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中考定语从句专项练习 张明锋

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1.I’m reading a book. The book is about Bill Gates. _______________________________________

2.He is a teacher. The teacher teaches us Chinese. _______________________________________

3.I don’t like the man. He is smoking.


4.Where is the picture? You bought it last week. 二、

1.This is a dream. The dream will never come true. This is a dream will never come true.

2.The dog has been found. The dog was lost. The dog was lost has been found. 1


1.This is the house .The house is for sale.

This is the house is for sale.

2. The book is mine. It is lying on the floor

The book is lying on the floor is mine.

3.This is the card. I’ve just received the card.

This is the card I’ve just received.


1.This is the mistake . I always make the mistake .

This is the mistake I always make.

2.The pen is lost. My father bought it for me last week.

The pen my father bought for me last week is lost. 3.This is the film star.

The film star is very popular in China.


This is the film star is very popular in China.

3.The boy is called Roy. He broke the window

The boy broke the window is called Roy.

4. Do you know the girl?

The girl spoke at the meeting yesterday.

Do you know the girl spoke at the meeting yesterday? 5.The man is a famous writer.

He described the man just now.

The man he described just now is a famous writer. (作宾语)

6.The boy is my friend. I will visit him.

The boy I will visit is my friend.

7. The pen has been found. She lost it last night.

she lost last night has been found.



关系词 先行词 所作成分

that 人,物, 主语(不能省);作宾语(可省)

which 物, 主语(不能省);作宾语(可省)

who 人, 主语(不能省);作宾语(可省)






4、当关系代词在定语从句中作主语时,定语从句的谓语动词形式由先行词定。 The park Practise:判断并找出错误


1)The photos that he took them in Beijing are nice.

2)She will buy the books which was written by Laoshe.

3)The film is interesting which I saw last week.

有时只能用 that , 不用 which, 常见的情况有五种:

当先行词是 all, any, few, little, none, anything, everything, nothing , everybody,nobody, everyone, no one 或被它们修饰时。 That’s all that I know.

Is there anything that I can do for you?

He answered few questions that the teacher asked.

2. 当先行词被形容词最高级或序数词修饰时

That is the most interesting book that I have ever read.

The first thing that I should do is to review lessons.

3. 当先行词有no,the very, the only, the same等修饰时。


That’s the only thing that I can do now.

These are the very words that he used.

4. 当主句以 who 或 which开头时,定语从句的关系词用 that, 而不用 which 或 who.

Who is the girl that spoke to you just now?

Which is the pen that you lost ?

5. 先行词同时包括人或物时,关系词用that.

The man and his dog that I always meet are standing by the gate. 关系词whose连接的定语从句

whose ,既可指人,也可指物;用作定语,表示所属关系。

1.The boy is my classmate.

The boy’s father is a policeman.

The boy father is a policeman is my classmate.

2.The house is beautiful. Its wall is yellow.

The house wall is yellow is beautiful.



1.A child _____ parents are dead is called an orphan( 孤儿).

A. who B. whose C. who’s D. Which

2. There is a house ________ roof is broken

A who B which C that D whose

Exercise 1 :用关系代词填空

1.The boy ______ is playing ping-pong is my classmate.

2.The e-mail _____ I received yesterday was from my sister.

3.I hate people _________ talk much but do little.

4.The car ___________ my father bought last month is very beautiful.

5. The man ______ hair is white is his grandfather.

6. Is there a student _________ father is a business man?

7. This is the house in ________ we have lived for 10 years.

8.I’ve never heard of the people and things ________ you talked about just now.


Exercise 2.


1.My father and his teacher talked a lot about the persons and things ______ they couldn’t remember.

2.Say all ________ you know.

3.Is there anything ______ I can do for you?

当先行词是something, anything, nothing, all 等词时,关系代词只能用that.

4.This is the first play ________ I have seen since I came here.

5. This is the best novel _______ I have read.


6.Who is the girl _______is standing under the tree?

7. Which is the machine ____ we used last Sunday.

当主句是who或which 引导的特殊疑问句,而中心词指人或物时,关系代词只能用that.


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