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(get) 1.–-Where is the morning paper? –-I ________ it for you at once.

(be) 2.________ a concert next Saturday?

(have) 3. If they come, we ________ a meeting.

(rain) 4. If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll go roller-skating.

(fly; go) 5. Tomorrow he ________ a kite in the open air first, and then ________ boating in the park.

(be) 6. There ________ a birthday party this Sunday.

(have) 7. They ________ an English evening next Sunday.

(lose) 8. Sorry, I can’t open the door, for I ________ the key to it.

(return) 9. --It’s good to see you again, Agnes. --This has been our first chance to visit since I ________ from Iran. (earn) 11.--Bob must be very wealthy. --Yes, he ________ more in one day than I do in a week.

(think; be)12. --Peter, I want show you something. --Oh, how nice of you! I never ________ you ________ to bring me a gift.

(work) 13. I first met Lisa three years ago. She ________ at a radio shop at the time.

(travel) 14. The reporter said that the UFO ________ east to west when he saw it.

(think) 15. –What’s the matter, Ali? You look sad. --Oh, nothing much. As a matter of fact, I ________ of my friends back home.

(send) 16. When Li Ming hurried home, he found that his mother ________ already ________ to hospital.

(leave; come)17. She ________ her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband ________ home.

(be; study)18. Zhao Lan ________ already ________ in this school for two years.

(see) 19. Harry Potter is a very nice film. I________ it twice.

(live) 20. The house belongs to my aunt but she ________ here anymore.

(keep) 21. Your job ________ open for your return. --Thanks.

(fly) 22.The young girl sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. She ________ before.

(work) 23. I first met Tom 10 years ago. He ________ in a radio factory at that time.

(leave) 24. Mrs. Wu told me that her sister ________ two hours before.

(have) 25. When I reached home, my parents __________their supper.

(teach) 26. She __________ in this school ________ (for / since) the past ten years.

(work / have) 27. --I ________ so busily recently that I ________ no time to help you with your math.

--That’s OK. I can manage it by myself.

(write) 28. Remember to send me a photo of us next time you ________ to me.

(talk)29. --I beg your pardon, but I didn’t quite catch you. --Oh, I ________ myself.

(play) 30. I ________ Ping-Pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the New Year.

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