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( ) U u 1. A. Q q B. Hh C. Jj D. Gg

( ) Ee 2. A. Xx B. Ff C. Mm D. D d

( ) Ss 3. A. Rr B .Oo C. Ll D. Ii

( ) Aa 4. A. Kk B.Cc C. Vv D. Nn

( ) Ii 5. A. Bb B. Y y C. T t D .Pp


( )1.A.bag B. pencil C. eraser D. China

( )2.A.face B. dress C. hand D. leg

( )3.A.apple B. teacher C. doctor D. student

( )4.A.jeep B. bike C. cap D. bus

( )5.A.white B. blue C. green D. they


( )1.What is “CCTV” in Chinese?

A.美国 B.世贸组织 C.中央电视台 D.不明飞行物

( A. be B. is C. are D. am

( )3 .She has A. a, a B. an, a C. an, the D. the, the

( white.

A. at , under B. at , in C. up , in D. up , at

( )5 It? a black car.

A. What B. What color C. Which D. Which one

( )6 A. Which B . What C. What color D. Which one

( )7. Lucy and Lily are from American? Are, they are B. Is, she is C. Is , they are D. Are they aren?t

( )8.What?s thisA. of B. to C. in D. at

( )9. are good friends.

A. Me and Tom B. Tom and me C. Tom and I D. I and Tom

( )10. do you spell book? B O O K, book.

A. How B. What C. What?s D. Where

( He is tall and has brown hair.

A. do , look like B. is, look like C. are , look like D. does , look like

( )12 A. What grade B. What class C. What?s grade D. What?s class

( )13 Please A. give her to the book B. give she the book C. give the book to her D .gives her the book

( A. Thank you. B. All right. C. Welcome. D. Nice to meet you, too .

( )15 What?s that in English?A. It?s an egg B. They are eggs. C. It?s a egg D. Yes, it?s an egg.

( )16 Kumiko from? She?s from Japan.

A. White B. Where C. How D. What

( )17 Tom and Jack are in the same A. school , class B. classes, school C. school , class D. schools, classes

( )18 a big nose and blue eyes?

A. Does, has B. Do , have C .Does, have D. Do, has

( )19 Which knives are Kate?s? ---The big A, one B. ones C. these D . those

( )20. Who?s that man? ---That?steacher. A. their , His B. their, Her, C. our , They D. our ,Our



A: Do you have a new friend ? A: What?s her name ?

B: Her name is Jane. B: She is from Canada.

A: What does she look like?

B: She is not tall and not short. B: Yes, she does. B: It?s red.

A: Can she speak Chinese? A: Look, she is coming.

B: Let?s go.


( )1.开始上课时,班长应说A. Stand up, please B. Please sis down C. Good morning D. Good morning, teacher

( A. How do you do? B. Fine, thank you C . Good -bye. D. See you

( A. How are you B. I see C. How do you do? D. Good-bye

( B. No, thank you B. No, thank me. C. Thank you D. Yes

( A. All right B. Don?t thank me C. You?re welcome D. Oh, yes


My name is Lucy. twelve. I?m English girl. My sister is We . Zhang Lin is China. She black hair

we are good friends.

( )1.A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )2.A. a B. an C. the D./

( 03.A.He?s B. He C. She?s D. She

( )4.A.teachers B. teacher C. student D. students

( )5A. We B. Us C. Our D.I

( )6.A.man B. sister C. doctor D. teacher

( )7.A.from B. to C. of D. about

( )8.A.have B. has C. is D. are

( )9. A. same B. different C. the same D. the different

( )10.A. and B . or C. but D. so

六、阅读理解。(20分) (A)

I?m a Chinese boy. My name is Zhou Jun. I?m a student. My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, too. She is an English teacher in a high school. I don?t have a sister or a brother. But I have two little friends in my family. They are Mimi ,a nice cat, and Bobby, a good dog. I love my father and my mother. I love my Mimi and Bobby, too.


( )1.There are three people in my family.

( )2.My mother is a teacher of Chinese.

( )3.I have a sister .

( )4.I don?t have a sister or a brother.

( )5.This is an English family.


Lin Hui : Excuse me . Whose is this brown bag? Is it yours ?

Tony: Oh ,it?s not mine. My bag is black .I think it?s Li Fang?s.

Lin Hui: Li Fang, look at the bag, please. Is it yours?

Li Fang: Sorry, it?s not mine. My bag is pink, and it?s over there . I think it looks like Jake?s. His bag is brown.

Lin Hui : Jack , is it yours ?

Jack: Yes, it?s mine.

Lin Hui: You must look after ( 照看 ) it.

Jack: Yes, thank you.

Lin Hui: That?s all right.


( A. Tony?s B .Li Fang? s C. Lin Hui ?s D. Jack?s

( bag is brown .

A. Tony?s B. Lin Hui?s C .Jack?s D. Li Fang?s

( )3. Li Fang?s bag is A. brown B. black C. pink D. green

( )4 Li Fang?s bag is A. .in the classroom B. on the desk C. over there D. here

( )5. The bag is .

A. Jack?s B. Tony?s C. Li Fang?s D. Lin Hui?s


A. 根据要求写单词(10分)

1.have (第三人称单数2.we (宾格 3.father (对应词

4.girl (对应词 5.bus (复数 6.here (反义词7.brother (对应词 8.small (反义词形容词10.do (第三人称单数B.用括号的字母组成一个单词填空,使句子意思完整准确。(10分)

1. Let?s 2. She?s 3. Jane is a high school (s t t u n e d) in Beijing.

4. We have 5. What color is it? It?s6. She has (h i w e t) hair.

7. Let?s go shopping8. They have a nice (o u h e s).

9. Are these (p n e i c l s) yours?

10. My is in Beijing now.


What color , What , How old , Where , Who , What grade ,

1. are your shoes ?---They?re red.

2. is Mike in? ---He?s in Grade 1.

3. are you? ---I?m twelve.

4. does your brother look like ? ----He?s fat.

5. girl is your sister ? ---The girl in red .


1. This is Mr. Lee .(改为否定句)

This Mr. Lee . (就划线部分提问)

is his hair ? (就划线部分提问)

4. these, yours, are, pants (连词成句)

Are these ?

5 .This bike is red .(改为复数)

bikes red .

6. I have a nice skirt.(改为一般疑问句)

you a nice skirt?

7. She has a sister.(改为否定句)

She a sister.

8. He is a tall boy .(short)(改为选择疑问句)

Is he a tall boy a boy?

9. Those are oranges. (改为单数)

orange .

10. Does he come from Canada?(作否定回答)





三、 1—5、CBCBA 6—10、AACCA

11—15、DBCDA 16—20、BCCBA


五、1—5、ABCDC 6—10、DABBC


七、 A: 1.Has 2.Us 3.mother 4. boy

5. buses 6.There 7. Sister 8.big

9.Chinese 10.does

B: 1.begin 2.Nineteen 3.Student 4.Different

5.Green 6.White 7.tomorrow 8.house

9.pencils 10.family.

八、1.What color 2. What grade 3. How old 4. What


九、1. is not 2.What color 3.What does 4.pants yours

5.These---are 6.Do---have 7.doesn?t ---have 8.or---short

9.That---an 10.Yes ---does

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