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Unit4.What would you do ? (The fourth period)



1.To read, write, and speak about personalities with second conditional sentences

2. To learn the new words: plenty, circle, listener


重点:1. Read and understand 3a

难点:2. not??in the slightest=not??at all 根本不


1. Read and recite the wards from page 29 to 30 of the vocabulary。

2. Listen and read 3a of the book page 30, find out the following phases, learn them by heart..

37.让?失望let ?down 38.想出,想到come up with ? /think of/think up

39.解决问题的办法the solution to the problem 40.知道有,听说know of ?

41.面临?,面对be faced with?,face sth 42.一本急救的书a first-aid book

43.在附近的书架上.on the nearby shelf

44.有许多关于处理青少年问题的经验have a lot of experience dealing with teenagers

45.在某方面有经验have experience in sth. 46.出版.come out

47.偶然.by accident /by chance 48.用?把?盖住cover sth. With sth.




3. 理解并学习下列单词及短语的用法。

①进行,进展 The business is getting along very well. 生意进展的很顺利。

How are you getting along with your English study? 你的英语学习进展的怎么样了? ②相处 Do you get along with your boss?= Do you and your boss get along? 你跟老板合得来吗?

I’m getting along very well with my classmates. 我和同学们相处得很好。

前后连接两个动词原形,否定形式为:would rather not do sth ①would rather ? than ? = prefer ? to ?

但prefer ? to ? 若连接两个动词,动词应为v-ing 形式。 He would rather jog than play football.

=He prefers jogging to playing football.

②would rather 常单独使用,表示“宁愿做?”

He would rather watch TV at home.

③rather than = instead of 而不是(连接两个并列成分,前后对称)。 I’d prefer to go to in summer rather than in winter.

I decided to write rather than telephone.

I like going out with you rather than with him.

She enjoys listening rather than speaking.


1. I’m very busy. Don’t b_____ me now, OK?

2. We have p______ of time. Don’t worry.

3. I’ll study hard. I don’t want to let my parents d_____.

4. The boy is outgoing and he has a large c_____ of friends.

5. He will live in the mountains to spend the r____ of his life. 根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词。

1. 我宁愿在家看书也不愿去看电影。

I’d _____ ____ books at home ____ __ to the movies.

2. 我与同学相处得很好。

I___ _____ ____ ____ my classmates.

3. 汤姆对数学一点也不感兴趣。

Tom is ____ interested in math __ ____ _______.

4. 旅游时有他为伴真是愉快。

I enjoyed ___ ________ when I was traveling.

5. 这个男孩很聪明。他总能提出好点子。

The boy is very clever. He always _____ ___ _____ good ideas.


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