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七年级英语(上) 期中试题(含答案)

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姓名 分数 听力

一 选择填空

( )1.Mr.White,________ my father. A. it is B. this is C.this D.that ( )2.-Is Nancy your sister? -__________.

A.Yes, he is B.Yes, she is C. No, he is D. No, she is ( )3.Who is _______? Is _____ your ______?

A.he,he,sister B. she,she,uncle C.he,he,grandfather D.he,he, aunt

( )4.Those are my _______.

A. pencil B.boxbs C.watchs D.pens ( )5.My father’s brother is my _______.

A aunt B. uncle .brother Dgrandfather ( )6.-________________? -They are my books.

A. What are those B. What is that C What is those D. What is this

( )7._______ is my family photo.

A. She B. They C. Her D. Here ( )8. Thanks ______ your pen, Helen. A. at B. in C. for D. of ( )9. My mother’s sister is my ______. A. grandmother B. sister C. cousin D. aunt

( )10.. My uncle’s daughters are my ______. A. parents B. sisters C. brothers D. cousins

( )11. ______ is my sister. ______ name is Kelsey. A. This; Her B. Her; Her C. This; She D. Her; She

( )12. This ______ my quilt. These ______ my books. A. is; is B. is; are C. are; are D. are; is ( )13.Mrs Hill is a ______ good teacher. She loves his students ______.

A.much; very B.very; very C.very much; much D.very; very much ( )14.— ______ is your grandfather? —Fine.

A.What B.How C.Who D.Where ( )15.Are these _____ parents? A.you B.she C.Mona’s D.they 二 词汇


1.that (反义词) ______ 2. those (单数) _______

3.am(复数) ____________ 4. he (物主代词) _______ 5.photo(复数形式) ________ 6. aunt (对应词) _______

7.are (第三人称单数形式) ____ 8. your (人称代词主格) _____ 9.picture (同义词) __________ 10. this (复数形式) _______

(B) 根据句意和汉语提示完成句子,每空一词(含缩写)。1. Her __________(父母) are English. 2. __________(那些) are my pens.

3. Victor and Selina are Dave’s __________(朋友). 4. That __________(不是) Tom’s picture. 5.______these your books? (是)

(C) 根据句意及括号内所给词的适当形式填空。 1.These are _____ (pen).

2. ______ (be)those your parents?

3.Here are two ______(photo)of my family. 4.Are these your keys? No, ______ (it)aren’t. 5.Is this _____ (you)son?

6.What color are the ______(watch)? 7.That is ___ bike.(she)

8.They are my ______.(grandparent) 9.______ am Gina.(my)

10.______ is a picture.(these) 11.______ is my aunt.(her)

12.That is________ book.(Mike) 13._______ are his photos.(it) 14._______ are sons.(he)

15.Are those ______ brothers?(you)

三.根据括号内的要求完成句子,每空一词(含缩写)。 1.. This is my uncle.(改为一般疑问句) __________ this __________ uncle?


2.. That is Emma’s aunt.(改为复数句) __________ __________ Emma’s aunts. 3. This is his pen. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________?

4.. Is Liu Qiang your brother?(作否定回答) __________, he __________.

5. These are my sisters.(改为单数句) __________ is my __________. 四.情景交际



B: It is a photo of my family. A: ?

B: Sure, here you are.

A: Who is this man? Is he your father? B: No, he is not. . A: Is he a worker? B: A: Where are you? B: 1.______2._______3._______4._______5._________ 五 完形填空。 This is a picture of .My grandpa and my

grandma old. My father’s is a man. My mother is a doctor are students. We’re in No. 2 Middle School. We’re not in grade. My brother is Class 1, Grade 2 I’m in Class 2, Grade 1. name is Lin Tao. I’m only .They all like A: No, we are not.

B: Is the woman your mother? A: Yes, she’s a teacher. B: She looks young.. A:I look like her. 5. What does her father like?


I am Tony Smith. I am twelve. I am in No.101 Middle School. I’m in Class 2, Grade 7. My good friend is Jim very much.

( )1.A.family B.families C.family’s D a family ( )2.A.is B.has C.are D.am ( )3.A.the B.an C.a D.×

( )4A England B.English C. Chinese D.Japan ( )5.A.Me and my brother B.My brother and me C.Brother and me D.My brother and I

( )6.A.the same B.a same C.our D.× ( )7.A.to B.at C.in D.× ( )8.A.Your B.My CMy brother’s D.His ( )9.A.ten B.four C.one D.twenty ( )10.A.them B.me C.it D.I 六..阅读理解 A

This is a picture of Mr Green’s family. There are four pople in the family. They are Mr Green, Mrs Green, Jim and Kate. Look at the picture. We can see Jim is behind Mr Green. Kate is behind Mrs Green Jim and Kate are students. They go to the same school. Mr Green and Mrs Green are teachers. They are good teachers. They go to work by car. 根据短文判断正(T)误(F) ( )1.Jim is Mrs Green’s son.

( )2.There are four people in Mr Green’s family. ( )3.Jim and Kate are not student.

( )4.Jim and Kate are in the same school. ( )5.Mr and Mrs Green go to work by bus.


A :Look, it is a picture of my family.

B: Oh, it is a nice picture, Tom. Who is this man? A: It’s my father.

B: Is the girl your sister?

A: Yes, she is. B: How old is she? A: She’s ten.

B: Are you in the same school?

B: Who’s that?

A: Who? The baby? B: Yes. A: Guess(猜).

B: Is it your brother? A: No. B:I know it’s you.

A: That’s right. I look lovely. 根据对话选出正确的答案 ( )1.What photo is it?

A. A photo of a boy. B.A photo of a family. C.A photo of a room. D.A photo of people. ( )2.How old is the sister?

A.7 B.6 C.9 D.10 ( )3.What is her mother?

A. She is a doctor. B. She is a teacher. C. She is a nurse. D. She is a worker.

( )4.Are Tom and his sister in the same school? A. Yes ,he is. B. No, he is not. C. Yes, they are. D. No, they are not. ( )5.How many people are there in the family?

A. Four B. Five C. Three D. Two


My name is Diana, my sister is Gina. We have a volleyball, and we like it very much. We play volleyball after school. And at night, we often watch TV. But my father doesn’t like it. He is a writer, he likes to read books. 回答问题:

1. What is her sister’s name?

2. What do they like?

3. Do they have a football?

4. Do they watch TV?


Green. He is an English boy. He is twelve, too. He is in my class. He can speak Chinese well. Jane is in Class 2, too. I think she is a good girl. My Chinese teacher is Mr. Wang. His students like him. He is very cool. 根据短文填空,每空一词。

1. Tony ______ is _______ years old. His first name is ________ .His ________ name is Smith. 2. Tony and Jim are ____ the same _______. Jane is _____ Class Two, too.

3. Tony and Jim _____ good ________. 4. Jim’s ________ is very good.

5. Mr. Wang is their ________ teacher. He is ________. His students him very much.

七.书面表达。 以“My family”为题写一篇短文介绍自己的家庭。 要求:1.语言通顺,语法正确,2. 不少于10句话。

My family



一.1—5 BBCDB 6—10 ADCDD 11—15 ABDBC

二A this, that, are,his, photos, uncle, is, you, photo, these

B.parents, those, friends, isn’t, are

C pens, are, photos, they, your, watches, her, grandparents, I , this, she, Mike’s, they, they ,your

三 1. Is, your 2. those, are 3. what’s this 4. No, isn’t

5. this, sister






C ; 1. Her sister’s name is Gina.

2.; They like volleyball.

3. No, they don’t.

4. Yes, they do

5. He likes to read books.

D ;

1. Smith twelve Tony last

2. in class in

3. are friends

4. Chinese

5. Chinese, cool

七 My family

My name is ….. I have a happy family. They are my father, my mother and I. I am a student. I like black. I like English. My mother likes cooking. My father likes reading. I love my parents!


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