number is 3765053. 1.你的学生证号码是多少?

_______your ID _______ _______?

B篇:阅读并选择正确答案 2. 它是一把钥匙。请拼写出来。

Hello! I'm Jim Green. I'm English. This is my mother. Her first name is Mary. This _______ ________ key. ______ _______ , please.

is my father. His first name is Steve. My telephone number is 760-9176. My friend is 3.赵是你的姓。

Li Lei. His English name is Paul. He is Chinese. His telephone number is 281-5248. Zhao is your_______ _______

Look at the photo(照片). Who's that in the photo? It's my Chinese teacher. His name 4.他的电话号码是0538-6277865.

is Liu Yongjun. He is a good teacher. His _______ _________ is 0538-6277865.

( )6. What's my first name? 5. 格雷斯,晚上好。

A. Jim. B. Green. __________ __________, Grace.

C. Jim Green. D. Green Jim.‘ 6. 这件夹克是黄色的。

( )7. My father's last name is______ This jacket _______ _________ .

A. Jim B. Steve 7. 请拨打453-8641给大卫。

C. Green D. Mary Please __________ David __________ 453-8641.

( )8. My telephone number is______ 8. 你的游戏机在失物招领橱里。

A.760-9176 B.687-9716 Your computer game is in the _______ and ______ case.

C.706-9671 D.607-9176 二.补全对话: (每空一词,10分)

( )9. What's Li Lei's English name? A: Hello, Tom. How are you?

A. Mary. B.Paul. B: I’m fine, (1)_____. And you?

C. Jim. D. Lei. A: I’m OK.(2)________ me, (3)______this in English?

B: It’

s a (4)____________.



相信自己,To be NO.1

只要你把这些试卷都做了,弄懂了的话、11月的月考,绝对在90分以上! 11

A: Is it your backpack? B: Yes,(5)________ (6)________. A: And What is that in (7)_____________? Is it a pen? B :No, it (8)_________. It’s a pencil. A: (9)______do you (10)________ it? B:P-E-N-C-I-L. 三、用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,完成短文(10分) a, English, Jim, spell,color, I, dictionary, name, it, last Hello!My 1 is Jim Smith. My first name is 2 , and Smith is

4 am 5 English boy. What’s that over there? Oh, it’s my 6 7 dictionary. I like 8 very much. What 9 is it? It’s red. Can you dictionary? Yes, D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y. 四、阅读理解(10分):A篇(5分) 根据短文内容,选择正确的答案,并将其代号填入题前括号里(10分) Many(许多) English people(人) have three names, a first a last name (or a family name) . For example(例如use(用) Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss before their first names. People should(应当) use before their family names. But in China, people use Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Miss before their first is his family name, and "Tao" is his given name(名). ( )1. My name is James Allan Green. Which(哪一个) is my family name? _________. A. James. B. Allan. C. Green. D. Allan Green. ( )2. If(如果) his name is Lin Tao, which is his family name? ______. A. Lin. B. Tao. C. Lin Tao. D. Zhang.

( )3. We use (使用)"Mr." before (在... .之前)_____ in the name "James Allan A. James B. Allan C. James Allen D. Green

( )4. In China, we use "Mrs. " before ______ in the name "Wang Ping". A. Wang B. Ping C. Lin D. Tao ( )5. Which sentence(句子) is right(正确的)? _________. A. In English names, the first name is the family name. B. In Chinese names, the first name is the family name. C. In English names, the middle name is the family name. D. In Chinese names, the last name is the family name. B.任务型阅读:根据所提供的材料和要求,完成下例任务。(5分)


Peter: I lost a gold watch. If(如果) you find it, call me at 680-7432.

Jim: I found a computer game. My phone number is 512-8843. Henry: I lost a set of keys. Who (谁)found them, please call 476-3539. Sam: I found a notebook with the name “Kenvin Clark”. My phone number is Lost & Found



相信自己,To be NO.1

只要你把这些试卷都做了,弄懂了的话、11月的月考,绝对在90分以上! 12

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