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Unit 4 What's the best movie theater.

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Section A(1a~1c)

Wang Zhiping 2013.10.16

1.Do you like going to a movie?

2.How do you choose a movie theater?








Screen City is cheap. Movie World


is cheaper.

Town Cinema
¥10 is the cheapest.

Town Cinema has a big screen.
Movie World has a bigger screen. Screen City has the biggest screen.

Town Cinema
has comfortable seats. Movie World has more comfortable seats. Screen City has the most comfortable seats.

How do you choose which movie theater to go to? Write the things in the box. Important Not important comfortable close to seats home big screens best sound new movies cheap popular buy tickets quickly


Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters.
Qualities Movie theaters

It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular near here. It’s the closest to home.

Movie World Screen City
Town Cinema

It has the shortest waiting time.
It has the best sound. It has the most comfortable seats.

Town Cinema Screen City Movie World

Practice the conversation. Then 1c talk about the movie theaters you know. Sun Cinema. It’s What’s the the cheapest. best movie theater? But I think Moon Theater has the most comfortable seats.

A: What’s the best movie theater? B: Sun Cinema. It’s the cheapest. C: But I think Moon Theater has the most comfortable seats. D: For me, …… F: In my opinion, ……


It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular near here. It’s the closest to home. It has the shortest waiting time. It has the most comfortable seats.

1.预习2d,Grammar Fucus.画出不懂的单词及 句子。 2.抄单词 要求:?一个单词抄三遍,并写出汉语意思。 ?从theater~worse. 3. 2d抄一遍翻译一遍。

Section A(2a~2c)

Wang Zhiping 2013.10.23

I think Wan Da Theater is the best theater in Yinchuan. Because it’s/ it has….. comfortable seats big screens best sound new movies close to home cheap popular buy tickets quickly

Guessing Game
He’s the most popular actor, and he’s famous for playing Chinese kung fu.

He is the tallest basketball player in China .

It is the longest wall
in China.

It is the highest mountain in China.

the Himalayas 喜马拉雅山 [e? hi'malj?z]

It is the longest river in China.
the Changjiang River


Listen to a reporter interviewing a boy. Circle the boy’s answers.

Green City Survey 1. Which is the best clothes store? a. Miller’s b. Blue Moon c. Dream Clothes 2. Which is the best radio station? a. 970 AM b. 97.9 FM c. 107.9 FM


Listen again. Write the correct store or radio station next to each statement. Clothes stores _________ It’s the most Blue Moon expensive. Miller’s _________ It has the best Blue Moon Miller’s Dream Clothes clothes. _________ Dream Clothes It’s the worst store. _________You can buy Miller’s clothes the most cheaply

970 AM 97.9 FM 107.9 FM

Radio stations _______ It has the worst music. 970 AM _______ 97.9 FM They play t

he most boring songs. 107.9 FM The DJs choose _______ songs the most carefully. _______ It’s the most popular. 97.9 FM

A: Hello! I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions? B: Sure. A: What’s the best clothes store in town? B: I think Miller’s is the best. A: Why do you think so? B: Well, Miller’s has the best clothes. C:In my opinion..... It's the most expensive/It's the worst store/It has the most cheaply clothes....

1. 完成3a的练习,填在书上。 2. 抄单词。 要求:?一个单词抄三遍,并写出汉语意思。 ?从service~China's Got Talent. 3.Grammar Focus 抄一遍翻译一遍。

Section A

Wang Zhiping 2013.10.24

-Who is the tallest in our class? -I think.....is the tallest in our class. -Who is the funniest in our class? -I think.....is the funniest in our class. -which do you like (the) best?Chinese,math or English. -I like.....the best.

I can be the smartest, I will be the strongest. My house is the best,my room is the cleanest. I am the happiest,I am the healthiest. My friend is the funniest, he gets up the earliest.

My school is the most beautiful,
my city is the most comfortable.

Who is the tallest in our class? which do you like (the) best?Chinese,math or English. 1)形容词最高级:
用于三者或三者以上的人或事物的比较。 2)形容词最高级前须加the.副词最高级前的the 可以省略。

? 规则的: cheaper—cheapest nicer— nicest bigger--biggest friendlier-friendliest more comfortable —most comfortable ? 不规则的: good--better---best bad--worse---worst

直接加est 直接加st 双写再加est 改y为i再加est 多音节词在前面加 most

写出下列形容词的比较级和最高级形式: tall taller shorter bigger tallest shortest biggest thinnest

short big
thin heavy good/well

thinner heavier
better worse

best worst


写出下列单词的适当形式。 worst 1. Which do you think is the ______ (bad)
food store in town? 2. Who sings ______ (good) in your class. best 3. Jane writes most carefully(carefully) in _____________ your class. freshest 4. Which store has the ________ (fresh) fruit in town?

the closest to Wan Da Theater is __________(离…最近) the biggest cinema Tang Lei Middle School. It’s____________ the has __________ (最大的影院) in the city.It most comfortable seats (最舒适的座位).It also has the friendliest service _____________ (最友好的服务).It is the most popular near here _____________ (在这儿最受欢迎).

Section A (3a~1b)
Wang Zhiping 2013.10.25

2d Role-play the conversation.
Hi, I’m Helen. Welcome to the neighborhood! How do you like it so far? …

Hi, I’m Greg. I’m new in town.

1.I’m new in town. 我新来此处。 in town 是一个短语,表示“在说话 人所在或所指的城镇”。此时,town 不与冠词连用。 e.g. What’s the best clothes store i

n town? 这城镇里最好的服装店是哪家?

2. so far:到目前为止;迄今为止 e.g. How many homework have you finished so far? How do you like·· ·?“你认为·· ·怎么样?”, 相当于“What do you think of ·· ·?” e.g. -How do you like Chinese food?= What do you think of Chinese food? - I like it very much.

3.around:?adv:周围,大约 e.g. I could hear laughter all around. He arrived around five o'clock. ? prep:四周,在....附近 e.g. Is there a cinema around here? They walked around the lake.

4. Thanks for doing sth:因·· ·而感谢,是向对方 表示感谢的句型,相当于“ Thank you for......”。后一般跟V+ing。 e.g. ?Thank you for telling me the news. ?Thank you for helping me.

3a.Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in brackets.

the worst 1. We went to the ________(bad) restaurant in town last night. The menu had only 10 dishes and the service was not good at all. 2. Blue Moon is ________(good), but Miller’s is good ________(good) in town. the best more expensive 3. The Big Screen is __________(expensive) than most the most expensive cinemas, but Cinema City is __________(expensive). worst 4. Movie City has the ________(bad) service, but we can sit the ___________________(comfortably) there. the most comfortably best 5. Johnny Depp acted the ______(good) in the movie.He’s much better _______(good) than other at finding the ____________(interesting) roles. most interesting

Write these words and phrases next 1a to their opposites in the chart.
funniest most creative quietest best

most boring loudest worst most serious

most creative



Tell your partner about people you know. Use the words in 1a.
My brother speaks the loudest. But he sings the worst. And Mr. Hui is the most serious person I know......

1.背 Grammar Focus. 2.用1a的词写句子,共六个句子。 3.抄P114形容词和副词的原形,比较级, 最高级。 注意格式:high—higher—highest

1c. Match the pictures with the performers.
Names Eliza Vera Steve Dennis The math teachers
Vera 1.________ 5.________ Steve

The math teachers 2.________

Dennis 3.________

Eliza 4.________

Listen to people talking about a school talent show. Match the pictures with the performers. Eliza ___ Vera ___ a d Steve e ___ Dennis c
___ b The math teachers


Listen again. What do the people say 1d about the performers? Fill in the chart with the adjectives you hear.
Names Eliza Steve best, What people say excellent, great funniest creative, the most creative worst, terrible

Dennis The Math Teachers


Talk Show

Talk about the school talent show. Who do you think was the … perform. best What people say excellent great

Name Eliza Steve Vera Dennis The Math Teachers

funniest most creative worst terrible loudest

In last week’s school talent show, I think Eliza was the best performer, she is an excellent piano payer, she is great. Steve

with the dog was the funniest. Vera was the most creative, I don’t know many people who can play the guitar upside down. I think Dennis was the worst performer. He was terrible. He can’t juggle at all. And the math teachers were the loudest in the show.


Ask and answer quickly

A: Who was the best performer? B: Eliza was the best performer.

A: Who was the funniest performer?
B: Steve was the funniest performer. A: Who was the most creative performer? B: Vera was the most creative performer. A: Who was the worst performer?

B: Dennis was the worst performer.
A: Who was the loudest performer? B: The math teachers were the loudest performers.

Talent show
Who do you think is the …performer?
1 2 3

Who’s the most talented person you know? What can he/she do? Talk about it.
I think Li Fei is the most talented person. What can she do?

She can stand on her head.

Read the passage. Which three

talent shows are mentioned?
1. American Idol 美国偶像 2. America’s Got Talent 美国达人秀

3. China’s Got Talent 中国达人秀

Read the passage again and find the answers to the questions.
1. What do talent shows have in common?
2. Who decides the winners? 3. Why do some people not like these shows? 4. Why do some people like these shows? 5. What do you think of these shows?

1. What do talent shows have in common?

They try to look for the best singers, the most talented dancers, the most exciting magicians, the funniest actorsand so on.
2. Who decides the winner? That’s up to the people who watch it.

3. Why do some people not like these shows? Because if people don’t take these shows too seriously, they are fun to watch.

4. Why do some people like these shows?
Because some people think that the lives of the performers are made up.

5. What do you think of these shows? I think they can give people a way to make up their dreams come true.

Underline all the superlatives in the passage. Then write sentences using at least four of them.
best singer: In my class. Tom is the best singer because he can sing fast songs very well.

most talented dancers: Jenny is the most talented dancers because she can dance like a fish. most exciting magicians: Liu Qian is the most exciting magicians. funniest actor: Linda is the funniest actor because she can sing like a parrot.

1. Who’s Got Talent? 谁是达人?
who’s = who has have got 表示“具有;具备”之意,相当 于have。此句字面上的意思是“谁有才 华?”

e.g. Have you got time? I’ve got something important to tell you. 你现在有空吗?我有重要的事要告你。

2. be good at … 擅长… (= do well in) e.g. ?I’m good at English. 我擅长英语。 ?The man is good at swimming. 这个男人擅长游泳。 反义短语:be poor / weak in 在...方面 弱;不擅长…

be good for “对??有益”,后跟人 或事物;其反义短语是be bad for。 e.g. Running is good for your health. 跑步对健康有好

处。 be good to “对??好(和善;慈爱)”, 相当于 be friendly to,后面通常接人。 e.g. A father should be good to his children. 父亲对孩子应该慈爱。

3. have … in common 有相同特征;(想法、 兴趣等方面)相同 e.g. ?The two sisters have nothing in common. 两姐妹没有什么共同之处。 ?I have nothing in common with her.

4. all kinds of 各种类型的;各种各样的 例如: e.g. There are all kinds of animals in the zoo. 动物园里有各种各样的动物。

5. make up 编造(故事、谎言等) e.g.?Don't make up a story. 不要捏造事实。 ?The boy made up a story, it is not true. 这个故事不是真的, 是那个男孩编造出 来的。

6. take … seriously 认真对待?? 例如: e.g.?Don’t take it so seriously. 别把这件事看得这么严重。 ?He is joking. Don't take it seriously. 他是跟你开玩笑呢, 你别当真。

seriously adv. 严肃地; 认真地; 严重地 e.g.He looked into her eyes seriously. 他严肃地盯着她的眼睛。 serious adj. 严肃的;严重的;认真的 e.g.He is the most serious person as I know. 据我所知,他是一个特别认真的人。

Who’s got the talent in your class? Let some Ss give their report. 1. Li Fei is the best chess player. 2. Xu Li is the most talented dancer. 3. Wu Fan is the most interesting writer. 4. Sun Nan is the faster runner. 5. … is the best basketball player. 6. … is the best English speaker. 7. … is the funniest actor.

Let’s review the phrases. And make a sentence with it. 1. 有相同特征 2. 各种各样的 3. 由??决定 4. 发挥作用
have … in common _________________ all kinds of _________________

be up to _________________
play a role _________________

5. 编造

make up
for example take … seriously

6. 例如
7. 认真对待

8. 给某人某物 give sb. sth./ give sth. to sb.

3a Read the article about Greenwood
Park. Fill in the blanks with the correct superlative forms of the adjectives and adverbs in the box.


处应是形容词还是副词,根据 句意确定单词。 最后,将单词正确的最高级形式填到空 格上。副词前可以不加 the。

crowed, creative, good, fast, quietly
Greenwood Park is _________ place to go the best on weekends. I always finish my breakfast fastest _______ on Saturdays because I want to get to Greenwood Park before 10:00 a.m. to meet my friends. The park is ________________ the most crowded place on weekends because almost everyone goes there to see the street performers.

Some people think they are boring, but I think they are the most creativepeople. ________________ However, the place where you can enjoy the most quietly your time ________________ is at one of the small coffee shops near the park. You can read or relax there. There is something for everyone at

Greenwood Park.

3b Think about some of the best places / things in your town. Why are they the best?
Best places / things in my town Why?

best middle school

No.1 Middle School Because it is the most beautiful school in my town.

Write about your town and the best places/things there. I live in a beautiful town near the Yellow River. ______________________________ _________________________________ ___ _________________________________

One possible version:
I live in a beautiful town near the Yellow River. The best school is No. 1 Middle

School because it is the most beautiful. The best supermarket is New Century Supermarket because it has the best quality things and the best service. The best restaurant is Rui Jia Restaurant because it has the most delicious food

and it is the cleanest restaurant. The best clothes store is Fashion Kids because it has the best quality clothes and it plays the nicest music. The best theater is Hanhai 3D Theater because it has the biggest screen and it has the most comfortable seats.

Discuss the towns / cities in China 4 with a partner. Tell the class which town / city you think is the best.

Which is the best town / city? … has the best … … is the best because … … is better than …, but … is the most …

I think San Ya is the best city in China. It has the most beautiful beaches. It has the cleanest water. It’s the warmest place. You can eat the most delicious sea food. You can enjoy the sunshine most quietly.

1 Fill in the blanks with the superlative forms of the words in the box.

good cheap popular comfortably bad

the cheapest 1. Dumpling House is _____________ restaurant in the city. You can get a big plate of dumplings for only five yuan. the most popular 2. Spring Park is ________________ place in the city on weekends. Many families go there with their young children. Lots of old people like to take walks there, too. (the) most comfortably 3. You can rest ___________________ at Flower Hotel. Their rooms are clean and big.

4. 109.9 FM plays ________ music. The songs the worst are always boring and too loud.

5. PEP High School is the best school in this _______ town. They have big classrooms, fantastic teachers and an excellent sports center.

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