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Can you read and sing ?
January February March April May June July August September October November December

In __ 1981,there was a beautiful mother on who gave birth to her daughter __ June in 4th.This was good news for her __ June.The mother knew her first on daughter’s birthday was__June 4th,1981. My birthday is on June 4th,1981. Q: When were you born ? A: I was born on June 4th,1981. [ b?:n ] in June 1981. in 1981.

A: Hello ! B: Hello ! A: When were you born? B: I was born in... . on... . What /How about you? A: I was born in... . on... .


Listen and write.

ping-pong player basketball player

tennis player

soccer player

1973 1963 1980 1975 Born_____ Born_____ Born____ Born___


Liu Xiang
Q: Who’s that?
A: That is Liu Xiang.

Q: What does he do?
A: He is a great Chinese runner.

Q: When was he born? A: He was born on July 13th,1983. in July 1983. in 1983.

July 13th, 1983



August 23rd,1988

February 1982

A: B: A: August 1978 B: A: B: A: April 26th,1963 B:

April 7th, 1954

Hello! Hello ! Who’s that? That’s … . What does he/she do? He/ She is a/an … . When was he/ she born? He/ She was born in…/on… .

Name Job
Your friend Lucy

The date of birth Student May, 1999

His/Her father/ mother

My friend’s name is__. He/She is a/an __.He/She was born in/on__. His/Her father’s name is_. His/Her father is a/an__. He was born in/on…


When were you born? When was your mother born?

When was your father born?


1. ―_______ you born? ―I was born in 1998. A. When were B. Where did C. Where were D. When was 2.Tom was born ________ June 3rd, 1997. A. in B. of C. on D. at 3.When _____ he born?” A. is B. was C. has “In 1995.” D. does

4.The great tennis player was born ________ 1980. A. on B. at C. in D. from was ____(出生) on May 4th, 1978 5. The movie star ____ born

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