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八年级上册 英语测试(一)


— Never. it?"asks the teacher again. "Oh, I don't want it to work ," A、How often B、How long C、How much D、how often answers Li Ming. "If all of us are late for school, do you like

班级 姓名 学生得分 it?" says the teacher. "Oh, that's great! There will be

一、填空题。(请在横线上填写正确答案,每小题2分,共12分) 1、The weather so bad yesterday. 2、A: Hi, Tim. Where did you go vacation? B: I went to Duyun.

3、I bought a hat my father last Sunday. 4、A: How do you watch TV? B: I never watch TV.

5、A: What do you usually do weekends? B: I always stay with my family. 6、I hardly go to the movies.

二、单选题。(请将正确选项填至括号中,每小题2分,共28分) ( )1、—Kate, I'm going to work , please look after well. —Ok, Mon, I will.

A、herself B、myself C、yourself D、himself ( ) 2、—Where did you go last month, Jack? —I went to .

A、anywhere interesting B、interesting somewhere C、somewhere interesting D、nowhere interesting ( ) 3、Most of the students enjoy junk food very much. A、eat B、have C、like D、eating ( )4、I to Zunyi last Sunday.

A、gone B、go C、goes D、went ( )5、Tom and Jack will go to the movies Sunday. A、at B、in C、of D、on ( )6、— does she go shopping?

( ) 7、He often comes school very early, so he is late for school.

A、ever B、hardly ever C、often D、always ( ) 8、What do you do after school?

A、like B、often C、usually D、want ( ) 9、Lucy often in the morning. A、exercise B、exercising C、exercised D、exercises ( )10、The moon smaller than the sun. A、was B、are C、be D、is ( )11 the bad weather,i didn't get home on time. A、Because of B、because of C、Because D、So

( )12、Mother me eat a egg every day.

A、tries to let B、try to let C、try letting D、ask ( )13、The clothe is cheap. I will buy it. A、much B、pretty C、a lot D、not ( )14、It is good us to exercise every day. A、to B、for C、as D、in


Li Ming often late for school. The teacher is very are you often late for school?" asks the teacher. "Because I often get up ," answers Li Ming. clock can wake you up," says the teacher. "Yes, you

are work," says Li Ming. "Why don't you schools in the word," says Li Ming with a smile. ( ) 1、A. is B. be C. does D. Do ( ) 2、A. Why B. When C. What D. Where ( ) 3、A. quickly B. early C. late D. slowly ( ) 4、A. You B. Yours C. Your D. Yourself ( ) 5、A. right B. wrong C. fine D. OK ( ) 6、A. don't B. doesn't C. isn't D. not ( ) 7、A. take B. mend C. bring D. do ( ) 8、A. good B. nice C. well D. fine ( ) 9、A. what B. why C. how D. Where ( ) 10、A. not B. little C. without D. no

四、阅读理解(请在括号中填写正确选项,每小题2分,共14分) When Tom was young, he played a lot of games, and he was thin and strong. But when he was about 45, he began to become fat. He couldn’t breathe well. And when he walk fast, his heart painfully (心跳痛). He couldn’t do anything about this for a long time, so finally he became afraid and went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over here and there and said, “I don’t want to make you sad, Tom. But you’re very ill and I believe that you can’t live much longer. Would you like me to ask anybody to come and see you before you die?” Tom thought for a few seconds and then answered, “I’d like another doctor to come and see me.”

( )1. Tom got fat when he was _______.

A. very old B. young C. forty-five D. fifty

( ) 2. In the passage, the word “breathe” means ___ in Chinese. A. 吃饭 B. 呼吸 C. 喝水 D. 喝酒

( )3. There was something wrong with Tom’s ______when he walked fast.

A. heart B. legs C. feet ( )4. What did Tom do?

D. eyes


参考词汇:life habits生活习惯、get up起床、drink喝 exertcise锻炼、play basketball打篮球、happy 开心

Good Life Habits suggestion

A. he was a doctor. B. He was a teacher. C. He was a worker. D. We don’t know ( )5. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. When Tom feel ill, he went to see a doctor soon. B. Tom did nothing about his illness for a long time. C. Tom was afraid to see a doctor when he was ill. D. The young doctor wanted Tom to see another doctor first. ( )6、When Tom was young,he was . A. Thin and strong B. Fat and high C. Strong and fat D. Health and fat ( ) 7、Tom was so ill maybe because he was so A. fat B. thin C. strong D. Exercise

五、英译汉。(请将正确的汉语意思写在横线上,每小题3分,共6分) 1、 When I was a little boy, I like eating junk food very much.

2、 By using the internet, we can wacth a lot of English movies.



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