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Unit 9 sectionBperiod3

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Have you ever been to an amusement park?

Section B

I want to understand English language movies.
It’s fun to learn another language. I want to travel. I want to study in an Englishspeaking country.

Some of these reasons are important to you ,some are not.Compare your answers with your partner.

What is the most important to you? Why?


I have to !

I like English songs. I want to be a translator. I want to make a foreign pen-pal. It’s very popular to learn English .

I want to be an English tour guide. I want to talk with foreign teacher freely.
I want to understand English newspapers and story books.

2a. Listen to a teacher interviewing a student. Circle the questions you hear.
a. How do you spell your last name? b. Where are you from? c. Why do you want to improve your English? d. Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? e. When did you start studying English?

f. How long have you been studying English?

2b. Listen again and fill in the questionnaire.
Name: Thomas Ruzic Three years.

Studying English for:

English-speaking countries visited: The United States When: When he was thirteen. Reasons for learning English:

He wants to travel the world.

Fill in the blanks with have, haven’t, ever, never or been.

1. Have you


been to the dentist?

have Yes, I . been 2. Have you ever to Holland? haven’t No, I . Have 3. you ever been to China?

No, I’ve 4. Have you 5. Yes, I

never ever have

been there. been to a science museum?

. you ever been to a water park?

No, I


. What’s a water park?

Read this article from the Hilltop Language School newsletter and write answers to the questions. 1. What does Mei Shan do? She is a flight attendant. 2. How long has she had the job? She has had the job for 2 years. 3. Why did she want the job? She wanted to travel. 4. How long did she study English? She studied English for 5 years.

5. What kind of job does David want?
David wants to be a tour guide.

6. Has he ever been to an EnglishNo. speaking country?
7. How long has he been studying at the school? He has been a student for one year.
8. What other jobs is he thinking of doing?

He might become an English teacher instead.

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