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Section A 1a—4

Do you have any rules at home?

Do you have any rules at school ?
Do your parents allow you to do the following things?

Do you agree?

This is Ming Ming He is only 10 years old. But he can drive a bus, or car.

Obey the family rules!
? As a teenager, you have a lot of rules at your house. Can you write down some of them?

? I’m allowed to …
? I’m not allowed to…

(should ﹢) be allowed to do (应该)允许做某事 Agree and disagree Do you think …? Yes, I agree. No, I disagree.

But in America, sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive.

I don’t think fifteen-year-olds should be get their ears pierced.

Teenagers should not be allowed to take a part-time job at night.

Can the teenagers in China be allowed to get their driver’slicense ?

drive 驾驶

driver 驾驶员,司机
driver’s license 驾驶证

get her ears pierced 穿耳 wear earring 戴耳环

buy/choose your own clothes

Key phrases
1 be allowed to do 2 go out with their friends 3 a part-time job 4 get their ears pierced 5 their own clothes 6 driver’s license 7 too wild 8 serious enough 9 silly earring 10 Instead of 11 on weekends 被允许去作 与朋友们一起出去 一份兼职工作 穿他们的耳朵 他们自己的衣服 驾驶执照 太野性的 足够严肃 难看的耳环 替代 在周末


Listen and circle “T” or “F” .

1.Anna can go to the mall with John.( T)
2.Anna wants to get her ears pierced.( F) 3.Anna is allowed to choose her own clothes.

( T)

1, 根据1a的听力内容找出enough 短语,并用自己的话造 句。 2,翻译下列短语或句子 driver’s license

at that age
get their ears pierced It’s fun to watch. choose their own clothes I guess so.

I want to be sure you get something nice.


Listen and check what Kathy thinks.

1. Sixteen-year-old should not be allowed work at night. √ 2. Larry shouldn’t work every night. √ 3. He should cut his hair. √ √ 4. He should stop wearing that silly earring.

5. He doesn’t seem to have many friends.
6. He shouldn’t work on weekends.

You may circle “Agree”, “Disagree”, or 2a-2 “Doesn’t know” to show what Molly thinks.

1. Sixteen-year-old should not be allowed work at night. 2. Larry shouldn’t work every night. 3. He should cut his hair.

Disagrees Agrees Doesn’t know

4. He should stop wearing that silly earring. 5. He doesn’t seem to have many friends.


Doesn’t know

Listen again. Fill in the blanks with 2b correct forms Molly says that Larry is working late tonight,but kathy thinks Larry shouldn’t be allowed to work late.Molly agrees with Kathy,She ____ ____ tired thinks teenagers never gets ___.Then Kathy thinks Larry shouldn’t work every night.This makes Molly agree.They think he needs time to do ____ homework,Also they think Larry’s hair clean be cut because it doesn’t look ____. should ____

silly Kathy thinks Larry shouldn’t wear that ___ kind of earring,but Molly thinks she ______ like it.

Useful expressions
work late sixteen-year-olds be allowed to work at night disagree with… get tired work every night do homework cut one’s hair kind of like… looks cool have many friends work on weekends spend time with …

结构: be +动词的过去分词
一般现在时: am/is/ are +动词的过去分词 一般过去时: was/were +动词的过去分词

The answers to 3a
Sun Fei 1,Don’t go out on school nights.

2,You can study at a friend’s houses
3,You have to be home by 10:00 PM

Wu Yu

1, Don’t go out on school nights.

2,You have to stay at home on school nights.

3,You can go to the movies with friends on Friday nights 4,You can go shopping with friends on Saturday afternoon. 5, You can choose your own clothes. 6, Don’t get your ears pierced.


Useful sentences and expressions
7,go to the movies 8,on Friday nights 9,to be home by 10:00 pm 10,on Saturday afternoons 11,go shopping with… 12,choose one’s own… 13,get one’s ears pierced

1,have a lot of rules 2, at one’s house 3, for example 4,stay at home 5,on school nights 6,study at a friend’s house
1,So do we.

So + 助动词+另一主语 “也是如此” So +前句相同主语+助动词 “的确如此” 表示赞同,主语是同一人,主谓不倒装; 主语是另一人时,主谓倒装


Useful sentences

I’m not allowed to go out on school nights, either.
1,泛指用in the morning/afternoon/evening
at noon/night 若有修饰语或表具体某日(及其早/中/晚)时用on



do we. 我们家也是(有).


too 多用于口语,句末, 肯定句/问句.
either多用于口语,句末, 否定句表

“……也一样”, 型. 2)用倒装

also 多用正式文体,句中近动词,各句 陈述部分肯定用 “so+谓动+ 主语” 陈述部分否定用 “nor/neither+谓动+



1)Li Ming had a good holiday, ______________I. 2)He can swim, ___________I. 3)He can’t lift the box, __________I. 4)I have never been to England, __________my friend . 5) My friend will go abroad, ________he. 6) I didn’t go to school. _________ he. 7) I’m a teacher, __________ he .

7. though( 虽然)与 but(但是); because(因为)与so( 所 以)不能同时用在同一个句子.

___\_____ I am allowed to choose my own clothes, but I’m not allowed to get my ears pierced yet. = Though I am allowed to choose my own clothes, ___\__ I’m not allowed to get my ears pierced . 8. stay up 不去睡, 熬夜

What rules do you have at home? Well, I’m not allowed to go out on school nights. How about you? I’m not allowed to go out on school nights either. But I can…

Section A
1.go out with sb 与某人一起外出 2. have part time jobs 从事业余工作 3. get one’s ears pierced 打耳眼 4. choose one’s own c

lothes 选择自己的衣 服 5. a driver’s license 驾驶执照 6. go to the mall 去市场 7. serious enough 足够严肃 old enough 年级足够大 calm enough 足够沉着 8. sixteen—year—olds 十六岁的孩子们 9. Allow sb to do sth 允许某人做某事 allow doing sth 允许做某事 10. cut one’s hair = have one’s hair cut 理发 11. stop doing sth 停止做某事 stop to do sth 停下手中的事情去做另一件事 stop sb/sth from doing sth 阻止某物/某人做某事 can’t stop doing sth 禁不住做某事 12. on weekends 在周末 13. need to do sth 需要做某事 14.instead of doing sth 代替做某 instead of sth/sb 代替某物/某人 15. at that age 在那个年龄 at the age of 在某人多大时 16. seem +形容词/名词/介词 看上去… seem to do sth 看上去要做某事 It seems +that从句 看上去…… 17. look/ feel/ sound/ taste/ smell 等感官动词后接形容词 18. so+ 助动词+主语 和…一样 相关:so +主语+助动词 确实如此 19. on school nights 在上学时间的每个晚上 20. what about/how about doing sth …怎么样?(表示建议) 21. go shopping 去购物 22. stay up 醒着不睡 23. clean up 打扫、清除 24. stay at home 待在家里

? 1. 青少年们应该被允许去做兼职工作。 ? 2.我不同意,他们只是闲聊而不是做作业。 ? 3. 我得到允许可以挑选我自己的衣服,但是我不 可以穿耳洞。 ? 4.去年我有个机会去当地医院做志愿者。 ? 5.我们会感觉更好,并且那对学习也有好处。 ? 6.你什么时间可以完成篮球训练呢 ? ? 7.我决定不下来该买哪条牛仔裤,所以我两条都 买了。

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