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lesson 45新课标同步授课课件 冀教版

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Lesson 45
How safe is your home?

? 1. Please take care! ? 2. Free talk An accident


What should you do when you cook the dinner?

New Words
? Accidents are bad, we must try to ________ them. prevent ? Where do we clean ourselves? Yes, in the _________ . bathroom ? We use ____ fire soap ? We use _____ to cook. But it is dangerous, too.

? Since you’re busy, I’ll go instead ______.
to wash our face and hands. ? The farthest part from the middle is called edge Don’t ____. stand at the ____ of the table, you may fall down! edge

Talk about it!
1. If a cook is careless, what might happen in the kitchen? 2. When is electricity safe? When is it not safe?
3. Why shouldn't parents leave young children alone in the bathtub


1. If a cook is careless, what might happen in the kitchen?


2. When is electricity safe? When is it not safe?


3. Why shouldn't parents leave young children alone in the bathtub?


? Listen, read and fill in the blanks. ? Read and judge. (T/F)
1. Your home isn’t always safe. T 2. We can use water to put out kitchen fires. F 3. We can keep soap on the edge of the bathtub. F 4. People may fall when they got out of the bathtub or shower. T ? 5. Never leave small kids alone in a bathtub. T ? ? ? ?


Language points
1. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most dangerous rooms in the house. 厨房和浴室是家里最危险的两个房间。 【点拨】形容词最高级形式前要加定冠词,后面要加 介词of或in等表示范围的短语。用“most/least+ 多音节词+of/in+…”表示“最”或“最不…” Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities in China. 【拓展】most + N复, most of the + N复, most of + Pron, 表示大多数,大部分的…

? 2. Safety tips to prevent accidents in the kitchen. 预防厨房事故的安全小知识。 ? safety – danger ; ? safe – dangerous dangerous ? It is ________ to drive after drinking wine. ? The little girl is in _______. danger ? prevent 事先采取措施“防止”; 事前成为一种阻碍“阻止”事情发生 ~ sth; ~ /stop/keep/sb from doing sth; ~ sth from being done.


3. Don’t stand on chairs.

? on the chair ? in the chair


4. Many people hurt themselves by falling off chairs. 许多人因为从椅子上摔下来而受伤。 【点拨】(1)此句中hurt oneself意为“使自己受 伤”。反身代词可以与一些动词连用,如,teach oneself(自学),dress oneself(给自己穿衣服), enjoy oneself(玩得开心),look at oneself in the mirror(照镜子)等等。 【点拨】(2)fall off意为“从……掉下来”。又 如: The cat fell off the high wall, but it was okay. 猫从高墙上掉下来,但一点事也没有。 【点拨】(3)by在句中表示“(方法,手段)由, 用”。又如: He makes a living by painting.他靠画画谋生。

5.Don’t use water to put out kitchen fires. Use soda or salt ins

tead. 不要用水扑灭厨房的火,而要用小苏打或盐。 【点拨】 put out 意思是“熄灭、扑灭”。又如: Put out your cigarette. It’s a gas station here. 灭掉你的烟,这里是加油站。 instead是副词,表示“代替,顶替”。又如: He is ill, so I go there instead. 他病了,所以我代替他去了。 【拓展】instead of后面跟名词、代词或动名词等。 例如:I usually go to school by bus instead of going by bicycle.我通常坐公共汽车去上学,而不 是骑自行车。

? ? ? ?

? fire make a fire 生火 on fire 起火 play with fire 玩火 catch fire 着火


6. Be careful with knives!
? care – careful – carefully ? take care 小心;注意 = look out/be careful ? take care of 照看;照顾 = look after ? care for 喜欢 ? care about 在乎,关心 ? be careful with … 小心用… ? careful - careless


7. Don’t put things that burn near the stove.

【点拨】句中有一个由 that引导的定语从句, 修饰限定词things, 先 行词things是表示事物 的名词,关系代词在 定语从句中做主语时, 可用that或which


8.Never leave small children alone in a bathtub. 【点拨】在祈使句中长加 never或always表示强调, 意为“绝不,永不;总是…” 总是做一个好学生。 Always be a good student. 上学永远不要迟到。 Never be late for school。 leave sb/sth alone 把某人/物独自留在那里 alone/lonely alone The old man lives ______, but he never feels _______. lonely

Report: Safety tips to prevent accidents in the kitchen/bathroom


Practice 1:根据汉语提示填空。
1.If we are careful enough, a lot of accidents can be prevented ____________(避免).

slipped 2.He ________(滑倒)on the icy road and broke his leg.

3.Mum always _______(擦干)her hands before she dries

turns on the stove.

4.The firemen put out _______(熄灭)the fire quickly.

left 5. We ate all the food and ______ (剩下) nothing on the


Practice 2:选择最佳选项。
1.Thank you for your ______ on how to solve the problem. A. news B. tips C. warning D. care

2.We didn’t go to the zoo. We went to the park, _______.
A. too B. also C. either D. instead

3.He couldn’t swim at all. He ______ in the river.
A. died B. drowned C. dived 4.There’s no _______ today. So we can’t use the _______ appliances. A. electrical, electricity B. electricity, electronic

D. swam

C. electricity, electrical D. electricity, electricity

5.He stood _______ the edge of the mountain and looked

down at the small village below.

A. on

B. by

C. in

D. outside

? 1. Copy the new words and key sentences. ? 2. Make up new sentences. ? 3. Writing: How to keep a safe school

? 4. Review L45 and Preview l46


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