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Unit 6 like music that I can dance to. (The fifth period)

(self check and reading)

【学习目标】 1. Revise the key words and expressions.

2. Reading the passage, cultivate the students’ reading ability.


重点:1. To learn to understand the key words and expressions.

难点:2. Reading method to improve student’s reading and writing ability.

【预习要点】 Read and find out the following phases, learn them by heart.

1. sing along with 伴随...歌唱 2. go on vacation 继续度

3. dance to the music 随音乐起舞 4. on a hot day 在热天

5. all kinds of 各种各样的 6. feel sick 感到恶心

7. prefer... to... 比...更喜欢... 8. be honest 诚实

9. quiet and gentle songs 轻柔的歌曲 10. most of my friends 我的大多


11. take... to... 带...去... 12. some of students (其中)


13. remind sb of sth 提醒某人某事 14. the name of ... ...的名字

15.one CD called Heartstrings一盘名为Heart Strings的CD 16. think of 考虑到

17. be important to sb 对...重要 18. over the years 很多

19. look for 寻找 20. stay at home 呆在家

21. be sure to do sth 肯定做某事 22. in the world 在世界上

23.be on display 展览 24. come and go 来来往往

25. see sb do sth 看见某人做了某事 26. be lucky to do sth 很幸运...

27. special events 特殊事件 28. have a great time 过得



prefer v. 更喜爱,更喜欢 choose sth rather than sth else; like sth better.

(1)prefer + n. e.g.

I prefer groups that play quiet and gentle songs. 我更喜欢演唱轻柔音乐的组合。

Jennifer prefers musicians who write their own lyrics.

(2) prefer sth to sth 比…更喜欢…

e.g. Which would you prefer, coffee or milk?咖啡和牛奶,你喜欢哪一个?

I prefer milk to coffee. 与咖啡相比,我更喜欢牛奶。

I prefer walking to cycling. 我喜欢步行,不喜欢骑自行车。

(3)prefer to do sth 宁愿做某事

e.g. She prefers to be alone at home. 她宁愿独自在家。

2. After reading the dialog, write each type of food or drink from the reading in the

correct column.

Things are bad for us Things are good for us

cola, fried food, French fries, sugar, sweet dessert, burnt barbecued meat, biscuits, hamburgers. oil


一Translate these sentences into English








1.He started _________ (write) the novel two years ago.

2.Jim was the ____________ (one) student to get to school this morning.

3.She bought several ______________ (pair) of socks just now.

4.This afternoon some students danced ____________ (raise) money for poor areas.

5.He ______________ (watch) TV since 9:00.

6.They _________________ ( play )football 2 hours ago.

7.He ___________________ ( live ) since he was born.

8._________he ______________ ( collect ) stamps for 10 years? Yes , he has.

9.When ________ he __________ ( start ) skating? ---An hour ago.

10.We ___________________ (learn ) English for 6 years.


1. -When did you get your first pair of skates? -_______.

A. For 6 years B. Since I was 7 years old. C. When I was 7 years old. D.Since6 years ago.

2. He raised ______ for the charity to help the poor children.

A. thousand of dollars B. thousand of dollar C. thousands of dollars D. thousands of dollar

3. -____does the first class begin? -At 7:40.

A. How long B. Where C. When D. How

4. They ________ each other these days.

A. have been not seeing B. don’t have been seeing

C. haven’t been seeing D. haven’t been seen

5. _____ of them has an English dictionary.

A. Every B. All C.. Both D. Each

6.. ______ is really hard _______ them to climb up the mountain at night.

A. This, to B. It, for C. This, for D. It, to

7.Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday, Dick? -John ______.

8.A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

8. There are lots of trees and flowers on _____ side of the river.

A. another B. both C. each D. every

9. He has been working here _____ twenty years ago. A. since B. for C. about D. in

10. My glasses are broken. I need to buy another______.

A. one B. pair C. glass D. It

11. ---___have you been here? ---I’ve been here for half a year.

A. How soon B. How often C. How much D. How long

12. Mr. Motta worked in the factory for____.

A. one and a half month B. one month and half

C. one and a half months D. a month and a half 13. There ____a pair of sports shoes under the bed. A. is B. are C. has D. have 14. Jack ____stamps since he was nine years old, and now he has hundreds of them.

A. was collecting B. has been collecting C. had collected D. collected

15. ---____ the shells? ---Because they are beautiful. A. How long have you been collecting B. Why have you been collecting

C. When did you start to collect D. Where have you been collecting

16. I stayed there ___ what would happen.

A. see B. saw C. seeing D. to see 17. Who will be _____ second student to give a talk in class? A. a B. an C. the D. /

18. This pair of shoes ____ hers. My shoes ____blue.

A. is, are B. are, is C. are, are D. is; is

19.Let’s guess who will be the first runner __ the end.

A. comes to B. to come to C. came to D. coming to

20.. We ______ 1000 English words since we ______ to this school.

A. learn, come B. have learning, came C. have been learning, came D. have learned, come


1.It’s ten years ______ we met each other last time.

2. He has taught English _______ 25 years.

3. The Greens have lived on the farm ______ 1990.

4. They have been practicing the guitar _______ two hours.

5.-How long have you been a reporter? -_____ 8 years ago.

6. I haven’t gone for a walk in the park ________ a long time.

7. He’s been collecting stamps _______ he was in primary school.


2.They have been playing basketball for 2 hours.( 一般疑问句, 否定回答)

4.He started learning English at the age of 6. (同义句)

5.She has been playing the guitar for one and a half hours. ( 同义句)

6.He watched TV an hour ago. ( 变成现在完成进行时态)

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