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1. I’d like to thank you all for your s___________.

2. I am so l___________ to meet EXO here!

3. We are cheering for our team. They are the w__________ of the final.

4. I’ll visit some places of i__________ in Beijing this winter holiday.

5. You can learn about English c__________ and enjoy local food there.

6. He’s so b___________ -----all he ever talks about is football.

7. Shake the bottle well so that the oil m________ with the vinegar.

8. Please give me another e__________ of a none.

9. Pupils should know how to s___________ commonly used words.

10. Are there any i___________ on how to learn English well?

11. Do you still remember e__________ what she said?

12. I can’t stand the t___________ weather here.

13. Do the children always enjoy d___________ the Christmas tree?

14. Times is a good m___________ in America. Many people like reading it.

15. L__________, Sandy didn’t hurt herself.

16. She is so g____________ that she always shares things with others.

17. T____________ a week, Nancy plays softball after school.

18. When something w___________ me, I can always ask him for help.

19. I think these a______________ are dangerous if we are careless.

20. Our Chinese teacher is friendly. We all like her s___________ eyes.

21. Alan is very smart and can always answer questions c___________.

22. My brother Daniel t___________ himself how to make a home page last year.


1. It takes us about _________ hour to get to the Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport from Yangzhou by ________ bus.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; /

2. ---What do you think of my shirt? It _________ cotton.

---It looks nice on you.

A. is made in B. is made for C. is made of D. is made by

3. He speaks French well, but of course not _________ a person born in France.

A. as clear as B. clearer than C. as clearly as D. the more clearly

4. The _________ action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A. 130-minute B. 130-minutes C. 130 minute D. 130 minutes

5. If the robot _________ wrong, you can get a new one for free or get all your money back.

A. went B. goes C. would go D. will go

6. ---I have ________ in learning English and I’m so worried. Could you help me with it? ---Sure, I’d love to.

A. joy B. interest C. trouble D. fun

7. It _________Mr. Green an hour to fix up his bicycle yesterday.

A. cost B. paid C. spent D. took

8. ---Don’t smoke in the reading room, _________?

---I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

A. will you B. shall we C. do you D. don’t you

9. ---The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it?

---Oh, it is _________ books.

A. filled B. covered with C. used for D. asked for

10. ---I hear _________ your grandpa _________ your grandma like watching Beijing Opera. ---Right, just as many old people do in our city.

A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also

11. I can’t do the job __________ you.

A. so bad as B. as badly as C. as worse as D. so worst as

12. ---What a hot day! Have you had a drink?

---Yes. But I’d like to have ________ after work.

A. it B. one C. other D. another

13. He eats __________ food, so he’s __________ fat.

A. much too; too much B. much too; too many

C. too much; much too D. too much; many too

14. ---I don’t know the way to the library.

---Let’s show you _________ there.

A. what to get B. when to get C. how to get D. how to get to

15. ---Who did more work, Bill or Henry?

---I think Bill did just _________ Henry.

A. as more as B. as many as C. as much as D. as most as

16. ---Would you help me __________ this Math problem, Mr. Lin? It’s too hard for me. ---OK. Let me try.

A. look after B. work out C. think of D. put on

17. Why not _________ your teacher for help when you can’t finish __________ it by yourself?

A. ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask; writing D. asking; write

18. ---Do you think which cap is better?

---The red one, I think. It makes you ____________.

A. looking smart B. look smart C. to look smart D. to looking smart

19. ---Mom, I’m going out with my classmates tonight.

---OK. But you’d better _________ back too late.

A. don’t come B. not to come C. not coming D. not come

20. We didn’t know anything about the fox _________ the teacher told us.

A. after B. until C. if D. because

21. The bookshop is on __________ side of the street. Yu should find a zebra crossing first.

A. another B. the other C. other D. others

22. My cousin is very busy with his work. He has __________ time to read newspapers.

A. little B. few C. a little D. a few

23. The physics problem is very difficult. Jack started to _________ two hours ago, but he hasn’t _________.

A. work on it; worked it out B. work on it; worked out it

C. working on it; worked out it D. working it on; worked it out

24. In order to keep healthy, you should eat __________ fast food, __________ fresh vegetable

and take enough exercise.

A. fewer; fewer B. less; more C. fewer; more D. less; less

25. ---Linda, when shall we take a walk?

---After I finish _________ the dishes.

A. wash B. washed C. to wash D. washing

26. ---How much money did you ___________ in fixing your watch?

---About ten yuan.

A. cost B. pay C. spend D. take

27. In our school library there __________ a number of books on science and number of them __________ growing larger and larger.

A. is; are B. are; is C. has; is D. have; are

28. ---Excuse me, can I have __________ apples, please?

---Sure, here you are.

A. very more B. some more C. lot more D. more one

29. ---Do you mind my opening the door? ----___________

A. Yes, I mind. B. No, of course not. C. I don’t know. D. It’s hard to say.

30. The children look __________ and their grandpa is looking __________ at them.

A. happy; happily B. happy; happy C. happily; happy D. happily; happily


1. 我们可以参观世界公园或者周游世界。

We can _________________________ the World Park ____________________________.

2. 让我们为明天喝彩。

Let’s ____________________________________________.

3. 世界公园是一个旅游的好地方。

The World Park is a __________________________________.

4. 看到如此多的来自全世界的名胜真有趣。

It was interesting to see _____________________ from all over the world.

5. 他们昨天晚上观看了网球决赛。

They watched the ___________________________________________.

6. 所有这些都使他难过。

________________________ made him _________________.

7. 既然每个人都会时不时犯错误,她决定给他一次机会。

Since everyone may ___________________ at times, she __________________ him a chance.

8. 他确定为旅途备足了食物。

He _________________ that he had ___________________________ the journey.

9. 西蒙的新运动鞋使他看上去很时髦。

Simon’s new sport shoes ____________ him __________________________.

10. Betty很善良,从来不说别人的坏话。

Berry is kind and never ________________________________________.

11. 我长大想当一名医生。

I want ______________________ when I _________________________.

12. 如果我能让别人快乐起来,我会与你一起分享快乐。

If I can ________________________, I’ll ________________________ you.

13. 你的住所离你们学校有多远? 每天步行来学校吗? ___________________________ do you live from _________________________ every day?

your school? Do you

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