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Language Goal: Offer help

I’ll help clean up the city parks.
Period 1

What can you see in the picture?

homeless child

hungry child

dirty city park

heart love hand peaceful helpful The sign of volunteer
You can help others with your heart.


need to be helped?

the sick

the poor

the old

the disabled


There are many ways you could help people.
You could help clean up the city parks. (work outside)

You could visit the sick people in the hospital .

You could cheer up the sick kids. You could cheer up the old people.

They are hungry and homeless.

You could help stop hunger.

You could...
give out food at the food bank

Other ways you could help people
Help the old to go across the road
Give your seat to the old, the children, or the woman who will have a baby Send your old clothes to the Hope Project.

Any others?

A: What would you like to do to help people? B: I’d like to …
work outside clean up visit cheer up give out help stop hanger

Key words:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? clean up (把……) 打扫干净 hunger n. 饿;饥饿 homeless adj. 无家可归的 cheer up 使振奋;使高兴起来 give out 分发;发放 clean-up n. 打扫;清洁 sign n. 招牌 ;标牌

notice board 布告牌

1b Listen and complete the sentences.

work outside. You could 1.I’d like to help cleanup the city parks. help homeless people. Yo 2.I’d like to could giveout food at the food bank. up 3.I’d like to cheer sick kids. You could visit them in the hospital. with their 4.I’d like to help kids schoolwork. You could volunteerin an
after-school study program.

1b Listen and complete the sentences.

work 1.I’d like to outside. You could help cleanup the city parks. help homeless people. Yo 2.I’d like to could giveout food at the food bank. up 3.I’d like to cheer sick kids. You could visit them in the hospital. with 4.I’d like to help kids their schoolwork. You could volunteerin an
after-school study program.

Key phrases
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 打扫干净,梳理整齐 2. 城市公园 3. 无家可归的人 4. 分发,发放 5. 使振奋,使高兴起来 6. 生病的孩子 7. 在…(方面)帮助某人 8. 拜访,看望某人 9. 帮助停止饥饿 10. 课后学习计划组织 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? clean up city parks homeless people give out cheer up sick kids help sb. with sth. visit sb. help stop hunger an after-school study program

Translate the sentences
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. 你可以帮忙清扫城市公园。 2. 你可以去医院看望患病儿童。 3. 你可以伸出援手消除饥饿。 4. 我想到室外工作。 5. 我想帮助无家可归的人。 6. 你可以在食物救济站帮忙发放食物。 7. 我想帮助小朋友做功课。 8. 你可以在课外学习计划组织当志愿者。

1. sick adj. 作定语 a sick kid sick people = patient ill people ill adj. 做表语 be ill=be sick He didn’t go to school

yesterday because he was ill. =He didn’t go to school yesterday because of his illness. illness n.

A City Parks Clean-up Day

2a Listen and check (?) the things the students are going to do.

call up others

advertise on TV

put up signs

advertise in the newspaper hand out advertisements


1.We need to come up with a plan. 2.We can’t put off making a plan. CleanUp Day is only two weeks from now. 3.I’ll write down all our ideas. 4.We could put up signs.

5.I’ll hand out advertisements after school. 6. We could each call up ten people and ask them to come.

Phrasal verb
?1.Clean up ?2.come up with ?3.put off ?4.write down ?5.put up ?6.hand out ?7.call up ?8. Cheer up
提出 推迟 写下 张贴 ,升起,建造 分发 召集 使高兴


set up cheer up clean up put off come up with write down
? I forgot to _____ its address _____, now I can’t find it. Write down ? He couldn’t _____ with an idea. come up ? After meals, Han Mei often helps clean up the table at home. _____
put off ? We have to _____ the meeting because of rain.

? Young man,cheer up Don’t cry for the over spilt milk. _____! ? He set up a new world record in September, 1935. _____

Grammar focus
Phrasal verb cheer up set up Sentence He looks sad. Let’s cheer him up. We’re going to set up a food bank to help hungry people. We need to come up with some ideas. Meaning of phrasal verb make someone happier establish , start

come up with

think up

2c. Pairwork
A: Now we need to come up with a plan to tell people about the Clean-Up Day. B: But I am hungry, Bob. Let’s have lunch first. A: No, we can’t put off making a plan. CleanUp Day is only two weeks from now.

1.You could help clean up the city park.
help (to) do “帮助做??”。例如: Teachers criticisms help improve our study. help do 和help doing help 后接不定式,可带to, 也可不带to。help后可接 动名词,但与help do的意思完全不同。help doing 常用于否定句,与cannot连用,构成cannot help doing,表示“不禁;禁不住;不得不”的意思, 相当于can’t but do. e.g. I can’t help thinking so.

2. We need to come up with a plan. need用作实义动词,有“必要”、“必需” 之意,有人称、数和时态的变化,可以接 名词、代词、动名词或带to 的动词不定式 作宾语,构成疑问句和否定句时要借助于 助动词。 e.g. Do you need to see him yourself?

3. We could put up signs. sign 是名词,具体用法如下: (1) “标牌,招牌”。例如: the sign of barber’s shop (2) “记号,符号”。 (3) “示意动作”。例如: The teacher made a sign to us to be quiet. (4) “迹象,征兆”。 例如: A red sky at sunset is a sign of good weather.

3a.Read the article and answer the questions below.
1. How many volunteers are there talked in this article? 2. What does Huiping love to do? 3. What do

es Pei want to do when he leaves school? 4. What have Ming got from being volunteer?

? Read and find as many phrases in the article as you can.
plan to
set up cheer sb up put sth to good use spent time/money doing sth not only …but … put sth off

Can you make sentences with them?

1. Being a volunteer is great!
Being a volunteer 是动名词短语;



Learning new words is very useful to me.

My favorite sport is swimming.

Have you finished reading the book?


2. These three students all volunteer their time to help other people. volunteer在此为及物动词,意为“自愿献出”; 它还可以做不及物动词,意为“自愿”; 还可以做名词,意为“志愿者”。例如: Would you like to volunteer your money to help him? I volunteer to help the disabled people. These students are volunteers.

3. Huiping loves to read, and she puts this love to good use by working in the after-school care center at her local elementary school. (1) put sth to good/bad use “善于/不善于利用 某物”。例如: We must put our money to good use. (2) by+doing 表示“通过做??”,by后还可 加名词表示交通方式。例如: She goes to school by bus. I learn English by listening to the tapes.

4. Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do. (1) not only置于句首时,该句子要用部分倒 装语序。此外,not only ... but (also) ...连 接的成分要符合平行结构原则;当连接两 个主语时,谓语动词应遵循“就近原则”, 即和离它最近的主语在人称和数上保持一 致。例如: Not only I but also she likes reading.

(2) get to 表示一个动作发生的过程。get to do 逐步做某事。例如: I get to love Sandwiches now. How did you get to learn English?

3b. What could they do?
Name Hui Xiao Tang Joy Loves soccer writing stories movies Could Start a football club. Write stories for the lonely old. To tell various funs in the movies to cheer the patients up. Sing for the old people.



Choose the best answer.
( A )1. Would you please drive faster ? My flight is _______. A. taking off B. getting off C. turning off D. putting off ( B )2. ---How is the play going ? ---We are going to _______ tomorrow. A. put on it B. put it off C. put it on D. put off it ( D )3. We have to _______ our things if we travel on a train or a bus. A. look at B. look up C. look like D. look after

( D )4.If you ______ a new idea, please call me as soon as possible. A. keep up with B. catch up with C. feed up with D. come up with ( A )5. Please _______ the box carefully. It is filled with glasses. A. put down B. put on C. put off D. put together (D )6. ---________ ! There’s a car coming ! --- Oh. Thanks. A. Look over B. Look up C.

Look on D. Look out

( C )7. It’s very cold today. You’d better put _____ your coat when you go out. A. away B. down C. on D. up ( B )8. Lucy, could you please help me _____ the map on the blackboard? A. put into B. put up C. put out D. put on ( C )9. “Get a ladder, please. I can’t _____ .” Jim said in a tall tree. A. come back B. come out C. come down D. come over

( A )10. I can’t see the words clearly. Can I _____ the light? A. turn on B. put off C. hold on D. take off ( C )11.As soon as the man walked into the warm room, he _____ his heavy coat and sat down. A. took away B. took down C. took off D. took up ( B )12. Would you mind _________ my pet dog while I’m away. A. setting up B. looking after C. turning down D. keeping out

(B ) 13. ---Mum, I’m offered 8,000 Yuan a month of the job. ---Really? It just sounds _____to be true. A. so well B. too good C. good enough D. too well ( B ) 14. When he ________ home, he saw his mother cleaning the room. A. got up B. got back C. got off D. got on ( B ) 15.Father is sleeping. You’d better ____quiet A. to keep B. keep C. keeping D. kept


Helping kids with their study (by after-school study program) At 2 pm ,November 26th We can’t put it off Class 7, Grade 9

Time (we will..) People

Preparation put up signs, (we need to ) hand out advertisements,

call up other students Activity 1.teach…. do homework (You could 2.tell the ways of learning I’d like to ..) 3. ……

We are going to do volunteer work on Volunteer Day. In my group, we will…..at 2p.m. Larry is going to…. Jeff would like to… May will …..Peter thinks he could…… We think our plan is perfect. Being a volunteer is great !

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