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新目标九年级英语unit3 Period 4

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Period Three
Section B 1a-4

Homework: Make a report
What do you think of your family rules?

他从来不上课迟到。 He is never late for class. He never arrives late for school. 我有时候和爸爸一去听音乐会。 Sometimes, I go to concerts with my father. 你和同学一起学习过吗?
Do you ever study with your classmates? 玛丽常常提前做完作业。 Mary always finishes homework early.

How often do you do these things at school?
always usually sometimes never

fight with others
copy other’s homework get school late bring a mobile phone to school wear necklaces
A: Do you ever ……? B: Yes, I sometimes……/ No,I never ……

A: Do you ever get to class late? study with friends? finish test early? worry that you’ll fail a test? B: Yes, I …… / No, I ……

Why is Peter going to fail the test?

1. Peter is going to… c 2. He isn’t allowed to… e 3. Peter wasn’t allowed to… 4. He could… b 5. He should be allowed to…

a d

Should he be allowed to take the test later?

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