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一. 单项选择(20×1) ( ) 1. Mr Smith will be back to school _______ a week. A. at B. in C. for D. after

( ) 2. The book is very easy for you. There are ______ new words in it.

A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( ) 3.______ an English party in our school this evening.

A. There will be B. There is going to have

C. There will have D. There is going have

( ) 4. We _______ our physics class tomorrow. A. have B. will have C. are having D. had

( ) 5. Are you _______ your summer vacation next week?

A. going to have B. will have C. had D. will be

( ) 6. Every day he makes me _______ early and _______ in the morning.

A. to get up, run B. get up, to run C. to get up, to run D. get up, run

( ) 7. We’ll ______ learn English well soon. A. can B. could D. be able to

( ) 8. Students should _______ school uniforms. A. put on D. dress

( ) 9. Tianjin is one of _______ in China.

A. the biggest cities B. big city ( A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of ( A. with B. as C. to D. at

( A. Read, are B. Reading, is D. Reading, are

( B. at C. as D. with

( ) 14. My brother doesn’t have a part-

A. too B. either ( A. call up him C. called him up D. calling up him

( A. pay C. to pay D. to spend

( C. except D. including

( B. was reading, slept

C. was reading, was sleeping D. read, slept

( ) 19. He was riding to school _______ he saw his cousin. A. while B. when C. that

D. since

( ) 20. A UFO landed near my house _______ I was sleeping last night.

A. when B. where C. while D. whenever

二. 完型填空(10×1)

The in Britain is very different from our Chinese food. For example, they eat a lot of potatoes. They like to eat one other meal. They eat their bread with butter, cheese or jam(果酱). Cheese and butter are made from they put it in their tea. They put sugar in too. They are the world’s biggest tea dessert. They don’t have dumplings in Beijing.

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( ) 21. A. apples B. tea C. food D. fruit

( ) 22.A. it B. them C. one D. they

( ) 23. A. to B. with C. on D. for

( ) 24. A. maybe B. be C. may D. may be

( ) 25. A. milk B. cow C. meat D. bread ( ) 26. A. hot B. many C. much D. bread

( ) 27. A. milk B. tea C. coffee D. meal

( ) 28. A. makers B. buyers C. drinkers D. sellers

( ) 29. A. tomatoes B. bananas C. pears D. potatoes

( ) 30. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing



Mark Twain, the famous American writer, liked to make other people laugh. But once he was fooled.

uncle never laughed and smiled, and that nobody was able to make and smile. “Bring your uncle to my talk tonight,” said Mark Twain. “I”

stopped. He was tired and quite disappointed.

“Oh,” said his friend, “I’”

( ) 31. Mark Twain is ________.

A. a Frenchman D. an Australian

( A. writing B. working C. resting D. laughing

( C. at noon D. at night

( B. all the people

’s uncle D. Mark Twain’s uncle

( ’s uncle didn’t laugh or smile because he ________.

A. didn’t like the stories B. couldn’t hear nothing

C. could hear nothing D. was a fool


One day Mrs Green took several pairs of shoes to a shoemaker. After a few days she picked them up and put them away.

hadn’t worn them since they were repaired. She put one on her right foot, and then she put the other on her left.

She felt something wrong. She took off for a closer look. They were the same style, color and size, but each was for the right foot. Then she thought of the shoemaker. Though she was sure he wouldn’t remember her after such a long time, she called him.

“Thank goodness, you finally called.” He said excitedly. “An angry woman has been troubling me for months.”

( ) 36. The shoemaker finished repairing her shoes ______.

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A. in a few months B. in a few days C. in six months D. in one day

( ) 37. Mrs Green didn’t know both shoes were for the right foot until ______ one day.

A. she came back from dinner. B. she took them back

C. she called the shoemaker D. she wanted to wear them

( ) 38.What did Mrs Green do after she found the wrong shoe?

A. She phoned the shoemaker. B. She went to have dinner.

C. She felt something wrong D. She didn’t remember the shoemaker.

( ) 39. The other woman was angry because ______.

A. the shoemaker lost her shoes B. the shoemaker gave her two left shoes

C. Mrs Green took her shoes D. she couldn’t find her shoes

( ) 40. Which of the following sentences is TRUE?

A. The shoemaker was angry with Mrs Green.

B. The shoemaker said sorry to Mrs Green.

C. The shoemaker was very glad when he received Mrs Green’s call.

D. The shoemaker didn’四. 补全对话(5×2)

A:I need to get some money to buy a book. What should I do?

B: _________________________________.

A: I don’t have time. A: But he doesn’t have any money, either. A: No. I love my CDs. A: No, I can’t bake. A: That’s a good idea.


I. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空(44. Don’t do those _______II. 句型转换(5×1)

51. The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed. (改为同义句)

____________the boy ____________ ___________ down the street, the UFO ___________.

52. Will Lucy and Mary go shopping? (作否定回答)

No, __________ ____________.

53. He cleaned his clothes yesterday. ( 用at nine 改写句子)

He __________ ___________ his clothes at nine yesterday.

54. They clean the classroom every day. ( 用tomorrow改为句子)

They __________ ___________ the classroom tomorrow.

55. He has much money, too.(改为否定句)

He ___________ have much money, ___________

六. 根据汉语意思完成句子(20×0.5)

56. 将来人们会活到200岁。

People ________ _______ _______ _______ 200 years old in the future.

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57. 他不应该和他的好朋友吵架。

He _______ _______ _______ his best friend.

58. 这件裙子仍然很时髦。

The skirt is still ________ ________ this year.

59. 亨利很失落,不知道该做什么。

Henry is very _________ and doesn’t know __________ __________ ___________.

60. 你跟你的同学们相处的怎么样?

How are you __________ _________ _________ your classmates?

61. 这件大衣太旧了,它不能御寒。

This coat is too old to _________ __________ the cold.

66. 妈妈不回来,我不会去睡觉。

I __________ go to sleep _________ Mum comes back.


愉快的国庆假期(National Day vacation)已经过去,长长的假期中你肯定遇到过一些有趣的事。Tony遇到的事情就很有意思,他在逛街的时候居然遇到了外星人。假设你是Tony,请根据想象,运用所学知识,用80-100字描述一下当时的场景。


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