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1. You needn’t __________ those things if you _________ them.

A. buy; needn’t B. buy; don’t need C. to buy; need D. to buy; needn’t

2. He is a handsome boy _________ large bright eyes.

A. have B. has C. with D. having

3. I walked _________ a shop on my home yesterday.

A. passed B. past C. by D. on

4. Did you enjoy __________ at the party, my children?

A. myself B. yourself C. ourselves D. yourselves

5. ---Who taught _________ to make a home page?

---Nobody. I taught _________.

A. you; me B. you; myself C. yourself; me D. yourself; myself

6. I often spend a lot of time __________ softball after class.

A. practicing play B. to practice playing C. to practice to play D. practicing playing

7. The Palace Museum is __________. These foreigners are all __________ in it.

A. amazing; interested B. amazed; interested

C. amazed; interested D. amazing; interesting

8. The room _________ is nice, but the windows are too small.

A. it B. its C. it’s D. itself

9. Remember __________ my dog for a walk.

A. take B. to take C. takes D. taking

10. The artist said that he hoped _________ drawing the picture soon.

A. his son to finish B. to finish C. finishing D. his son will finish

11. Students in out class usually __________ home at 5:30.

A. get to B. reach to C. arrive at D. arrive

12. Meimei likes Maths a lot. So she does her best _________ it well.

A. to learn B. learn C. learning D. of learning

13. ---Shall we go hiking tomorrow?

---_________. The radio says it will rain.

A. Sure B. That’s a good idea C. I’m afraid we can’t D. All right

14. Daniel is _________ about playing football. He even plays it when it rains.

A. interested B. food C. afraid D. crazy

15. Waiter, the porridge ___________. Please take it away.

A. tastes good B. taste good C. taste terrible D. tastes terrible

16. Please __________ the cup _________ water.

A. fill; in B. full; in C. fill; with D. full; with

17. Dad’s birthday __________. What present are you going to buy?

A. came B. comes C. is coming D. come

18. ---Can I talk to you for a minute, Brian?

---Sure, I have _________ time.

A. a few B. little C. few D. a little

19. If it keeps __________ like this, there may be a big flood soon.

A. to rain B. raining C. rained D. to raining

20. I spent half an hour _________ my homework.

A. finish doing B. to finish doing C. finishing to do D. finish doing

21. It takes us about _________ hour to get to the Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport from Yangzhou by ________ bus.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; / D. a; /

22. ---What do you think of my shirt? It _________ cotton.

---It looks nice on you.

A. is made in B. is made for C. is made of D. is made by

23. He speaks French well, but of course not _________ a person born in France.

A. as clear as B. clearer than C. as clearly as D. the more clearly

24. The _________ action film has attracted millions of young people to the cinema.

A. 130-minute B. 130-minutes C. 130 minute D. 130 minutes

25. If the robot _________ wrong, you can get a new one for free or get all your money back.

A. went B. goes C. would go D. will go

26. ---I have ________ in learning English and I’m so worried. Could you help me with it? ---Sure, I’d love to.

A. joy B. interest C. trouble D. fun

27. It _________Mr. Green an hour to fix up his bicycle yesterday.

A. cost B. paid C. spent D. took

28. ---Don’t smoke in the reading room, _________?

---I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

A. will you B. shall we C. do you D. don’t you

29. ---The box is too heavy to carry. What’s in it?

---Oh, it is _________ books.

A. filled B. covered with C. used for D. asked for

30. ---I hear _________ your grandpa _________ your grandma like watching Beijing Opera. ---Right, just as many old people do in our city.

A. both; and B. either; or C. neither; nor D. not only; but also

31. I can’t do the job __________ you.

A. so bad as B. as badly as C. as worse as D. so worst as

32. ---What a hot day! Have you had a drink?

---Yes. But I’d like to have ________ after work.

A. it B. one C. other D. another

33. He eats __________ food, so he’s __________ fat.

A. much too; too much B. much too; too many

C. too much; much too D. too much; many too

34. ---I don’t know the way to the library.

---Let’s show you _________ there.

A. what to get B. when to get C. how to get D. how to get to

35. ---Who did more work, Bill or Henry?

---I think Bill did just _________ Henry.

A. as more as B. as many as C. as much as D. as most as

36. ---Would you help me __________ this Math problem, Mr. Lin? It’s too hard for me. ---OK. Let me try.

A. look after B. work out C. think of D. put on

37. Why not _________ your teacher for help when you can’t finish __________ it by yourself?

A. ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask; writing D. asking; write

38. She had a little trouble __________ the word.

A. spell B. spelling C. to spell D. to spelling

39. If anybody calls, tell them I’m out and ask them to ___________ their names and addresses.

A. pass B. write C. take D. leave

40. There was a __________ rain yesterday. When I got home. It was raining __________.

A. heavy; heavy B. heavily; heavily C. heavy; heavily D. heavily; heavy

41. Can you fix this __________ window?

A. break B. broke C. broken D. breaking

42. We have two foreign teachers here. One is from England, and ___________ is from America.

A. another B. the other C. other D. the others

43. ___________ Tom ___________ Mary speaks good Chinese, so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well.

A. Neither; nor B. Not only; but also C. Both; and D. Either; or

44. What a nice day! We should go sightseeing ____________ watching TV in the hotel.

A. because of B. instead of C. together with D. out of

45. ________ the teacher’s help, he passed the exam. So he is grateful _________ her.

A. Without; for B. Under; to C. With; for D. With; to

46. The artist said that he hoped _________ drawing the picture soon.

A. his son to finish B. to finish C. finishing D. his son will finish

47. There were __________ friends of hers at the school gate. So she left quickly.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

48. We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen _________ we speak.

A. as twice much as B. twice as much as C. as much as twice D. as much twice as

49. He always thinks more of ___________ than of ___________. We all like him very much.

A. him; other B. the other; him C. himself; the other D. others; himself 50 When they walked along the river, they suddenly heard somebody ___________ for help.

A. called B. call C. calling D. calls

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