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Section B 1a-1e

?Which is the closest supermarket from our school?
?What is the longest wall in the world? ?Which is the highest mountain in the world? ?Which season is the hottest? ?Which is the heaviest animal on land? ?Which is the most difficult subject for you?

close-closer-closest hot- hotter- hottest long-longer-longest heavy-heavier-heaviest high-higher-highest difficult -more difficult-most difficult

Do you know the person?

Liu Qian

He is good at magic.
Liu Qian is the most creative magician I know.
Zhou Xingchi


Zhou Xingchi is the funniest actor I know.


most creative Han Hong is … I know.

musician Beethoven
Mo Yan

Mo Yan is … I know.


Beethoven is … I know.


Talk about the person, using the Superlatives.

… is the …(最高级) … I know.

be talented

have great talents

What talents do they have?
act magic dance sing play the violin play the drums skate

play the guitar

play the guitar

skateboard do Kungfu play a clown

upside down



play the guitar upside down

d e b
sing, play the drums and guitar

a c

play the piano


excellent, great funniest most creative worst, terrible loudest


A: Who was the best performer?

B: Eliza was the best performer.
A: Who was the funniest performer? B: Steve was the funniest performer.

A: Who was the most creative performer?
B: Vera was the most creative performer.

A: Who was the worst performer?
B: Dennis was the worst performer. A: Who was the loudest performer? B: The math teachers were the loudest performers.

Talk about the school talent show.

Hello! Last week we had a school talent show. I think Eliza was the best performer. She is an excellent piano payer and she is great. Steve was the funniest …. Vera was …. She played the guitar upside down …. The Math Teachers were the loudest performs. They …I think they are boring. Thank you.

Best In Class
Who is the most serious teacher in our class? Who is the fastest runner in our class? Who is the loudest singer in our class? Who is the most interesting writer in our class? Who is the most talented dancer in our class? Who is the best Chinese chess player in our class?

Who is the best at P.E. in our class?

Every dog has its day.

Section B 2a-2e


Say what you can do for yourself, describe yourself using the Superlatives.

Hello. I can sing well. I am the best singer in our class. ...
I am common.
But I could be the one!

One day I can fly.

some talent shows around the world

China’s Got Talent Avenue of Stars the Voice of China

All kinds of people can join these shows. All the shows have one thing in common.

Britain’s Got Talent America’s Got Talent Super Star

The shows try to look for the bes

t singers, the most talented dancers, the most exiting magicians, the funniest actors and so on.
I like singing and take the show seriously.
Then, how to decide the winner?

I think Lin sings the most beautifully in the show.

How to decide the winner?

1. VIP guests

2. people watch the game … That’s up to you to decide. They play a role in deciding the winner.
The winner always gets a You can be a star overnight! very good prize. These shows give people a way to make their dreams come true.


Are you ready?

True or False?
Judge the statements T or F according to the passage.

1.It’s always boring to watch people show their talents. 2. Only the actors can join these talent shows. 3. The winner always gets a very good prize. 4.All the performers like to say they are poor farmers. 5. These talent shows can help people make their dreams come true.

Translate the phrases and the sentences.

有相同特征 动听地唱歌 发挥…作用 认真对待…

got talent have … in common sing beautifully play a role

take … seriously


You are getting more and more beautiful.

Fill in the blanks.
truly Everyone is good at something, but some people are _______ talented. It’s always interesting to watch people show their ___________ talents Talent shows are getting ______ _____more more and ______popular. ______. in _________: try All these shows have one thing ____ common they _____ to best look for the ______ singers, the most talented dancers, the most magicians funniest exciting ___________, the ________ actors and so on. All kinds of _____ people join these shows. But who can play the piano the _______ or best most beautifully up sing the _____ ___________? That’s ___ to you . People who watch winner the show usually play a _____ in deciding the ________. And the role prize winner always gets a very good ________. not watching However, ____ everybody enjoys __________ these shows. Some made up think that the lives of the performers are ______ ____. However, if take seriously you don’t ______ these shows too _________, they are fun to watch. give And one great thing about them is that they _____ people a way to come true make their dreams ______ ______.


They try to look for the best singers, … (L6-9)

People watch the show. (L12)
Because they think that the lives …. (L16-17)

Because it’s always interesting …. (L2)
I think they are fun/ … (It’s up to you.)


most talented dancer:

Yang Liping is the most

talented dancer in China. She dances beautifully. …


Deng Kai … …


What can you learn from the passage?

If you have a dream, just go for it. Let your dream come true.

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