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Did you enjoy your last weekend? Was it interesting?

What did you do last weekend?

weekend activities
Guess the kind of weekend activities. Do you like it? Why (not)?

do homework


outdoor exercises indoor exercises

weekend activities

Do you like it? Why (not)?
play football

go to the movies

weekend activities

Do you like it? Why (not)? read a book
watch TV

read a newspaper

weekend activities

Do you like it? Why (not)?


go shopping


weekend activities

Do you like it? Why (not)?
clean the room

help with housework

=wash …

do the dishes make the bed

weekend activities

Do you like it? Why (not)?

use the Internet = go online

What does Ms An do on weekends?
I always play with my daughter.

(I play with my daughter every


I often use the computer.


sometimes go shopping

(shop) in Zhouxiang or Cixi.

I usually do some cleaning.

I hardly ever watch TV.

I never go to the movies.


≥ 90%

≥ 60%

≥ 5%

< 5%



hardly (ever)



通常 经常 有时

usually often sometimes


很少,几乎不 hardly (ever)




weekend activities

--What do you do on weekends? --I (频度副词) … . How about you?
-- I ….


exercise go to the movies read a book/ a newspaper watch TV go shopping 6. _____________ (=shop)


read watch TV help with housework go shopping watch TV go shopping

What do they usually do on weekends? Listen again and fill in the blanks.
Girl 1: I sometimes shopping. ________go usually Boy 1: I ________ go shopping. I ________ never watch TV. always Boy 2: I ______ exercise. often Girl 2: I ______ help with housework. Girl 3: I ____________ watch TV. I _______ hardly ever always read.


Talk about what you do on weekends.

What do you do on weekends?

I usually/… ….

Do you go …?

四人一组进行操练, 频度副词任意用

Yes, I often/… … .

No, I never/… … .

频率副词(Frequency Adverbs)在句中的 位置是:实义动词之前, be动词或助动 词之后。 e.g. I always watch TV in the evening. always 放实义动词watch之前 I never take a shower in the morning. never放实义动词take之前 I am sometimes late for school. sometimes放be动词之后

比一比,看谁用第一人称说周末活动又 快又好?


≥ 90%

≥ 60%

≥ 5%

< 5%


I always play the piano on weekends. …

weekend activities

--What do you do on weekends? --I always/… … . How about you? Do you …? -- Yes, I often/… …./No, I never/… … .

What does she do on weekends?

How often does she …?

exercise (usually) She usually ….(动词后别忘记加s)

How often does he …?
He sometimes …. (动词后别忘记加s)

shop (sometimes)

How often do they use the Internet
on …?

use the Internet (always)

They al

ways use the Internet on the weekend.

How often do they use the Internet? Mr. Fang Lucy Li Lei every day 每天 once a week 一星期一次 twice a week 一星期两次

Lily Ann Meimei

three times a week一星期三次 once a month 一月一次 twice a month 一月二次

刚才我们所学的这些短语,如同前面1b中出 现的词/词组,也是表示时间的频度,如

every day/week/month/year once a week twice a month three times a year four times a year
今天所学的频度副词 更加确切,叫 确切频度副词

every day/week/month/year once a week/twice a month three times a year/four times a year

how often

例: I watch TV twice a week.
How often do you watch TV?

A: How often do you …? B: I ….

一星期一二次 一星期三四次
twice a week once or twice a week three or four times a week

every month


every day


five or six times a year

三/四人一组进行操练 A: How often do you …? B: I … once a week(确切频率词). C: How often does he/she … ? D: He/She …(动词3单)once a week .

play the guitar watch TV read a newspaper read books go shopping go to the movies play computer games do homework Help with housework use the Internet


3 5 4 2


3 5 4 2


twice a week four times a week once a month

every day

How often do you use the Internet? /read books /go to the movies /exercise/…

I use the Internet/… once a week/… .

www.….com/ What’s your ... favorite website? /book/movie/sport/… … How often do you visit it/…?

What’s her favorite weekend activity?


Next week is quite full for her.
=She is busy next week.


Read the conversation fast and match the activity with the right time.

dance lesson piano lesson play tennis

Wednesday and Friday





do Does



How often do you …
What do you usually do on weekends
How often does your …

…. …. ….

What do you usually … … .

What can you do to improve your English ?

read English books

read English newspapers

read English magazines

What can you do to improve your English ?

sing English songs

watch English shows/movies …

listen to English tapes


read ~ newspapers read ~ magazines sing ~ songs watch ~ shows/movies listen to ~ tapes go to ~ parties join ~ clubs, …

How can we be healthy, Dr Know?

First we must eat healthy food.

Could you tell us some healthy food?

Well. Fruit, vegetables, milk, rice and meat




An apple a day, broccoli French pears keeps the doctor away. fries


ice cream salad


junk food

包含junk drink

“junk food’’意为“垃圾食品”,指那些仅仅提 供热量,别无其他营养素的食物;或指提供超 过人体需求,变成多余成分的食品。如:西式 快餐中的汉堡、薯条、炸鸡,中式小吃中的油 炸饼、方便面、早餐常吃的油条、烧饼等。

And sleep is important, too. Early to bed, early to rise.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. What does rise mean? Get up. Get up early.

When do you go to bed?

When do you get up?
How many hours do you sleep every night?

Next, don’t forget exercise.

I see. My favorite sport is tennis.

Have enough exercise. It’s good for your mind and body.

At last, have enough relax . All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.
Do something new for change, such as read, dance, go for a walk, go on a vacation…

What does relax mean?



e c

f d


be good/ bad for

How often do you drink/eat…?

I eat …

Do you like …?



hardly ever every day never nine nine every day never 2 or 3 times a week 3 or 4 times a week never 4 times a day


go to the movies 1. 去看电影 _________________ 2. 几乎不 _________________ hardly ever 3. 看电视 _________________ watch TV read English books 4. 读英语书 _________________ use the Internet 5. 上网 _________________ go shopping 6. 去购物 _________________ 7. 做运动,锻炼____________ sports exercise, play how often 8. 多久一次 _________________ stay up late 9.熬夜,不睡觉______________ at least 10.至少 ______________ 11.对…有好处______________ be good for…

每天 12. every day _____________ 一周一次 13. once a week _____________ 一周两次 14. twice a week _____________ 15. three times a week _____________ 一周三次 16.three or four times a week 一周三到四次 _____________ 17. once a month _____________ 一个月一次 垃圾食品 18.junk food ____________
19.How come? ____________ 怎么了? 20.want me to drink it ____________ 想要我喝它

句型转换 1. I usually go shopping on weekends. (变 为一般疑问句) Do go ____ you usually ___ shopping on weekends? 2. She often helps with housework at home. (同上) Does help _____ she often ______ with housework?

3. They visit their grandparents once a month. (提问) ____ often do How _____ ___ they visit their grandparents? 4. She always watches TV after dinner. (提 问) How often does watch ____ _____ _____ she ______ TV after dinner? 5. Maybe she is at home. (同义句)扩展 may be She _____ _____ at home.

A: What do you…in your free time? B: …. A: How often do you … ? B: ….




often sometimes hardly ever never


I think the students in our class watch TV most often.
Is watching TV every day good for your health?

news repo sports show talk show TV play game show


Then many students often use the internet. It’s good to relax by using the Internet or watching TV shows. The best way to relax is through exercise.





20 45

20 90 85

Read the passage quickly and find the answer to the questions below.


1. How many kinds of free time activities are mentioned in the passage? What are they? Exercise, the use of the Internet Three. and watching TV. __________________________________ 2. What is the best way to relax?
The best way to relax is through exercise. __________________________________


20 %. 90 %. Every day. They usually watch sports and game shows. The best way to relax is through exercise. (L14) I don’t think they are healthy. Because….


85 percent of the students always watch TV. 45 percent of the students usually exercise. 10 percent of the students sometimes use

13 percent of the students sometimes watch T 2 percent of the students sometimes watch TV.

the Internet.


______ % 25 4-6 times a week

______ % 25 every day

Play sports
50 ______ % 1-3 times a week

Hello, everyone. In our group, we like sports. 50 percent of the students play sports 1 to three times a week. 25 percent …. … Thank you.

ask about percent not…. at all result

body although surprise such as through mind

about Last month we askedour students _______their _____ free time activities. Here’re the results We were ________. surprised percent __________that ninety ________ use the Internet don’t every day. Twenty percent _______ exercise _________. Eighty – five percent watch TV every day. at all Althoughmany students like to watch sports, game ________ shows are the most popular.

through We think the best way to relax is __________ such as exercise. Exercise _________ playing sports is fun. mind body It is healthy for the _______ and the ________. Remember , “old habits die hard.” So start exercising before it’s too late.

Are they healthy or unhealthy?

She always exercises.

He often eats hamburgers.

She usually gets up early and exercises.

He drinks milk every day.

She reads a book every day. He watches TV for over 3 hours every day. They usually help with the housework. He plays computer games every day.

She often eats lots of healthy food. “I don’t like vegetables.” “I really like candies.”
If you eat too many candies, …

I hardly ever go to the dentist because I am afraid. go to the dentist


报告好坏 兼顾全面

hardly ever always sometimes hardly ever never

every day







1. exercise 2. …
1. watch TV for over 2 hours

1. every day 2. … 1. every day 2. …

2. …


Hello. My name’s ___. I’m a 13-year-old boy/girl in Hangzhouwan Middle School. I think I’m a little Healthy/…. I exercise every day. My favorite sport is basketball. I drink milk three times a week. …. However, I have some bad habits, too. I play computer games every day. I …. ……………………………………….

usually How often Hardly

How often


1.---_____ do you go to the movies ? ---Once a week. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How much 2._____ I’m not very healthy. A. Maybe B. May be C. May D. Can 3. Jane is a ______ girl. She exercises every day. A. health B. healthy C. healthily D. healthyly 4.We watch TV ___ seven ___ Sunday evening A. at, in B. at, on C. on, in D. on, on

5. Twenty percent of the students _____ exercise at all.
A. not B. don’t C. no D. isn’t



1. Eating apples is good for our h ealth ______.

ousework 2. I often help with h___________. And I can cook well.

entist 3. Your teeth are not clean. You have to go to a d________.
4. Eighty p_________ of the students in my class go to ercent school by bike.

lmost 5. I have 98 baseballs. It’s a________ 100.
6. Don’t eat too much j________ food, Bob. It’s terrible. unk

rogram 7. My favorite p________ on TV is Animal World.


twice ?They go shopping_______ (two) a week.

healthy ?He has good ______ and he is a ________ man. (health)
?The boy is trying to study _______(study) English very hard.


less ?You’re too heavy. Please eat______ (little) junk food and more fruits.(课外扩展)
?There are many different ________ (difference) kinds of books in the shop. exercises ?Jim never__________ .But he does eye ________ exercises (exercise) every day. ?Mo Yan is a great ________(write) from China. writer

?I sleep 8 hours every night .(画线提问)

How _____ _____ do you sleep every night? _____ many hours

?He watches TV twice a week .(画线提问) How _____ _____ he watch TV? _____ often does
?Jack does his homework every day .(改为否定句) ?He is playing soccer .(用usually改写句子)

doesn’t do Jack _____ _____ his homework every day .

usually plays He _______ _____ soccer. ?My father often reads a newspaper after ?dinner . (对划线提问) What _____ _____ father often ______ do _____ does your after dinner? 句型变变变

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