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英语:Unit2 What should I do Reading Maybe you should learn to relax复习课件(人教新课标八年级下)

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Maybe you should learn to relax

Dear friend,
I am very busy all the week. I have to play the piano every day. I do lots of homework from Monday to Saturday. I have to study English on Tuesday and Friday. And I have music classes on Thursday and Sunday. I am very tired. What can I do? Yours,

Li Hua

Are you busy in a week?
What do you do after school?
have piano lessons study English study math

fit 适合;适应

not…until 直到…才

pressure 压力

as much as possible 尽可能多

complain 抱怨;控诉 send to 发送到 include 包括,包含 all kinds of 各种;许多 pushy 一意孤行的 crazy 疯狂的 compare ….with 和…比较

on the one hand 在一方面

themselves 他们自己 on the other hand 在另一方面 adult 成年人 organized 有组织的

1.Why is Cathy Taylor very busy?

2.Why are the children under too much pressure? 3.What does Linda Miller think ?
4.What does Dr Alice Green think?

Read these statements. Is the situation the same in China? 1. American and British children do many afterschool activities.

2. Many children are under pressure.
3. Parents these days push their children much harder than before. 4. Competition between families starts at a young age.

5. Children should have free time to relax.

If you are Dr Alice Green. Give advice to Cathy.

Dear Cathy,

Dr Alice Green

Thank you ! Good bye!

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