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英语:Unit2 What should I do 3课件(人教新课标八年级下)

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Unit 2 What should I do?

I have some problems. Please give me some advice: I feel stressed out. I’m poor in English. I want to buy a new guitar but I don’t have enough money.
could / couldn’t should / shouldn’t



New words
1. You shouldn’t play your CDs too loud. 2. I argued with my parents about my hairstyle. 3. I had an argument with my parents. 4. I don’t think my clothes are out of style. 5. I don’t want to surprise him on the phone. 6. You could give him a ticket to a ball game. 7. Maybe you should call him up. 8. Danger! Keep out!

My parents want me to stay at home every night. My brother plays his CDs too loud. I don’t have enough money. My clothes are out of style.


could, should, should, could, could

1. d

2. e


4. c

5. b

A: What’s wrong? (What’s the matter?) B: A: Maybe you should … B: I don’t think so. I … A: You shouldn’t … B: Well, that’s a good idea.

New words
1. Maybe he could have a bake sale. 2. He doesn’t have any money, either. 3. She could get a tutor to come to her home. 4. That’s an okay idea. 5. Could you get a part-time job? 6. Maybe you should call “Teen Talk”, the radio advice program. 7. I need to get some money to pay for summer camp.

I need to get some money to pay for summer camp. get a part-time job

You could …

borrow some money from your brother
sell your CDs have a bake sale

ask your parents for some money You should … call “Teen Talk”, the radio advice program.

I need some money to buy gifts for my parents?
A Canadian boy, Jim wants to practice his Mandarin. You left your homework at home. Your best friend is more popular than you. You lost your sports clothes. You don’t know where your ID card is. You don’t want to have P.E. classes. Your parents always argue. ……

New words
1. I like the original and fashionable clothes because I think they are in style. 2. My friend has nicer clothes than I do. 3. She has the same neat haircut as I do.
4. Everyone else in my class was invited except me.

5. I’m very upset and don’t know what to do.
6. She isn’t original because she copies everything others do.



My friend wears the same clothes and has the same haircut as I do.

She always copies everything I do.

1. I always _______fashionable clothes, wear and I have a really neat ________. haircut 2. She ________ everything I do. copies 3. I think she _______ tell her friend to get should different _______ and a different ________. clothes haircut 4. I think Erin _______be _______ that her friend should happy ________ her clothes and haircut. likes 5. That’s an interesting ________ . opinion 6. I think that Erin ________ find a ______best friend. should new 7. No one wants a friend who isn’t ________ ! original



Advice Tell your friend to get different clothes and a different haircut. Be happy that your friend likes you

r clothes and haircut. Find a new best friend.

Nicole Emilio

My friends are planning a birthday party for my best friend and they didn’t invite me. Phrases :

find out

do … wrong

New words 1. I thought I failed my test but I just found out I passed!

2. I get on well with my cousin who is the same age as me.

Reading and writing
What’s Looking for help’s problem?

the same … as

get on well

have a fight with… What’s your advice?

Word Study
talk find out call up argue say
1. Let’s _______ Joe and invite him to play call up tennis. talk 2. You should _____ about your problems with your parents. 3. My friend is angry with me. What should I say _______ to him? argue 4. I don’t want to ______. Let’s forget it. found out 5. I thought I failed my test but I just ________ I passed!

New words (I)
1. The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm. 2. The pushy parents try to fit as much as possible into their kids’ lives.

3. Children are under too much pressure . 4. Teachers complain about teaching tired kids
in the classroom. 5. Most children take part in activities including sports, language learning, music and math classes.

New words (II)
6. Mothers send their kids to all kinds of classes 7. Comparing them with other children is crazy.

8. When these kids are adults, they might find it
hard to think for themselves .

9. On the one hand, children need organized
activities. On the other hand, they also need time and freedom to relax.

Reading (I)
1. Why do the tired children get home at 7 pm? busy enough take … from… to… It’s time for… get home have a quick supper

2. What do the parents often do to make children tired? try to as much as possible
under pressure complain about 3. How do parents push their children a lot more? Why do parents do that? take part in seem to see … doing do the same

Reading (II)
4. When does competition start in some families? start from all kinds of send … to… compare with

5. What do children need during their study?

find it + adj. to do sth.

learn to

on the one hand, on the other hand

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