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Unit 5
It must belong to Carla.

Section A

Guessing games

What does she do?
She could/might be a/an______

What does she do?
She could/might be a/an______

What does he do?
He could/might be a/an______

Look and guess.


can’t在此表示猜测, 译为“不可能”,后接 Who is she? might/could在此表示猜 动词原形。 测,译为“也许,可能”, She can’t be Guo Jingjing. 后接动词原形。 must在此表示猜测, She might/could be 译为“肯定,极可能”, Wang Nan. 后接动词原形。 She must be Zhang Yining.

Oh, yes. She is Zhang Yining.

Look and guess. Using “can’t , might (could), must.

Who is he?


He can’t … might(could)… must…

She can’t … might(could)… must…

Whose volleyball is it?

It must be Feng Kun’s.

belong to “属于”

It must belong to Feng Kun.
Because she is the only volleyball player.

Whose notebook is this?
肖勇 It must belong to Xiao Yong. = Why? Because his name is on the book. It must be XiaoYong’s.

Whose skirt is this?


It can’t belong to Mike.

It must belong to Jane.


Because she is the only woman here.

Whose skirt is this?

It could be Jane’s. Miss Yang’s.

It can’t be Mike’s.
belong to Mike. It might belong to Jane.


Miss Yang.

Miss Yang Miss Yang

Whose … is this ?
It must be sb’s. belong to sb. It could /might be sb’s.

belong to sb.
It can’t be sb’s. belong to sb.

-Whose … is this ? -It______ be Liu Xiang’s. (=It belong to Liu xiang) Because it has his name on it.

Liu Xiang

John Tony


1a: look at the picture and fill in the chart
Clothing hat Tshirt Fun things Kitchen things volleyball plate Toy car


jacket magazine CD book


Listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

Person Jane’s little brother Mary Carla Deng Wen Grace

Thing Volleyball

Hemingway is her favorite author.
She loves volleyball. He was the only little kid at the picnic.

Toy car
Magazine Book CD

She always listens to classical music.
He loves cats.


Listen and write down the things in the backpack.

Things in the backpack.
1. 2. 3. T-shirt Hair band Tennis ball


Listen again and fill in the blank

1. The person must go to our school. 2.The person can’t be a boy. 3.It could be Mei’s hair band. 4.The hair band might belong to Linda. 5.It must be Linda’s backpack.

Grammar Focus
表示推测的情态动词 在英语中,表示对某件事物的确 定程度,即表示推测的时候,我们通 常会用到以下情态动词:must, might, could, can’t, couldn’t,may must 一定,肯定(100%的可能性) might, could 有可能,也许(20%~80%的可能性) can’t 不可能,不会 (可能性几乎为零)

e.g. The dictionary must be mine. It has my name on it

The CD might / could belong to Tony because he likes listening to pop music.

He might stay at home. After all, he is a little boy

Fill in the b

lanks with must, can’t, could or might.


1.The notebook must/might be Ming’s. It was on her desk. 2.The homework can’t be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today. 3.The soccer ball might be John’ s or Tony’s. They both play soccer,don’t they? 4.The French book must be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French.

5.I can’t find my backpack. It might/must be still at school. must be Lu’s. Those are his 6.The photo parents. 7.The red bicycle can’t be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle. 8.This ticket might be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert.

9. Whose earrings are these? They might/could be Mary’s. she wears _________ earrings sometimes.
might/could 10. Gina ___________come to the party tonight, but I’m not sure. 11. The telephone is ringing, but nobody can’t answers it. He ______ be at home.

must 12. Is this Tom’s book? Yes, it _____be his. There is his name on it.
13. You’d better take an umbrella. It ___________ might/could rain this afternoon.

can’t 14. Mary ______ be in Paris. I saw her in town only a few minutes ago.

1.Words: belong, belong to, author, hair band

2.Sentence: --- Whose book is this?
--- It must /could/might/can’t be Mary’s. It must /could/might/can’t belong to Mary. 可以表示对现在的情况的推测.

3. 情态动词must, might, could, can’t 后接动词原形,
must表示非常肯定的猜测. 100%的可能性
might /could 表示有可能的猜测. 20%~80%的可能性 can’t 表示肯定不可能. 可能性几乎为零

The Dest Desige (SectionA 1a—2c)

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