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Unit 7

Section A Period 1
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1.掌握一些描述地点的形容词:tiring, exciting, educational, peaceful等; 2.掌握重点短语:trek through the jungle,some day,hope to do; 3.会使用定语从句描述自己喜欢的地方, eg:I like the place where the weather is warm.

Where did he go last weekend? He went to the museum.


What do you think of the museum?

What do you think of the place?

ascinating f_________ 迷人的, 有吸引力的

eaceful P________


iring t_________


r___________ elaxing

ducational e___________ 有教育意义的

Niagara Falls

尼亚加拉大瀑布 hrilling is t_______.

Florida beach

Vacabulary Falls

peaceful fascinating educational thrilling tiring relaxing
Can you read out the words?

Florida Beach is relaxing.



Amazon Jungle is very exciting.


trek旅行 through the jungle


Hawaii is fascinating, relaxing, and peaceful.

1a.Here are two travel posters about Florida Beach and Amazon Jungle. Please describe them on your textbook.

Vacation 1
relaxing peaceful fascinating
interesting fun

Vacation 2

thrilling exciting fun

fascinating interesting

1b.Listen.Where would Sam and Gina like to go on vacation? Why? Fill in the chart.

Sam Gina



likes exciting ______vacations

stressed out Florida has been_____ ___

Winter vacation is coming!
Where would you like to visit?

I’d like to visit... Because...
1 2 3





2a Listen and number these statements in the order that you hear them.

____ I love places where the people are 3 really friendly. ____ I hope to see Niagara Falls some 4 Hope to do sth day. 希望做某事 ____ I like places where the weather is 2 one day=some day always warm. 后接名词单数形式 ____ I hope to visit Hawaii one day. 1

2b Listen again. Why do the people decide not to visit these places? Match each place with a reason.
Place Reason not to visit the place

b 1. Hawaii a 2. Mexico c 3. Niagara

a. We don’t know the language. b. It’s too touristy(游客众多). c. There’s not much to do there.

Can you guess my friends’ dream vacations?

Garfield loves to visit the beach some day. _______ Because it’s _______. relaxing
Garfield loves places where it is ________. relaxing

Ferris wheel 摩天轮

Backkom hopes to visit places where it is ___________. thrilling

Ba Jie prefers to visit ________. the moon Because ___________________. Chang Er lives there.
Ba Jie prefers places where ____________. Chang Er lives

DoreiAmeng hopes to visit places where there is __________________. lots of delicious food

My dream vacation
I hope to visit Hawaii some day. I like places where the weather is always warm, and we can meet many foreigners, though we don’t know their language.

Your dr

eam vacation
Sentence patterns: A:I hope to visit ... some day. B:I do, too/So do I. I like places where ...

capital 1.Pairs is the ________of France. D 2.Notre Dame Cathedral is a _____ A park B zoo C country D church B 3.Which of the following is in Pairs? ________ A the Great Wall B Eiffel Tower C pyramids D Sydney Opera House C 4.It’s better for tourists to take the ____ to travel around Pairs than take a taxi. A bus B subway C underground train D car 5.Which of the following is not true?A A Everything in Pairs is very expensive. B Most people in Pairs learn English. C Pairs is one of the liveliest cities in Europe. D It’s expensive to travel all over Pairs by taxi.

Write a short passage
“An ideal place on my vocation”

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