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一、单项选择 (13)

1. — You went to see the movie last night, right?

— That’s right. I went with ________ mother. A. I B. me C. my D. mine 2. We often come to school at 7:00 ________ the morning.

A. at B. in C. on D. of 3. This kind of shampoo is much ________than that one.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. a little expensive D. most expensive 4. — Where’s the tin-opener? — Oh, I ________ it earlier…, here it is.

A. see B. will see C. saw D. have seen 5. — I phoned you an hour ago, ________ nobody answered.

—Sorry. I was cooking in the kitchen at that time. A. but B. and C. so D. or

6. — _______ you play the piano? — No. But I can play the guitar.

A. Can B. May C. Must D. Should 7. —________ do you get so much information for? — Making a speech at the New Year’s party. A. Why B. Which C. What D. How 8. I’m going to play tennis if the weather ________ nice this weekend.

A. be will B. be C. is D. was

9. —I didn’t see you last week.

—I had a bad cold. The doctor asked me _______ at home for a week. A. stay D. staying C. stayed D. to stay

10. —Look, the bus is empty. There is ________ on it. —Great, we can have seats this time. A. nobody B. anybody C. somebody D. everybody

11. —I haven’t seen Ann for days. —She is on holiday. She ________ France.

A. has been to B. was going to C. has gone to D. goes to

12. — Do you know _______ the MP3 player last week? — Sorry, I have no idea.

A. how much she paid for B. how much did she pay for C. how much she will pay for D. how much will she pay for

13. —What should we do first if we want to make our town more beautiful?

—More trees ________, I think. A. plant

B. are planting C. have planted D. must be planted


二、 阅读理解 (12)


16. How much should you pay for the tuition if you want to take the One-week Course? A. $160. B. $250. C. $310. D. $620. 17. When must the accommodation fees be paid?

A. Before May 15. B. Before June 15. C. Before July 26. D. Before August 1. 18. If you take one of the courses, you can probably ________. A. improve your English B. travel to other countries C. stay with a foreign family D. make yourself beautiful


Edson Arantes do Nascimento was born in Brazil in 1940. At school he was called “Pele”. He says he does not know why, or even what the name means. But the name Pele soon became world famous. Many people believe that Pele was the greatest footballer of all time.

He started playing for the local club when he was only 10 years old. Aged 15, he moved to Santos, a big city club. At 16, he was playing for his country. In 1958, he was in the winning World Cup team (the youngest ever World Cup player). In 1970, he was in the team that won the

World Cup for Brazil again. He finally stopped playing in 1977. In 1994, he was made Brazilian Minister for Sport.

Pele was certainly an excellent player. He had wonderful control over the ball. Brave, clever, and able to run very quickly, he could kick with the same amount of skill with either foot. Not only that, when you watched him play, you could always see how much he enjoyed playing.

Pele became very rich by the time he was 22, but he was shy and modest. He was always polite, and he was loved by both his teammates and the players in other teams. He worked hard to develop the game and to encourage young and often poor boys to work hard and do well. There is no better example for sportsmen and women today to copy.

19. What does paragraph 2 mainly tell us about?

A. Pele’s character. B. Pele’s life as a footballer. C. Pele’s skill as a footballer. D. Pele’s country. 20. How many years did Pele play football?

A. 17 years. B. 20 years. C. 22 years. D. 27 years. 21. What does the writer want to tell us?

A. Only Brazilians can play football. B. Sports people should not be too clever. C. Sports people can learn from Pele. D. Footballers should have unusual names.


Hi, Jason,

Great to hear from you! I’d really like to be your pen pal. I think Internet pal is a better name, isn’t it?

I’m the same age as you are and I’m in Grade 9 at junior high school. My mom works. She’s a nurse. My sister also goes to work, too, so I look after myself a lot of the time. My dad doesn’t live with us but I see him once a week. He takes me to football games.

I like most sports, too, but my favorite sport is American football. I watch my team play every Sunday. They always win the games.

My best friend is my dog. His name is Abe, after Abraham Lincoln. he! He looks like a mixture of every day you’ve ever seen. I got him from the City Dog Pound. When he saw me, he wagged his tail, and I knew we were going to be friends. When my mom is on the night shift at the hospital, Abe sleeps on my bed!

Write to me soon. Tell me something about Paris.

Sincerely Yours, Tommy



Leo’s aunt and cousin came over for the day. Leo wasn’t happy about it. He wanted to go out with his friends to the town, but his mother told him he had to stay in. His aunt lived an hour away by train, and she didn’t often come to see them. Her daughter, Tessie, was only twenty months old. Leo, who was nine, couldn’t think what to do with a baby.

His aunt had brought him a new computer game, and he was very pleased with it. He couldn’t wait to play it! But his mother said, “No, Leo, you can play with that when they’ve gone. Look after Tessie now! Show her your room and your toys. I’m going down to the shops for half an hour with Auntie.”

Leo tried to hide his annoyance(恼怒). He took Tessie up to see his collection of toy trains, cars and trucks. She was a calm, friendly child, and she was quite happy to sit and play with the toys. But Leo soon got bored, and went off to watch TV.

He noticed Tessie coming into the room, but he was interested in the cartoon and didn’t watch her. Suddenly there was a flash, the TV went off, and Tessie was thrown across the room. She wasn’t crying! Very scared, Leo jumped up and went over to her. She was holding the cable(电缆) of the TV tightly, and her face had gone white. There were toothmarks on the cable - she was biting it!

He put the back of his hand under her nose. “She isn’t breathing!” he thought. Luckily, he’d watched a story about doctors on TV. He had to start her heart again. He pushed down on her chest about ten times. Then he tested her again. This time, there was a faint breath on his hand. The color started to come back into her face. Quickly, he called the ambulance.

Just then, his aunt and mother came back and he told them what was going on. His aunt screamed, “Oh, Leo, we told you to watch her!”,but his mother said, “Good boy, Leo, you did the right thing. We shouldn’t leave you alone in charge(负责)of a baby!” 26. Did Leo’s aunt live with Leo’s family?

______________________________________________________________________________ 27. Did Leo’s aunt give him a computer game or some toy cars?

______________________________________________________________________________ 28. What was Leo doing when Tessie came into his room?

______________________________________________________________________________ 29. What happened to Tessie before Leo’s mother and aunt came back home?


30. How do you think of Leo according to this story?



31. 有规律的锻炼身体对我们非常重要。

32. 为什么不去找Andy帮你学英语呢?

33. 昨天我看了两场球赛,都很精彩。

34. 你是我见过的最细心的学生。

35. 目前,许多年轻人发现找工作相当难。





( )1.—Is this your cell phone,Mary? —No._______is on the desk.





( )2.His father was born _______August, 1970.


B.on C.at D. in

( )3. Hurry up, _____ we’ll miss the first school bus.


A. but B. and C. so D. or

( )4.—__________is it from here to the Bird Net? —It’s about five kilometers.

A.How far B.How long C.How much D.How often

( )5. —Must I finish the work today, Mom?

—No, you _______________. You can finish it tomorrow.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. shouldn’t D. can’t

( )6.—May I speak to Jack.please? —Sorry,he _____ a meeting.

A.will have


C.is having


( )7.—Which season do you like___________ in a year?

—Summer, because I can often go swimming that time.

A.good B.better

C.best D.well

( )8.—Did you see the traffic accident yesterday?

—Yes.It happened when I_____________ past the museum.

A.walk B.am walking C.will walk D. was walking

( )9. —________ did you do after school yesterday afternoon? —I played basketball.

A. Why B. What C. When D. Where

( )10.After he finished____ the exciting story,he talked about it on and on with his




C.reading D.to read

( )11.I’ll call you as soon as I _____ to Beijing tomorrow.


B.have got


D.will get

( )12.—What do you think of the new film? —It’s so wonderful that I ________it twice.


B.have seen

C.will see


( )13.Today computers ________ in both cities and towns.They changed our lives a lot.

A.were using

B.were used

C.are used D.are using

( )14. —Could you tell me ____tomorrow morning? —Well, it will start at 9 o’clock.

A. when the meeting will start B. when will the meeting start C. when the meeting started D. when did the meeting start

( )15.—Shall we go skating tomorrow? —___________.

A.Good idea B.Well done C.Never mind D.You are welcome

二、阅读理解(12) (A) ( )16. We can know from the above Ella wanted to ______ A. find a new home for Alice. B. buy a good house. C. find a cute cat. D. make friends with someone. ( )17. If you want to buy the new notebook, ______. A. see Ellen B. see Jack C. call 2354-7785 D. go to the library ( )18. How much do you have to pay for the tickets if you take your 11-year-old child to Joseph’s Garden? A. $25. B. $30 C. $50. D. $ 75.

(B) Everyone needs friends. Friends bring us happiness and hope in our lives. But the ability to make friends changes from person to person. To some people, making friends is easy, and to others it’s very difficult. Making friends is a skill, and the first thing is to know how to get along with others. If you have trouble in making friends, maybe I can tell you how to do it. ★Realize your own good points. You have skills and talents that others will like. ★Believe that you are a good person and have something nice to share with others. ★Be humorous. Learn to laugh at yourself and your weakness. Remember to smile to others. ★Respect the others. Everyone has his own idea. Learn how to listen to others’ ideas without 4

trying to make them accept yours.

★Be kind. If you are kind to others, they will usually be kind to you. There are hundreds of

little things you can do to show kindness. Open the door for someone. Wave to a friend and so on. ★Don’t complain. Learn to accept what you can’t change, and work hard to change what you

can. No one is willing to hear your complaining all the time.

★Never give up. Even if you are faced with some closed-minded people, never give up. And

try to find someone who will understand you. ( )19. Why do we need friends according to the passage?

A. Friends can do everything for us. B. Friends can bring us happiness.

C. Friends accept our ideas all the time. D. Without friends we could not live.

( )20. Which of the following shows a sense of humor? A. Opening the door for someone. B. Complaining to others all the time.

C. Laughing at ourselves and our weakness. D. Finding someone who will understand us.

( )21. How many pieces of advice does the writer offer when we have trouble in making friends?

A. Five. B. Seven. C. Eight. D. Nine. 三、阅读理解(共8分,每小题2分) Many people have different hobbies. A hobby can be anything and can be done anywhere. _____22_____. I first started reading at the age of 3 years old. ____23_____ Though I didn’t understand

them, like newspapers and so on. By the time I was in the first grade, I began to read more. I can

still remember when I asked my mom to read history stories. _____24_____ First of all, reading is fun. Secondly, reading is very important. My teacher used to say you can know all your subjects by just reading. ______25_____. Lastly and most importantly, reading can help you learn new things. So I will keep on reading no matter what happens. 四、阅读与表达(共10分,每小题2分) Around the world more and more people are taking part in dangerous sports and activities. Of course, there have always been people who have looked for adventure(冒险)---those who have climbed the highest mountains, traveled into unknown parts of the world or sailed in small boats

across the greatest oceans. Now, however, there are people who look for an immediate excitement from a risky(冒险的) activity which may only last a few minutes or even seconds. I would consider bungee(蹦极) jumping to be a good example of such an activity. You jump from a high place(perhaps a bridge or a hot-air balloon) 200 meters above the ground with an elastic(有弹性的) rope tied to your ankles. You fall at up to 150 kilometers an hour until the rope stops you from hitting the ground. It is said that about 2 million people around world have now tried bungee jumping. Other activities which most people would say are as risky as bungee jumping include jumping from tall buildings and diving into the sea from the top of high cliff(悬崖).

For the reasons, some psychologists explain that many people think their life in modern societies has become safe and boring. Not very long ago, people’s lives were constantly(持续的) in danger. They had to go out and hunt for food, diseases could not easily be cured, and life was a continuous battle (战争)for survival.

Nowadays, according to many people, life offers little excitement. They live and work in comparatively safe conditions; they buy food in shops; and there are doctors and hospitals to look after them if they become ill. The answer for some of these people is to look for danger in activities such as bungee jumping.

26. Are there many people who are taking part in the dangerous sports?

______________________________________________________________________ 27. How many kinds of dangerous sports does the writer refer to?

_____________________________________________________________________ 28. How long does a bungee jumping usually last?

_____________________________________________________________________ 29. What do many people think of their life nowadays?

_____________________________________________________________________ 30. What does the writer tell us in the last two paragraphs?



31. 我昨天开会迟到了。 I ___________________________ the meeting yesterday. 32.他的歌唱得和他的音乐老师一样好。

He sings ___________________________________________his music teacher does. 33.昨天他做完作业才去睡觉。

He ______________________________________ he finished his homework yesterday. 34.Tom 和Mike 都不会拼这个词。

_________________________________________ can spell this word. 35.在上中学的时候,他酷爱打篮球,每天坚持课后训练达两年之久。

During his middle school years,he enjoyed ____________________________________ ______________________ every day for two years.



两年多的初中学习生涯紧张而愉快。在你获取知识的同时,你的外貌,兴趣爱好,习惯…都有了一定的改变吧!请你以(How I Change)为题,写一篇短文,告诉我们你的变化。 提示词语:hobby, habit, used to, enjoy oneself

How I Change

My life has changed a lot in the past three years. I was fat and short when I came to the middle school. At that time I was interested in computer games and I spent most of time on it. My parents were worried about me.

Now, I like sports and I often play football with my classmates after school. So I become taller and stronger than before. I like reading, too. I usually go to the library to read some interesting books. Good habits help me to study better and keep healthier.

——————————————— 学习积累 —————————————————















1. — Whose digital camera is this? Is it Tom's? — No, it's not ________. It's Jane's. A. his

B. him

C. hers

D. her

2. — When are you going to meet your uncle on Sunday morning? — _____half past seven. A. On

B. In

C. To

D. At

3. — Would you like to come to dinner with us tonight? — I'd like to, _____ I'm so busy. A. and

B. so

C. as

D. but

4. — What is your father doing, Jack? — Oh, he _____ about the photos with his friends. A. talk

B. was talking

C. is talking

D. talked

5.I think Monkey King is one of _______ cartoons in China . A. popular

B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular

6. — Look, there isn't ______ good on TV at the weekend. — Let's go to the park instead. A. something

B. nothing

C. everything

D. anything

7. —Where is your mother, Kate? — She____ to America. She will be back in a week. A. has been

B. has gone C. will go D. went

8. As soon as he________ back, I'll tell him the good news. A. comes

B. came

C. will come

D. was coming

9.—Must we get to the airport before 6:00? —No, you ________. The plane takes off at 9:00. A. won't

B. mustn't

C. can't

D. needn't

10.—Will you go to the net bar with me?

—Sorry. My mother always tells me ________ there.


A. not go B. not to go C. don't go D. didn't go

11. The new computers _____ to the village school as presents next month. A. are given B. were given

C. will be given D. have been given 12. All of us wanted to know ________.

A. when does the party start

B. when did the party start

C. when the party starts D. when the party started

13. My father is a cook _______ideas are changing school dinners.

A. which

B. whose

C. who

D. that

14. You should study harder ______you'll pass the final exam. A. in order to B. so that

C. until

D. as soon as

15.— Mum, I have won all my classmates' hearts. Everyone likes me very much. — ________! A. That's OK

B. Congratulations C. With pleasure

D. You're welcome


A. Li Xiaoping B. Wang Ling C. Zhao Liming D. Sun Liang 17. After you call 8734956,______ is coming. A. a manager B. a driver C. a doctor D. an artist 18. If you want to ______,you can ask Wang Ling for help. A. see a doctor B. buy a computer

C. how to draw pictures D. take a taxi B I remember my mother reading to me when I was a small child. I remember watching as she showed me words she read. “Can you say that?” she asked. “A is for apple.” Mom said many times. I listened carefully then pointed at the letter and repeated it. Time and again my mother listened to me as I sounded out letters and simple words. By the time I reached kindergarten I could read simple sentences. A year or so later I remember reading Dick and Jane stories to Mom as my reading skills increased. I remember running home and telling her I was in the “Red Birds”, the highest reading group in my second grade class. 四、阅读与表达(共10分,每小题2分) During my high school years I remember using a Reader’s Digest magazine to challenge(挑战) my mother to Word Power contests. We read the words given by Reader’s Digest and wrote a definition(定义) for each word. We checked our answers and compared our scores. My beginning, junior years Mom won most the challenges, but my senior year I began to beat my mom most of the time. “It’s about time.” she said. I remember Mom giving me a lifetime love of reading .Whenever I read a good book I appreciate(感激)this gift given me by my mother. 19. When she was a little child, the writer’s mom often_______. A. played with her B. taught her to write C. read something to her D. asked her to read more 20. The writer read Dick and Jane stories to her mom because ______. A. her reading skills increased B. her mom liked it very much C. it was her favourite story D. she could only read that book 21. During her high school years the writer often _________ with her mom. A. had Word Power contests B. had reading contests C. read Reader’s Digest magazine D. played games 22. From the last paragraph we know the writer_______. A. gives her mother many gifts B. appreciates her mother very much C. loves to live with her mother D. sends many books to her mother 三、阅读下面的短文(8) At school many things happen to us. We may feel excited when we have success in a school play. 23.__________ We want to keep the memory for the rest of our lives. How to keep the memory? Our English teacher, Miss Wang, has taught us a good way of remembering things to make our own yearbook. What is a yearbook? 24. ____________ It’s usually made at the end of the year. Last December, we began to make our yearbook. 25. ____________Then some students interviewed them, some wrote down their stories, others took photos of them. 26. __________ Finally our teacher helped us to put the things together. We had our first yearbook. All of us put a lot of love into making the yearbook. It is so wonderful that not only the


On my first day of high school.I saw a boy from my class walking back home after school.His name was David.He was carrying his books.As 1 was walking, I saw a group of kids running toward him, knocking all his books out of his arms.And then they ran away.David fell down and his glasses went flying.He looked up and I saw sadness in his eyes.1 helped him to look for his glasses and said.“The kids with bad manners should be punished.” There was a big smile that showed real gratitude(感激)on his face. From then on, we became friends.The more I got to know David,the more I liked him.During the next four years,we always studied,played together and had a happy time. On graduation(毕业)day,I could see that he was nervous about his speech.So I said,“Hey,you will be the best!” Then he began,“Graduation is a time to thank those who helped you succeed through those difficult years.Our parents,our teachers,but mostly our friends.Being a friend to someone is the best gift you can give them.I’ll tell you a story…” I just looked at the handsome popular boy in amazement as he told the story of the first day we met. Everyone was surprised to hear all about his hardest moment.I saw his Mom and Dad looking at me and smiling that same thankful smile.Not until that moment did I realize its deep meaning.Never underestimate(低估)the power of your actions.With one small action,you can change a person’s life.As you can see,“Friends are angels(天使) to make us rise when our wings(翅膀) have problems flying.” 27. Were David and the writer in the same class? ________________________________________________________________________ 28. When did they become good friends?

________________________________________________________________________ 29. How long did they study in the high school? ________________________________________________________________________ 30. How did the writer feel when David made a speech? ________________________________________________________________________ 31. Why did David make such a speech? ________________________________________________________________________ 五、完成句子(共10分,每小题2分)

32. 为什么不请老师帮忙呢?

______________________________________________ ask your teacher for help? 33. 在床上看书对你的眼睛有害。Reading in bed

__________________________________________________________ your eyes. 34. 我们的操场200米长,50米宽。

Our playground _________________________________________,50mtres wide. 35. 我昨天晚上花两个小时的时间做作业。

________________________________________________ yesterday evening.

36. 我认为我们应该别让他再跑了,因为他太累了很难坚持到底。 I think we should______________________________ to the end.


健康的身体对于每个人来说都非常重要。进入初三以后,很多学生因为各种原因经常生病,耽误学习。为此校园英语栏目以How to Keep Healthy为题征集文章,请你写一篇文章参加征文活动。谈一谈我们应该如何做才能保持健康及其理由。

提示词语:food, exercise/sports, habbits, relax…

How to keep healthy

balanced diet. It’s good to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and we should also eat some meat and fish.Don't eat too much rich food in sugar or fat. Besides,taking some exercise regularly instead of studying in the classroom all the time.Because exercise can make us healthy and strong.We can go swimming ,playing basketball, running and so on. What's more,having enough sleep is also very important. Don’t stay up too late, or don’t spend too much time on computer games. Learning to relax is also helpful. When you feel tired sometimes, listen to music or have a talk

——————————————— 学习积累 —————————————————













基础综合(四) 一、单项填空 (共13分,每小题1分)

1. Mike is my good friend. He often helps _______ with my English. A. I

B. me C. my

D. mine

2. My mother always gets up _______ 6 o’clock in the morning. A. at

B. on C. in D. to

3. I want to buy some postcards in the shop, _______ I don’t have enough money. A. and

B. but

C. or D. so

4. —_______ are you going to visit the science museum? —Next Saturday. A. When

B. What

C. Where D. How

5. .Most students think Liu Xiang is one of _______ sports stars in China.

A. popular B. more popular C. most popular D. the most popular 6. —_______ you read the words in English? —No, I can’t. They are too difficult for me. A. Must B. May

C. Can

D. Need

7. Though he’s only 8 years old, he can read _______ on science. A. something

B. anything C. nothing

D. everything

8. —What were you doing this time yesterday? —I _______ some cleaning at home.

A. am doing B. was doing C. do D. did

9. Our teacher often tells us _______ our own cloth bags when shopping. A. take

B. taking C. to take D. taken

10. —Do you know Xiao Li well? —Yes. I _______ her since she was a little girl. A. know

B. will know C. knew D. have known

11. My mother _______ me a computer as a birthday present next year. A. gives

B. will give C. gave D. has given

12. Many trees _______ on the hills last year. And we will plant more this year. A. plant B. planted C. are planted D. were planted 13. Can you tell me _______ when I called you? A. what were you doing B. what are you doing C. what you were doing D. what you are doing




14. Where did Susan Lane study? A. In Iceland.

B. In Germany. C. In Australia. D. In France.

15. Who made a lot of friends in Germany? A. Susan Lane.

B. Sara Small. C. David Links. D. Tom Jennings.

16. How many students talk about their exchange experience? A. One.

B. Two.

C. Three.

D. Four.


In 50 years of traveling, Colin McCorpuodale has visited every country in the world except three. And everywhere he goes, he sends himself a postcard. He always chooses a postcard with beautiful scenery (风景). Usually he writes just a short message to himself. However, he wrote an interesting story on his latest one, from the Malians Island.

Mr. McCorpuodale lives in London. On one of the walls in his room, you can see a large map of the world. There are hundreds of little red pins (大头针) stuck in it. “These pins mean a lot to me.” says Mr. McCorpuodale, “I follow the rule. I’m allowed to stick one in only if I’ve been in a place for more than 24 hours.”

Naturally, Mr. McCorpuodale has his favorite places. New Zealand, he describes as “a wonderful country”. About China, he says, “This is the country in the world which is completely different. There is no European influence.”

Wherever he goes, Mr. McCorpuodale takes with him a photo of his wife, a candle, a shirt with a secret pocket and a pen.

So why does he do it? For the postcards or the travels? Mr. McCorpuodale laughs, “Neither.

Only for the meaningful life.”

17. What did Mr. McCorpuodale write about on his latest postcard?

A. Malians Island. B. An interesting story. C. Beautiful scenery. D. His favorite places. 18. On a wall in Mr. McCorpuodale’s room, there is .

A. a map of the world

B. a postcard to himself C. a message to himself

D. a photo of his wife

19. According to Mr. McCorpuodal, there’s no European influence .

A. in New Zealand B. in America

C. in Australia

D. in China

三、阅读短文,从短文后的五个选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。(共8分) Mr. White works in an office. He’s able and can easily deal with all kinds of matters. . Of course he’s often busy and has no time to do the housework. His wife does all at home.

Last Friday, their daughter was hurt in a traffic accident and had to be in hospital. Mrs. White had to look after her there and she couldn’t go home to take care of the house and her husband. When Mr. White was at home alone, he never cooked meals.

Yesterday morning, before Mr. White got up, the telephone rang. . His friend told him to write down an important telephone number. But he could find neither a pen nor a piece of paper. At this moment, he found there was much dust (灰尘) on the table and he wrote the number on it with his forefinger (食指). . In the afternoon, his wife came back to look for a sweater for her daughter. When Mr. White returned from work and saw his wife cleaning the table,

四、阅读短文, 根据短文内容回答问题。(共10分,每小题2分)


Winners Club

Winners Club is a bank account (账户) specially for teenagers. It has been sep up to help you better manage your money. The club is a bank account where you receive a key-card, so you can enjoy dealing with your money 24/7 — that’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Here are the features (特点) of the club. ? No account keeping fees (费用)!

You’re not a rich man, so we don’t expect you to pay large fees. In fact, it’s free for all the service!

? Excellent interest rates (利率)!

You want your money to grow, right? If you put money into the club without taking it out for a year, the club will give you a good rate of interest.

? Convenient (方便)!

Teenagers are busy — we get that. You may never need to come to a bank at all. With the club you can choose to use handy tellers and to bank from home using the phone and the Internet. This could be your pocket money or your pay from your part-time job! ? A free magazine included!

Besides your account report, you will receive a free magazine full of good ideas about making more money. There are also other fantastic offers only for the club members. ? Easy to be a member!

It is so easy to join. Simply fill in an application form (申请表). By the way, one of your parents must agree on it. Then you can become a member of the club.

Now you see the club is a great choice for teenagers. We can’t wait to have you as a Winners Club member.

24. Is Winners Club specially for teenagers?

_______________________________________________________________________ 25. How many features of Winners Club are mentioned in the passage?

_______________________________________________________________________ 26. How do you make your money in Winners Club grow?


27. What ideas can the club members read on the magazine?

_______________________________________________________________________ 28. What does the writer mainly tell teenagers?



29. 天气多好啊!为什么不出去跟朋友们一起玩儿呢?

How nice it is! ___________________ go out to play with your friends? 30. 这本书我一看完就还你,别担心。

I’ll return the book to you ___________________ I finish reading it. Don’t worry about it. 31. 请你明天六点叫醒我好吗?我要早点儿去上班。

___________________ wake me up at six tomorrow? I’ll go to work earlier. 32. 托尼正忙着写作业,恐怕他现在不能和你一起去购物。

Tony is busy doing his homework. _________________ he can’t go shopping with you now. 33. 在日常生活中,对于我们来说,懂得如何与别人和睦相处是很必要的。 _______________________________________________________ in our daily life.

六、文段表达 (15分)



I’m glad to hear from you.

I used to have the same problem. Cheer up! I’d like to give you some advice.

First, stop watching TV and go to bed earlier. Watching TV too much is bad not only for your eyes but also for your study. Second, you’d better get up on time and have breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Finally, you should understand your parents. All parents love their children. If you listen to them, I’m sure you will become healthier and won’t often feel tired.

I think it’s important for everyone to keep healthy and good living habits help a lot. I hope what I said can help you.


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