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教学内容:Unit 5 Our new home (period2)


1. 会听、会说、会读household things.

2. 会用Where’s/where are…..?询问家居物品摆放位置,并用It’s/They are….进行回答。

3. 会唱歌曲I love my bedroom.

4. 培养学生学会整理自己物品和“我爱我家”的综合人文素养。


说出household things ,用Where’s/where are…..?询问家居物品摆放位置,并用It’s/They are….进行回答。会唱歌曲I love my bedroom.



教学准备:a clock, 单词卡片,一些图片,PPT课件


Step 1: Warm up

1. Free talk.

2. (闹铃响)T:What’s ticking?S:It’s a clock.


T:what time is it?

S:It’s five.

T:It’s time to go….


T:Yes, let’s go home.


T:This is Su Yang and Su Hai’s new home.last time ,we saw their home is messy,they can’t find many things.Can you help them?

3. review story time

(出示课件,story time 中题目,师生进行问答)

T:Can you recite the story?

Ss:Yes,I can.(邀请三到四位学生复述)

T:I’ll give you some stars.


1. T:Su Yang and Su Hai can’t find their father, do you know,where is Su yang and Su Hai’s

father ?

Let’s guess.Is he in the Kitchen/Bedroom/Living room/Bathroom?

Ss:Yes. /No.

(出示爸爸在卫生间的图片)T:He is in the bathroom.


2.T:Thank you, boys and girls.You help Su Yang and Su Hai find their father.Now, they want to play a game with you,Ok?


①Let’s guess.(出示课件)猜出household things:clock, table, sofa,fridge.

②Read and match

③magic eyes: where’s my clock?(见课件)


T:Where’s my clock? S1:It’s on the table.(出示图片介绍table和desk的区别)

T:Where are my books? S2:They are on the sofa.

Play a game:大小声游戏


1.T:I can’t find my pen, can you help me?

One looks for the pen. We say where, where,where's the pen? The closer he gets to the pen, the louder we say; If he looks for the wrong way, the lower we say.

2. T:I can’t find my books, can you help me?

One looks for the books. We say where, where,where are the books? The closer he gets to the books, the louder we say; If he looks for the wrong way, the lower we say.)

4. ask and answer.利用身边的事物,进行问答。

A: Where’s my/your...?

B: It’s in/on/behind/under...

A: Where are my/your...?

B: They’re in/on/behind/under...

5. Fun time

①Can you help Su Yang and Su Hai to decorate their new home?(将一些所学物品添置进苏阳和苏海的家里。)完成书中Fun time 部分Draw and say.请学生上讲台贴物品。

S1: Where’s/Where are the ….?

Ss:It’s/They are……


A:Where’s/Where are the ….?

B:It’s/They are……

6.①This is Su Yang and Su Hai’s bedroom(出示图片)。It’s nice and clean.They like their bedroom very much.So they sing a song: I love my bedroom.Listen to the song and circle the things in the bedroom.

②Do you want to join them?Let’s sing it together.

③Can you change the song ?I’ll give you an example.Then you finish the exercise paper. I love my home

I love my home.

It’s nice and clean.

I love my little home.

A bedroom, a kitchen and a living room.

A study, a yard and a bathroom.

I love my home.

It’s nice and clean.

I love my little home.

Step 3: Consolidation

Show time;Helen 搬了新家,很多物品还没有整理好,她要和朋友去游乐园玩,可是找不到自己最喜爱的红裙子了,想带一些香蕉去,也不知香蕉放在哪了,于是她和妈妈展开了一段话。发挥你的想像力,Helen会怎样说呢?(用上今天所学的单词和句型)


1.预习Cartoon time,做到基本熟读对话。

2.拿着卡片与更多的同学说一说Fun time中的对话。


Unit5 our new home

Where’s ……?

Where are……?

It’s ………… They are ……… 谢桥小学 丁玲玲

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