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八年级 英语


第一节听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A.B.C三个选项中选出最佳答案,并将其标号填入题前括号内。 ()1.Where did the boy go last weekend?

A. He went to the park. B. He went to the zoo.

C. He went to the museum.

()2.Who did the girl come here with last year?

A. Her brother. B. Her friend. C. Her mother.

()3.What did the boy do in the evening when he was in the village?

A. He watched TV. B. He played chess. C. He read books.

()4.What does the boy do every day?

A. He exercises every day.

B. He reads English every day. C. He cleans his room every day.

()5.How often does the boy’s father use the Internet?

A. Twice a week.

B. Three times a week. C. Four times a week.

第二节听下面几段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几小题,从题中所给的A,B,C三个选项中选出最佳答案,并将其标号填入题前括号内。 听下面一段对话,回答第6至第7两个小题。 ()6.Who did Lisa go shopping with?

A. Her friend. B. Her cousin. C. Her mother.

()7.How often does Lisa go shopping?

A. Once a week. B. Twice a week.

第1页 C. Three times a week.

听下面一段对话,回答第8至第9两个小题。 ()8.What will Mary do this evening?

A. Go to the movies. B. Go to the park. C. Do her homework.

()9.What do Mary’s parents want her to do on school nights?

A. To stay at home. B. To clean the house. C. To do the dishes.

听下面一段独白,回答第10至第12三个小题。 ()10.How does Peter feel today?

A. Excited. B. Happy. C. Sad.

()11.What did Ann think Peter should buy? A.A new pen.

B.A new school bag. C.A new coat.

()12.Where did Peter find his key?

A. In his schoolbag. B. In his room. C. In his desk.

听下面一段对话,回答第13至第15三个小题。 ()13.What’s in Tom’s desk?

A. Some money. B. Some photos.

C. Some newspapers.

()14.Why didn’t Tom’s parents go to China with him?

A. Because they were busy. B. Because they were tired. C. Because they were ill.

()15.How often does Tom’s uncle go to China?

A. Once a month. B. Twice a year. C. Once a year.



( )21. Pass my glasses to me, Jack. I can ____read the words in the newspaper.

A. hardly B. really C. rather D. clearly

( )22. Although they feel tired, ____they still go on working. ????

A. and B. but C. / D. so ??

( )23. Everything _____to grow _____ summer.

A. begin, in B. begins, on C. begins, in D. begin, for

( )24. Li Lei waited ____the bus over one hour, so he ____ late. ??

?? A. for, arrived in B. of, arrived ????

C. for, arrived D. for, arrived at

( )25. His grandmother is well ____ she often ____. ????

A. because of, exercises B. because, exercise

C. because of, exercise D. because, exercises ????

( )26. —____ do they play football? ???? —Every day. ????

A. How soon B. How much C. How many D. How often ( )27. His mother wants him ___ at home today. ????

A. stays B. stayed C. to stay D. staying ??

( )28. Here ____ the results. I really enjoyed ___ them. ????

A. is; get B. are; get C. is; getting D. are; getting

( )29.Mary does exercise every day. She looks very_____.

A. healthiest B. unhealthy C. health D. healthy

( ) 30. Is her lifestyle the same ______ yours or different?????

A. as B. in C. at D. to??

( )31.Exercising is good ___ our health.

A. in B. at C. to D. for

( )32.---Can I take ____photos of you, Peter? ---Sure, thanks.

A. quite a few B. quite a little C. quite few D. little

( )33. ---I can’t find the key to my car. ----_____it’s in my handbag.

A. maybe B. Maybe C. may be D. May be

( )34. He ____ late for school.

A. is often B. often is C. does often D. often does

( )35. Though I like junk food, I try ____it two or three times a month.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate


Good sleep is important for your health. You need about seven

hours’ sleep a night. Don’t eat or read in bed. Go to bed at the same time before midnight(午夜) and get up at the same time every day. For more information(信息), please visit www.sleeping.com.

How often do you exercise? If you want to stay healthy, try to

exercise for 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week. For more information, please call Health Line at 180-2000.

Studies show that the cold or flu virus(流感病毒) can live on our

hands for long. So you should wash your hands often with soap. For more ways to prevent(预防) the cold or flu, please call Health Line at 180-1313.

Brush your teeth twice a day and see a dentist at least(至少) once a

year. The oral examination(口腔检查) is not only for the health of teeth, but the whole body. Please visit www.mydr.com for more information. 请根据材料内容从各题后所给的选项中选出最佳答案。 ( )46. If you want to get good sleep, you should _____.

A. go to bed at the same time every day B. get up late C. read in bed

第5页 D. eat something in bed

( ) 47. It’s good for you _____ if you don’t want to have a cold.

A. to take less exercise

B. to brush your teeth twice a day C. to go to bed late every night D. to wash your hands often

( ) 48. You should see a dentist at least once a year because _____.

A. you have a toothache

B. you don’t often brush your teeth C. the oral examination is important D. you don’t often exercise

( ) 49. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. To keep healthy, you should brush your teeth every day. B. Taking more exercise is good for your health.

C. Washing your hands often can prevent the flu. D. Five hours’ sleep a night is enough (足够的) for you.

( ) 50. You can _____ if you want to learn more ways to prevent the flu.

A. visit www.mydr.com B. call Health Line at 180-1313

C. visit www.sleeping.com D. call Health Line at 180-2000


When Bill is very young, he loves picture. His mother often draws some for him on old pieces of paper. She is very bad at drawing, but Bill likes her pictures and always wants more. Then, when he is a little older, Bill’s mother gives him some pencils and a drawing book, and he begins drawing pictures, too. But they are never good .When Bill is five years old, his mother gives him a small blackboard and some pieces of a baby on


the blackboard, he draws lines(线条) and rubs(擦) them out too for ten minutes , but when he looks at his picture , he is not happy. “Well”, he says at last(最后) to his mother, “I’ll put a tail(尾巴) on it and make it a monkey.” ( )51. Bill ___ when he is very young.

A. loves watching TV very much

B. often wants his mother to draw pictures for him C. likes old pieces of paper very much

D. always wants his mother to buy pictures for him

( )52. He is a little older, so his mother gives him ____ and lets him begin drawing

pictures .

A. some paper and ink B. a book and some pens C. some pencils and a drawing book D. a blackboard and some old paper

( )53. How old is he when he is trying to draw a baby on the blackboard?

A. He’s five years old B. He’s fifteen years old C. He’s fifty years old D. He’s five like a cat

( )54. Bill wants to put a tail in the picture , so _________ .

A. it looks like a duck B. it looks like a dog C. it looks like a monkey D. It looks like a cat.

( )55. Which of the following sentences is right?

A. Bill’s mother does well in drawing. B. Bill isn’t bad at drawing.

C. There are three people in the story.

D. Bill isn’t happy when he looks at his picture of a baby.


Mr. Brown got up late this morning. He was going to be late for work. Lt was raining hard and the streets were wet. He drove so fast that he didn't see the red lights. He couldn't stop his car and hit a car. An old man got out of the car and called out angrily, "What are you doing? How can you drive so fast?"

"l’m sorry, sir," said Mr. Brown, "l didn't see the lights turn red." Then he brought out a bottle of wine and gave it to the old man.


64.------What do you usually do on weekends?

------I often read___________.

65.Good food ,and _______sleep, exercise help me study better. B). 根据句意,用所给词的适当形式填空:

66. I was on vacation, so I think I’m kind of __________ (relax). 67.we usually go to the movies______(two) a week.

68. How _________(many) junk food do you eat every week? 69. He usually ______ (have) some milk and bread for breakfast. 70. Playing basketball is the_________(little)popular here.


for one week , famous, get to , take , go, interesting, time, August 1st, clothes and food, stay The summer vacation is coming. My father, my mother and I don’t want____71_____ at home this year. We plan to go to an____72____place. We decided on Hangzhou. We're___73______there by plane. We're leaving at 8:00am on at 11:00am. We are staying there Hangzhou is 七.根据对话情景,在空白处填入合适的句子。(5小题,每题2分,共10分。) Ann:What’s your favorite sport?

Ben:Ann:Could you please tell me what you like to eat? Ben:Er, I like fish and eggs. But I don’t eat any meat! Ann: Ben:Oh, yes. I love vegetables. Ann:

Ben:No, I never drink wine(酒). I think it’s very bad for my health.

第9页 Ann:

Ben: Ann:Both milk and juice are good for our bodies.


假如你是一名医生,你根据Gina, Tony, Julie 的问题提出的一些建议。 请根据内容写一篇70词左右的短文,可适当发挥。

Name Problems should shouldn’t Gina 疲劳 早点睡觉 看太多电视 Tony 压力大 听一些音乐 学习太晚 Julie 肥胖 多锻炼 吃太多的肉类和垃圾食品



八年级 英语



1._________ 2. _________ 3. __________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 7. _________ 8. __________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________ 14.___________ 15. ____________ 二.

21.________ 22. _______ 23. __________24. _______ 25. ___________ 29___________ 30. ____________ 31.________ 32. _________33. _________ 34. __________ 35. ____________ 三.

36._________ 37. _________ 38. __________ 39 ____________ 40. ____________ 41. ___________42. __________43. ___________44. ___________45. ___________ 四.

47. 48. 49. 52. 53. 54. 57. 58. 59. 五.

61.________ 62. _________ 63. __________ 64. ____________ 65. ____________ 66.________ 67. _________ 68. __________ 69. ____________ 70. ____________


第11页 七、


答案 1-5 B A C B A 6-10 C B C A C 11-15 B C B A C 16 By bus 17 Twice a week 18 Played tennis 19 Went to the movies 20 Once a month 答案 21-25 A C C C D 26-30 D C D D A 31-35 D A B DAB 答案 36-40 A C B C B 41-45 A B D C C 答案:46-50 A D C D B 51-55 B C A C D 56-60 A D C B D 答案 61,differences 62,habit 63,online 64,magazines 65,enough 答案 66,relaxed 67,twice 68,much 69,has 70,least 71-80 To stay \ interesting,\ going,\ August 1st \ get to ,\for one week ,\ clothes and food\to take,\ famous, time, 81 I liked------ 82 Do you like\love\eat vegetables? 83 Do you drink wine 84What do you drink? 85 I also drink a lot of juice. 第13页 第14页

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