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Unit 7 How much are these socks 预习学案 七年级英语上册

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Unit 7 How much are these socks? Section A 1a

— 1c (第一课时)预习学案

* 教师寄语:Don’t judge a man by his looks. 别以貌取人。


2、学会询问价格并做出回答。 【预习重点】: 学会询问价格及回答:

--How much is this…? -- It’s….

--How much are these…? --They’re….


I、 预习交流

1. 根据单元标题和图片等,预测新课内容; 2. 根据音标拼读单词并牢记; 3. 自学课文,勾画出重点和疑惑。 II、翻译官

1. How much___________ 2. T恤衫____________ 3. 毛衣 ______________ 4. 袜 子________________5. 鞋子 ____________ 6. 裙子 ______________ 7. 短裤________________8. 长裤 ____________ 9. 美元 ______________ 【预习导学】:I、新课呈现

Step1 Brainstorming(头脑风暴)

Try to speak out the names of clothes you know. Step2 Presentation

1. Learn the new words about clothes in 1a. 2. Finish 1a, then check the answers.

3. Look at the picture in 1a and learn the drills: --How much is this…? -- It’s….

--How much are these…? --They’re….

Step3 Pair work

Practice the conversations in 1c.


Talk about the questions you’ve found. Ⅲ、合作交流

Group work: 分析总结如何询问价格及回答,并练习造句。

Notes: _____________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________ 【快乐链接】 英汉对对碰:Match each word with the right Chinese meaning.

coat 皮带 jeans 校服 shirt 围巾 slipper 长袜 belt 手套 stocking 睡衣 scarf 外套 pajama 拖鞋 glove 衬衣 school uniform 牛仔裤


( ) 1. -- _______ is this hat?

--Ten dollars.

A. How much B. How many C. How often ( ) 2. How much ________ trousers?

A. is this B. is these C. are these ( ) 3. The skirt is beautiful. _________ only seven dollars.

A. They’re B. It’s C. These are


1. How much __________ (be) that pen? 2. The red socks ________ (be) only 5 yuan. 3. Those _________ (shoe) are 10 dollars. 4._________ (this) T-shirts are nice and cool.



___________________________________________________________ 2. That sweater is 35 yuan. (改为复数形式)




4. What’s the price of the hat? (改为同义句)


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