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Unit 6 like music that I can dance to .(The third period)

SectionB 1—2c


1. To learn to understand and use relative clauses with that and who

2. To read and speak about what kind of people you like


重点: To learn to understand and use relative clauses with that and who

难点: be sure to do 与 suit sb. Fine

【预习要点】 Find out the following phases, learn them by heart.

have lots of cool stuff, a great jacket, really like


like clothes that are unusual, tell about how to become a good player, explain things well, get that movie poster, get it for


a book about volleyball, work at a movie theater, a great


Translate the following sentences

【知识探究】理解并学习下列单词及短语的用法。1.I like music that I can sing

along with.

2.Rosa likes music that’s quiet and gentle.

3. I love singers who write their own music.

4. We prefer music that has great lyrics. 5. I like groups that dance to their songs.

6. I love singers who

7. I can’t stand music that is too long.

8. I don’t like musicians who look like aliens

1. be sure to do 主要有以下用法:


例如:一定要按时吃药。_________ __________ __________ take the medicine on


千万别忘记呀!___________ _________ ___________ ___________ forget


(2)当主语是第三人称时, 所表示的内容是说话人的一种判断,认为某人“必

然,一定”会做某事。例如:她一定会来。 She __________ __________

__________ come.

(3)be sure +that从句 表示“确信……”,常可以与be sure to 替换。

例如:他一会通过考试。I’m sure that he’ll pass the exam.(同义句转换)

He _________ __________ ___________ pass the exam.

2.to be honest译为“老实说,说实话”,相当于to tell the truth,常在句中作插入语。例如:

老实说,我对此事一无所知。To be honest, I don’t know anything about it.(同义句转换)

_________ _________ __________ ___________, I don’t know anything about it.

3.suit sb. fine 译为“合谋人的意;对某人来说(很)合适”。

例如:这件衣服很合你身。The dress ___________ you very ___________.

suit与fit 的区别:(1)fit sb.译为“适合某人,合谋人的身”,指衣服鞋子等在尺寸上合

(2)suit sb.指衣服鞋子等在花色、款式、美观方面适合,也可指发型适合某人。此外suit还可作名词,指“(一套)衣服,西装”。


The suit ___________ you ___________, but its color doesn’t ___________ you.

4.whatever 译为“不管什么,无论什么”,是连接代词,相当于no matter what引导让步状语从句。例如:不管做什么,你都应该认真。

Whatever you do, you should always do carefully. (同义句转换)

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________, you should always do carefully.

类似的词还有:whenever 无论什么时候,wherever 无论在哪儿,whoever 无论谁, however 无论怎样。上述词都可以改为“no matter +疑问词”的形式。



1. This is my friend’s _____ (最近的) book.

2. He will give a musical _____________ (娱乐).

3. Impatience in everything is a ______ (特点) of our age.

4. If you don’t hurry, you will _____ (错过) the first bus.

5. Miss Green devotes all her ______ (精力) to her work. 6. These photos will be on display in the ______ (画廊). 7. This story doesn’t _______ (使……感兴趣) me.

8. These old ___________ (照片) remind me of my grandmother in the countryside.

9. Are you _________ (表明) that I’m not suited for the job?

10. We will never give up working, _________ (无论什么) happens.


1. 一定要按时来这儿。 to come here on time.

2. 他的一些最著名的照片在这次展览中展出。

Some of her photos in this exhibition.

3. 少数的城市照片不那么成功。 4. 近几年,我学了3000多个新单词。

,more than 3000 new words.

5.我弟弟喜欢苹果,而不喜欢香蕉。My brother _______apples _______bananas.

6.无论你做什么,都要尽最大努力。 ______ ______ ______, do your best. 巩固提高

were taken by Mr Smith.

A.on the show B.on the display C.on a show D.on display

2.Yellow River Fisherman is Hong Tao’s

A.the latest B.latest C.later D.late

A.has interest in B.interests C.interested in D.interesting

4.Don’t miss

A.joining B.to join C.joined D.to joining

A.Whenever B.However C.Whoever D.Whatever

A.that B.who C./ D.when

A.which B.who C.whom D.whose

8.----Do you think our football team will win the match?

Yes. We have better players. So I ___ them to win. A. hope B. ask C. help D.



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