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Module 第一课时学案

一、put the Chinese into English.

在世界的南部in the southern part of the world

有着三面环水的帆船a sailing boat with water on three sides

你在忙什么? What are you up to?

某人从……回来的路上on one’s way back from

看一看……have a look at ……..

顺便说一下by the way

在……中心in the centre of Australia

我肯定I bet

像……be like

一旦only once

give/lend sb. a hand 给某一帮助

二、Choose the best answer

1.I am looking for the photos that my father ______in Shanghai.

A. takes B. will take C. took D. to take

2. I found them carrying the boxes from the factory on ______ school.

A. my way back from B. my way back C. way to D. the way from

3. 4. Tom want to _____ at our school dance tomorrow.

A. take much photo B. take many photos

C. make many photos D. make much photo

4.May I ______ your new watch?

A. have a look B. give a look at

C. have a look at D. try a look at

5. I like flowers, I’m going to buy a house _____ a small garden in front of it.

A. in B. near C. with D. between.

6. 你们在忙什么?

What are you _______ ________

7. 回家的路上,我心里感到很温暖。

______ ______ ______ home I felt the warmth in my heart.

8. 我能看看你的全家福照吗?

Can I _____ _____ _____ ______ your family photo?

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